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A Hot Married Mother

A few years ago, I relocated to the Midwestern part of the US from the Eastern part of the country. Needless to say, I was lonely, knowing only the people that I worked with and even then did not know them that well.

I decided to check out a website for married people looking to hook up, and I got lucky, meeting Charlie.

Charlie is a bleached blonde BBW with huge tits. I would be at a loss to ever begin to guess how big they were. Not only were her tits very large, but she had both nipples pierced and with a little attention her nipples stood at attention like thimbles.

She was a mother to a five year old daughter at the time so her tits had fallen victim to gravity, but were still luscious.

Charlie was a great kisser and we would get all worked up just necking like school k**s. I would nibble her neck and ears causing her make a sound somewhere between sighing and moaning.

Eventually, she would open her nightgown exposing her mounds of pleasure and let me put her head in her lap. Then, like a nursing mother, she would hold two fingers around her nipple and “feed” it to me like a baby. God, how I liked sucking her nipples like a c***d would and she loved it as well quite often reaching down and slowly stroking my hard and leaking cock.

As I sucked her nipple, I would eventually find a way to slide my hand up under my head and start to rub her pussy. The harder I sucked and the more I touched the more she moaned. She was always soaking wet by this time and coated my fingers in her slippery juices. She would push against my hand as I put in two fingers and then three…riding my hand with abandon.

When I got her worked up enough, she turned the tides on me, from being a caring nurturing mom, to a dominating slut. She would order me to “eat her juicy cunt” until she came. All this was coming from a good Presbyterian girl. She would go wild as I drove my face into her pussy…exploring with my tongue and fingers until I brought her to the edge of exploding. Then, most times she would order me to put a finger in her ass. This was my clue that she was close to cumming. Almost always, after about three strokes in her ass with one of my wet fingers she would explode all over my face. Nice sweet mom cum glazing my face…I loved it.

Then it was her turn. She could suck cock like no one I had ever met. She would get me to the edge of the bed or couch and get between my knees. To say she was skilled would be an understatement. She would take the entire length of my cock into her mouth and I was able to watch as she used her tongue to tease me. I always told her when I was ready to cum, but never once did she back away…in fact, me telling her seemed to be a signal for her to drive deep and suck harder, swallowing ever drop I could muster.

Eventually, my wife joined me in the Midwestern town and Charlie and I grew apart, just due to schedule conflicts. I often wonder about her and hope that she is doing well. Maybe someday I will get to enjoy her nipples and mouth again.

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