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The Scottish Lad

This story is called 'The Scottish Lad' cos I never did find out his name. Just a quick one. Enjoy :)

It was during a holiday in Ibiza the Summer I turned 18. We went out that first night and I spotted him among his mates. He must have been about 18 as well and looked like he was up for a laugh. The best thing? He was wearing a kilt. I don't know why but that turns me on big time. I had to find out if he was sticking with tradition and going commando under his tartan. After a couple of drinks I plucked up the courage to go over and ask him. 'Why don't you find out for yourself?' he asked in his gentle brogue. His accent got me horny and that was all the invitation I needed. I reached down and let my hand snake up his thigh until I found his manhood. Yes! Definitely a true Scot. He gave me a dirty wink and I took the hint. I slowly started stroking his penis with my fingers enjoying the look on his face as he grew in my hand. I tugged on his sack and played with his balls in my hand. I knew I was driving him crazy. I loved wanking him in a courtyard full of people and did it subtly enough so need that no-one could tell. He offered me a cigarette and we both smoked while I continued to stroke his stiffening cock so that it was almost erect. 'This was no good', I thought, 'I want him in my mouth'. Without letting go of his balls I lead him away from the courtyard and down an alley until we came to a doorway. There was still people passing by at the end of the alley but that spurred me on even more. With me against the door on my knees he held up his kilt to give me full access to his cock. I licked my lips and spat on his cock as I took him into my mouth. He was quite thick and about 7 inches in length and tasted great! I continued to pull on his balls with my left hand as my right worked his shaft in an out of my mouth. He was really into it and moaning with pleasure. I moved my hands so I was stroking both his thighs as he fed me his fat, veiny cock. I let my hands wander round to his arse, grabbing his cheeks and pulling him towards me faster, and faster. He had a thick, dark bush of pubic hair and I loved nustling my nose in it and smelling him at his most excited. With a few more thrusts he told me he was cumming. I didn't want him to shoot in my mouth as the night was young yet and I wanted to get off with a few more lads without having too bad cum breath. Just when I could feel his cock pulsing I pullled away from his rod and started wanking him for all I was worth. I moved to the side and watched as he spurted 3 or 4 ropes of cum onto the ground gasping and jerking with each one. I gave his purple helmet one last kiss and went back to meet my friends leaving him wiping himself on the inside of his kilt with a huge grin on his face. Ibiza was going to be fun!

Hope you all enjoyed my story. Ever since this day I loved men in kilts so if anyone has any pictures or videos please comment and I'll take a look

Lexi x

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