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One evening with a black man.

Me and my girlfriend love to mutually masturbate and talk dirty. One night while doing so I happened to have been texting this guy. The whole time i was texting him we were both so horny with my dick in my hand and her clit in hers. I told her i was texting this black guy and she laughed and told me to invite him over jokingly. I didn't know she was joking so I told him the address and put the phone down to play with her.
so we started going down on each other ( she loves dick) while fondling each others asses and nibbling as well. I remember the whole time fighting off the need to cum. I was so hard and the precum had already been seeping out.
I heard a card door shut and leaped from the bed to look out my window and as soon as I seen him, I told her to he was here. We were both naked and nervous as hell. She put on a pair of jeans shorts and a tank top. I put on my boxers. She asked what should we do, I actually told her to say sorry for the trouble but I don't think we could do this.

She went outside and looked into his car door stepped back a bit and he opened the door and got out of his car. She immediately grabbed his hand and walked him inside, it was at that point I lost control and came abruptly on the spot without even so much as a touch.

I feeling embarrassed went into the washroom to clean myself up. I was showering at this point. She on the other hand asked him if he wanted a drink or a smoke he said no thank you.

At this point she just came out and asked him to pull out his cock. He was shocked at first until she said well that is what you came for, right ? He agreed and pulled out his fantastic cock.

By the time my shower was done I came out to see her lips balls deep around his dick with her top off and he was also shirtless showing his hard body that was mostly thick from muscle. He automatically reached out to shake my hand and I accepted, he thanked me for the opportunity.

She pointed his cock at me and asked if I wanted to suck it. I feigned disgust at her while we both knew I wanted to so badly but figured out friend wouldn't agree.

Watching him pound her face and rub her tits and the drool dripping off his cock onto her was awesome.

( I am jerking my dick off writing this just thinking about it again.)

The sights I seen were just so great. Her nails dragging into his ass. Her gagging on his long dick. The drool. His fingers trying to get into her pants and her moans as he slipped a few fingers into her.

The next part was gay. He left abruptly, A friend of mine texted saying he was about 10 minutes away and our friend got paranoid and left. We tried to convince him to stay but he left without anyone cumming. Except for me prematurely.

However, once he left it was awkward for about 10 minutes our friend came he left after about a half an hour.

We looked at each other and then I asked if she wanted to fuck she agreed and we went and fucked.

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