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When jade turns to black

The story I am about to post is true but the names have been change to protect certain people.

At this point in my life I had just started this new job working for a surgery service located in the south. The company I worked for came to different hospitals from large to mid size and sometimes smaller throughout seven southern states. We supplied very high end technology for doctors to perform certain detail surgery. It was the best job a person could get right out of college and the money plus bonuses and travel was like a dream come true. It was November at the time a week before thanksgiving. If you know anything about living in certain states in the south then you know our weather changes from hot to cool to cold and back again. I was sent to work with a doctor at one of the smaller hospitals and it sucked cause the person I work with wasnill so this time I had to do it alone, meaning from setting everything up to being in the O.R. room during surgery running the equipment and then the cleaning and take everything apart. The hospital was like a five hour drive so I had to be there day before surgery to set everything up for his four cases that morning. The town didn't have very many black people there as I checked into the hotel where I had a room at I was gettng the look from people like who is he? After I dropped my bags off I got something to eat at the local diner and drove over to check in at the hospital. This was the first time I saw jade and she was like a dream come true to me. She had long blonde hair nice kissable lips crystal blue eyes nice D cup chest stood about 5 ft 6 and a very nice body on her you could tell she played sports and love to keep in shape. Her and this guy helped me load everything into the O.R. room and take me about three hours to set everything up and test to make sure everything would be ready for the doctor in the morning. Jade asked while your waiting on the doctor lets get something to eat and we started edto talk while we were eating and I joked about wow not to many people of Color around here she laughed and said no not really but don't worry there are some nice people around here who not messed up about race. After I met with the doctor to go over his cases I left went to my room. There really wasn't anything to do in this town so I answered some emails and texts and fall asl**p with jade on my mind. The cases were one to two hour cases and it already was cold outside and getting colder by the minute after the last case someone said its sleeting and snowing outside and the main roads were closing. I was like crap I am going to be trapped in this town longer then what I wanted to be. Jade was on the phone with her husband yeah forgot to tell y all she was married. They seemed to be fighting and she hung up the phone andnlooked sad. Me being the nice guy I am ask was everything ok? she said not really I live like 35 minutes from here and with the bad weather we having I have no way home and my husband being a asshole and will not come get me and the extra rooms at the hospital are full and have no place to sl**p till the weather clears up a little. I was joking and said crash at my room its a nice size room and stuff . I was shocked she said yes so wenl drove very slowly to my hotel room. When we got there I still was in shocked at how trusting she was of me, but made it clear not would
happen. I was like let me shower and get this hospital smell off me and you order us something from the kitchen before they closed. I went to shower and get cleaned up and I felt like someone was watching me shower. After I dried off and got dressed our food had arrived. She order both oh us steak dinners with the works and some wine. I was like you went all out didn't you and she was like did I do to much and I was no no jade this meal is on my company's dime so it's all good. We got to talking about our jobs and sports and seems like the saddness was gone from her eyes she was smioing and I was feeling her but was like can't go there with her. for some reason we got to talking about dating and sex. She said the only man she had ever been with was her husband and they had been married two years today and he didn't remember nor did he care about stuff like that. I was shocked and some crazy reason was like damn if you was mine I would have found away to come get you and make love to you all night long and i throw in the joke cause the b*****rs we ride our women hard and put them to bed wet and i laughed it off. But somehow i knew she wanted to know if itwas true or not. we had extra blankets in the room and i told her take the bed and she did. As I lay there daydreaming of her she was cryng and i asked what was wrong? she repied I wish for one night it was about me and my needs he such a asshole. I sit on the bed next to her and started to hold her she smelled so good and she kissed me and i kissed her back. i pulled away and she said said I neee this and will be good for her to know a real man. she laid me down on the bed and started to kiss me from my lips my neck my chest and down to my underwear. I WAS SO FREAKING HARD RIGHT NOW!!!! and she pulled my manhood out she wss like damn i guess it is true what they say and started touching it and kissing it and could bewrly fit n her mouth. the warmth of her mouth felt so damn good she stopped cause she could fit no more in her mouth. flapped her from on top of me and removed her shirt and started licking and suckng on the best looking tits i had ever seen. i slowly took my time kissing every inch of her body as she moaned with passion like her body was touched for the very first time. she was so wet she was dripping from her panties as i removed them i opened her lips and enjoyed the sweetness of her private part. i knew i was ready but was she? i took my manhood and started to put the head in and so screamed real loud her husband was not as big as i was so i took my time and once i was in it was so tight and so good i fucked her slow then hard till i was taking her to her breaking point . i pulled out and let her ride me and put as much of me as she could handle and she handled me like a champ. she told me not to fuck her in the ass . so i bent her over and fucked her hard from behind and i was about to cum and she begged me not to pull she is on the pill and wanted me to fill her up as much as her body can take and i did . we kissed and she told me thanks and she knew this was what she needed and was good for her. we fell sl**p wrapped around each other and woke up and did it again and even did it in the shower. She was amazing in every way but we knew this wouldn't last she got a phone call the roads were clear enough for her to get home to her life with him. We would always have that night and morning to remember our special time together. i left the next day for home with jade on my mind thinking i would never see her again but that's another story.

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