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A story for HornyMahoney: the threesome

it had been a few short days after meeting Natasha and we had been fucking every day. today she had a surprise for me as we meant once more in the motel bar. i sat at the bar and ordered a drink. i waited for a bit ordering another drink until i got a text from her. it readed "tonight i want to watch you fucking another woman, pick up a random girl and make sure she would be in to this and i will see you in a bit." with this i looked around seeing many good looking girls so i tryed to find one i would think would be it to it and be sexy as hell. first i saw a young girl very sexy but looked too young. then i saw a sexy looking milf with nice big tits but saw her take a ring off and put it in her bag which lead me to thinking she was married and i didnt want any drama. then i saw her, short hair nice body thick lips nice ass and tits. she had on a short red top which showed her nice tits and tight blue jeans. looked about upper 20s. red lip stick and heels she looked as if she was looking to do some bad things. i walked over to her at the end of the bar and asked if i could buy her a drink. she said yes and that her name was jenny so we talk a bit. she would rub on me a few times moving close to me. under the table i started to rub her pussy over her jeans. soon she asked if we can go to a room and have some fun. i then told her that i had someone coming that was looking to watch me fuck someone else and she smiled. "that sounds like fun i've never tryed that before" we got to the room and went in i started kissing her with my arms around waist. one hand grabbing her ass and the other the back of her head. her hands were starting to take my paints off when the door open and Natasha walked in. "good pick baby she will do" she said with a big smile on her face. both me and jenny looked then started kissing more. Natasha sat down and took off her long coat raveling her tight dress. soon my paints were off and my hands were talking off the jennys tight jeans. i leaded her down on the bed kissing her and rubbing the hard dick on her tight shaved pussy. i pulled off her top and started to lick her tits and as i did i looked at Natasha as if to tell her your next. jennys hands were hugging my head tightly it seems she was liking how i licked and sucked her tits. as i did Natasha was pulling her dress up and rubbing her wet pussy. one of jennys hands grabbed my hard dick and started to go up and down slowly, all the wile looking at Natasha. i then could not take it any more and stopped licking her tits and started kissing her lips and easing my hard dick in side her wet pussy. i went in and out of her pussy fucking her harder and harder kissing her neck. she started to scream loud as my hard dick fucked her. as i did Natasha was looking on finger popping her pussy harder as she took off her dress. as she finger fucked her self she grabbed one of her tits. i fucked jenny harder and harder until she screamed "i'm cumming". she came and i only fucked her harder. Natasha couldnt just watch anymore. she got up and sat next to us on the bed. she started to kiss jenny and rub her tits. soon we both came and then i pulled out and mover over to Natashas. i kissed her and felt her wet pussy then sliped my dick in. i started to fuck her slowly. jenny moved her wet pussy to Natasha mouth and she started to lick jennys cunt. as i fucked Natashas pussy Natashas fucked jennys pussy with her tongue. soon we all came hard as i came all over them both started to lick the cum up. soon they were both on my dick licking and sucking it together. i reached down and grabbed there tits as they went up and down and all around my hard dick. Natasha started to lick my balls as jenny took my dick as deep as she could. i came in her mouth and she swallowed it all. i then moved so Natasha was laying in fount of me and jenny on top of her. i put my dick deep in side of Natasha and my fingers deep in side jenny. i fucked them both hard making both scream louder and louder. after they both came i switched my finger and dick and fucked them harder. soon after they came they layed me down and got on top of me. Natasha sat on my dick and jenny moved her pussy to my face where i started to lick her and Natasha started to ride me.up and down riding my hard dick as i licked and sucked on jennys pussy. soon we all came once more and we all fell out and just layed there.

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