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Sexy Professor Part 2

It was a subtle Sunday afternoon... All the shades were drawn in my bedroom and a little red lamp lit the room nicely. It was cozy and warm in my bedroom as I was writing my last journal entry...

Before I could end the last sentence, my cell phone rang loudly...

On the other end of the phone was a sultry voice...

I knew the voice, but could not place the face behind it...

It had been two months since I met up with the sexy professor.

It sounded like her with a cold...

"Hi" " This is Verna, the professor, we had lunch several months ago and I'm the woman who had an accident on that rainy night." "Yes, I remember." I was not expecting her to ever call me again...

She had revealed to me she was engaged to get married, so, I assumed she would never be interested in having an affair with me.

"Yes, hi Verna, how are you?" My voice became shaky with excitement.

" I'm fine Shirelle, and yourself?" "I'm fine."

"Listen, Shirelle, would you like to have dinner at my place this Friday?" " I would have to check my date book and get back to you, Verna." " OK, Shirelle, get back to me before Thursday, it was good talking with you again." " Same here, Verna."

As I put down my phone, my hand was shaking with excitement. I knew I had no plans for Friday, but I didn't want to sound too enthusiastic...

I waited until the next day to get back with Verna .

I was not going to give up an opportunity to meet with her again and I forgot to ask if she had been married.

Friday night was on my mind the whole week and I was planning to make my favorite dessert, a homemade apple pie.

I wanted Verna to know that I was a wholesome, self-sufficient woman.

Well, it was Friday and I was ready to meet Verna for the second time. Would I be meeting a husband also?

My stomach was churning with anxiety...

On my way to her home, I was thinking of all kinds of ways to tell her, that I had often thought about her in a very loving manner.

I was approaching her driveway and my heart was beating fast.

I had a dessert wine and the homemade apple pie.

As I rang the doorbell, I had imagined this beautiful woman answering all naked down to her waist and rushing me into her bedroom...

From what I had seen of her profile, her breasts were lovely. I often thought about them cupped in my hands, as I was sucking her luscious, hard nipples...

Verna had answered the door and looked as handsome as I had imagined.

"Glad you could make it, Shirelle." Her arms opened wide and she gave me the biggest hug... My whole body was electrified...

" I'm very happy to be here, Verna. " "You look lovely"

As I entered the foyer, there was a wonderful aroma of homemade food...

Verna's home was lovely, I mean, it was lovely in a classical sense.

She had the most beautiful and rare Early American antiques.

This was a historical Salt Box that had been updated, yet, had the feel of times long ago, in Concord.

As I walked passed the foyer, I could see the dining room and the table had been set for two...

I knew in my heart this was going to be some exciting evening..

The dining room table was an antique and the arm chairs stood high above, as if, fit for a queen and king..

Verna was so lovely and charming, as she handed me a glass of wine.

There was silver,crystal goblets, china and a beautiful table cloth with an antique looking runner.

So perfectly dressed was the table.

The chandelier above us was also an antique...

I was delighted and at the same time, my thoughts were running wild.

I wanted her right there, amongst her favorite things..

Dinner was being served and the tenderloin with all the helpings, was more than I could handle.

I was basically a vegetarian, but the meat had looked very good.

Verna had poured another glass of wine and complimented my homemade apple pie.

We had sat opposite each other during dinner and Verna was looking more and more lovely.

I was filling up on the good food and wine. My nerves had settled and the wine was giving me a sense of courage, the courage I needed to announce my feelings towards Verna.

Verna began explaining to me that her wedding was cancelled, that she did not want to get married.

She was not ready...she exclaimed.

I looked in her eyes, they were lovely, like clear crystals. Her lips, too, were naturally red and sumptuous.

I wanted her more than anything now!

She glanced over at me with a desirous look in her eyes. My body temperature was rising and I could feel the rush right down to my cunt.

She was beautiful, Verna, very beautiful!

Before, I could put my wine down, Verna was standing next to me.

She was serving me a piece of my homemade apple pie and when she bent over to give me the pie, her face was before mine and I reached over and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

She jumped a bit, never expecting my affections, but then, she turned around and gave me a kiss on the lips.

I was more than excited, I was overjoyed. She wanted me too!

It was not long after her kiss, that we were in the living room stretched out on the floor.

We began to make out and her moans were gentle, as I imagined them to be.

She was moving all over the place in excited bliss and her clothes were on the floor, beside the fireplace.

I was fingering her cunt and I could see her nipples erected, as she was sucking pretty hard on one of them...

Her breasts were beautiful by the fire, her lips were too. I could see her desire and I was kissing her everywhere.

She was delighted and spread her legs as far apart as she could, signaling to me, that she wanted me to eat her out.

Her pussy hair was red and on fire... It was a beautiful sight.

I was on my knees and her hot cunt was in my face... Her wetness was just as I imagined, an erotic ambrosia.

She wanted me on top of her and so, I spread my legs as far I could and positioned my cunt right up against her tongue.

It was velvety, alright!

She was sucking my clit and tongue fucking me .. She was hot and wonderful in my mouth.. All of her was what I expected...

On the floor next to the fireplace, was a strapless dildo. The one, the convenient one, you shove up your cunt, while the cock flies in the air, without falling out.

I was imagining fucking her with that beautiful big dildo.

She had her legs up in the air, while I was eating her out.

My burning, juicy cunt was squirting like the Fountain of Trevi.

I was licking her inner thighs and she was pleasing me, like a woman on Spanish Fly.



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