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Kat's Anniversary

My 75 year old friend Kat called me the other day.She said " Jaimie sweety I need some lovin.Are you available tonight?"

"Of course I am" I told her "I am always there for you."

She came to my place.When I let her in she immediately wrapped her arms around me kissing me like I was her long lost lover.

We kissed so passionately for a long time standing by the door. Then she stopped and walked to the kitchen in silence.I followed her.She sat down at the table and I could see tears in her eyes.

"What's wrong" I said.

"Today is the anniversary of my husbands death and I really miss making love to him" she said breaking down crying.

I held her hand across the table as she tried to compose herself.

"So that was what the really passionate kissing was all about? What do need from me? I will help any way I can.I am a good listener if you want to talk about it" I said.

Kat looked at me with tears running down her cheeks "I just need to make love.I don't mean just sex.I really need to be made love to.I want to kiss and play like we are real lovers not just fucking like horny teens,although at the right time that is great.Just not now."

I said "I would love to make love to you and I'm honored that you would want to do it with me,especially today."

"I can tell you are a passionate man and I want to share my passion with you."

"Again I would be honored."

She stood up,put out her hand and we walked hand in hand to my bedroom without speaking.

Kat was wearing slacks, a blouse and high heels.

She went right to the bed,sitting on it removing her heels.She then laid on the bed.I climbed up next to her and leaned in kissing her lips so very softly.Our lips touched gently,sometimes just lingering just out of reach with only our breathe making contact.

"Oh yes that is nice" she said,as our kissing got a little more intense.

She put her arms around my neck and our tongues met playfully.I caressed her back gently.We must have kissed like that for about a half hour.

"You are making me feel so good" she said "this is so nice.I feel just the way I had hoped.My body is tingling and I am getting excited and I'm sure you are too."

"Mm,I am and you are right this is really turning me on.I can play all night like this" I said.

I started to softly kiss her cheek then moved to her ear lob,then behind her ear and down her neck very slowly.As I got to the start of her shoulder I stopped, kissing her bare shoulder softly.

Kat sighed loudly "oh my that really is sending a nice feeling all the way to my toes.Goodness that feels so good."

I went from one side to the other stopping to kiss her lips with as much passion as I could.

Then I unbuttoned one button kissing her throat and chest.Slowly I undid one button at a time spending a few seconds kissing each part I opened her blouse.After I undid the last button I laid the blouse open kissing all around her stomach while staring at her full bra.I wanted to pull the bra down and kiss her beautiful tits but I restrained myself.

I kissed back up stopping at her cleavage to linger.Her tits felt so soft.

She caressed my hair sighing. I could not get my lips off her soft cleavage.

She spoke "I know you are dieing to get my bra off,so go ahead."

As I attempted to remove she said "wait,let's just get undressed."

As we stripped I kept looking at Kat.I could not believe this woman was 75 years old.

We climbed back in bed.Side by side we embraced, kissing and pulling our naked bodies tightly together.My cock was stiffening and it climbed her leg until it touched her pussy and she remarked "ooo something is ready to go." I pushed my cock tighter against her pussy kissing her seductively.

Kat started to move her pussy around until my cock slid between her soft thighs. She gyrated her hips my cock slipping between her pussy lips.Then she moved back and forth my cock slipping deeper into her lips then finally feeling the warmth and wetness of her pussy opening.She embraced and kissed a little harder as my tip slightly penetrated her warm entrance.

I stayed there slowly and gently pumping against her opening.She responded by opening her legs a little and my now rock hard cock slipped further in engulfing the head.She hummed in my mouth her kissing became more intense our lips were soaked with our saliva.I continued my ever so slow entrance into her wet love hole. I felt she was going to explode any second the way she holding on to me and kissing me.My slow descent continued.My cock head was throbbing,while her pussy juices increased and my penetration became easier.I had to control my self from ramming my cock all the way in her velvety love hole,but I knew this is what she wanted and I could feel her orgasm building.

When I got as far in as I could on our sides I rolled over on top of her trying not to penetrate any more.Her legs instinctively opened but I maintained control slowly sliding down her tunnel of love.She gasped as I hit bottom and I stayed there,not moving, just enjoying the warm wet ecstasy.I kissed her passionately.She bear hugged me letting out a screeching yell.She was cuming.Her body vibrated,her legs went straight up in the air then wrapped around me tight. I hadn't cum yet but that didn't matter this was for her but if she wants my cum I will give it to her.

Kat relaxed after quite a while,we were still kissing "did you cum" she said.

"No" I said.

"I am so sorry" she replied "I was cumming so hard I couldn't tell if you did.But in my defense you made it impossible for me to concentrate on anything else."

Quickly I responded "don't apologize.Feeling you climax like that was awesome and that was my intention to make you feel good tonight."

She kissed me softly holding my chin in her hands " you go right ahead,take your time and fill me with your man power."

I spent the next ,maybe ten minutes,dipping my cock in and out slowly until I went off like a fire hose.

" OOOOOOOO" she said " I felt that hit my walls wow.MMMMM warm feels good.I really miss that feeling."

She spent the night and just talked until early in the morning.She told me when she left that I will be her boy toy for as long as she is capable of having sex,then she laughed and left.

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