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The Bouncers

When I was 18 me and my girlfriends used to go out clubbing all the time. As would often happen we would all get a bit worse for wear come the end of the night and lose eachother. On one occasion this happened and I wasn't feeling too well. One of the bouncers seen this and led me down a side entrance at the bottom of a staircase outside to get some fresh air. When he let me back in 5 minutes later he gave me a bottle of water. He was genuinely nice and we were having a bit of a chat at the bottom of the stairs. I guessed this entrance wasn't used that much as I didn't even know it was there. I couldn't help notice how fit he was. About 6 foot with a strong, rugby player type build. He had dark hair and features and amazing chocolate eyes. I guessed he was in his laste twenties.

After a few minutes he said, 'You feel better now sweetheart?' 'Yes', I smiled 'just my stomach felt queasy, the water's helped, thankyou'. 'Where? Here?', he said moving behind me and rubbing my stomach with his hand, running his fingers over my belly button piercing. 'Yeah', I said, nervous and excited and feeling suddenly as horny as I'd ever been. 'Bit lower', I added with a smirk. I heard him laugh a little as he slipped his right hand below the waistband of my skirt and probed my pussy with his fingers. He moved his left hand up under my t-shirt and started caressing my tits and pert nipples. I felt his hardening cock on my back and I had to see it, touch it, taste it. I turned around and kissed him as my hands felt his bulge. With some gentle pressure from his hands on my shoulders I was soon on my knees. I unzipped him and teased his cock out of the fly in his boxers. Even though he was only semi hard he had a decent 6 inches of uncut meat. I swirled my tongue round his bell-end under his foreskin before moving my lips down his shaft and sucked on his balls one at a time. This had him in ecstasy. He moaned as my tongue lapped at his ball bag as I jerked his now fully erect cock with my hand. He pulled my hair together at the back and held it. 'Let me get a good luck at you sucking on me' he whispered. I wrapped my lips round his cock head and greedily took him in my mouth. I wanted this to be the best blow job he'd ever had. I was practically gagging and his cock was shiny and wet from my saliva as he thrusted his groin forward slipping most of his 8 inches in and out of my dripping mouth. I thought he was going to cum. I had him on the verge for sure as I felt his nob pulsating on my wet tongue. Then a voice camer through his walkie-talkie.

'Shit', he said, looking at his watch 'Chucking out time, sorry sweetheart'. I was visibly disappointed. And he knew it. 'Tell you what, I won't be long. Why don't you wait here and I'll come back and we can move upstairs', he smiled as he tucked himself back in his trousers, 'have a bit of an after party'.

After a few minutes I heard him coming back down the stairs. 'That was quick', I said, 'miss me?' But it wasn't him. It was one of the other bouncers. An older man in his forties, and a bit bigger build. Typical bouncer look I'd say. 'No', he laughed, ‘but Matt’s told me all about you. You hungry for more sausage then or what?’ With that he unbuckled his belt and let his floppy, thick cock hang out. I should have been more annoyed at the way he was speaking to me but I wasn’t. Truth is it turned me on. ‘Come on love’, I haven’t got all night.’ I sank back down to my knees and took him in my mouth, feeling his cock gradually swell from soft to hard in my mouth. He was a fairly average 6 inches and I found that I could deep throat him with no problem. He was much thicker than the other bouncer or ‘Matt’ as I now knew him to be called. I could barely open my mouth wide enough to take him and he was already precumming loads as his hairy, low hanging balls hit my chin. ‘Yeah don’t forget my bollocks. Get your lips round those’, he said in a gruff voice. I did as I was told as he jerked hi s meat and I sucked both his balls into my mouth. ‘That’s it you slutty bitch, give me a good ball bath. Here. Lick this slime of me nob. I leaned back and stuck my tongue out as he wiped his helmet on it. His precum tasted sweet and I didn’t care when he started slapping his cock around my face . ‘Yeah, I always cum buckets for slutty little teens like you. Just you wait.’ I was so horny and at this stage my pussy was dripping wet and I could feel a patch forming on my knickers. ‘Come on’, he said, ‘the boys will be finished upstairs by now’. With that he lifted me up and slung me over his shoulder. I couldn’t help laughing as we made our way up the stairs and into one of the smaller rooms while he playfully slapped my bum. ’Here she is’, he said loudly as we entered the room with Matt and another bouncer in it. He set me down on Matt’s lap and he kissed me straight away. Luckily I had managed to wipe my mouth on the other bouncers t-shirt as he carried me but there was still some evidence of my previous suck session. ‘Mmm’ he said with a grimace. ‘You been a busy girl with Carl there have you?’ They all laughed as Matt reached for his pint and took a swig of beer. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t have anything to say. I only knew that I was nothing but a slut to them now and that I didn’t care. I was enjoying myself so ‘fuck it’ I thought. I’ll be their sex toy. I slid down on my knees in front of Matts crotch and unbuckled his trousers. He lifted himself up as I pulled his trousers down around his ankles and went back to work on his juicy dick. ‘Here Seb’ he said to the other bouncer, a young man not much older than me ‘go to the bogs for us and get us some johnnies there’s a good lad.’ Off he went as Matt removed my t-shirt and slipped by bra off. I was now wearing just a skirt and high heels as Carl came behind me and pulled my knickers off and started roughly finger fucking me while I got Matt hard again in my mouth. I was glad that my vag was finally getting some attention as it was leaking my juice all over his fingers as Carl grunted approvingly behind me. ‘Yep. She’s definitely ready for a fucking’ he said ‘gagging for it’. Matt pulled me so he could taste me. I was in heaven as he flicked his expert tongue over my warm, wet pussy and I moaned like a whore. Carl was right. I was desperate to feel Matt’s full length inside me. I wouldn’t have even asked him to wear a condom but I suppose they thought I was a tramp and probably riddled even though I wasn’t.
Seb came back from the toilets and handed a condom to Matt and one to Carl as he sat down on the sofa next to Matt. ‘You not getting your dick wet tonight either boy?’re gonna have to get stuck in eventually. One of the perks of the job ‘ laughed Carl. I got the sense that Seb was the shy one as he didn’t seem to expect anything from me. I didn’t mind though as I was busy enough with the two raging bulls I was expected to serve as it was. With his cock wrapped Matt lowered me down on his shaft as he sucked on my nipples. My lips tightened around his nob as he entered me and I gasped with pleasure. He fucked me like that for a few minutes before turning me round to face Carl who promptly filled my waiting mouth with his thick member. I panted as Matt thrust in and out of me as Carl pulled my skirt off up over my head and slipped his own rubber on. He lifted me up off Matt’s cock and lowered me down onto his own thick, hairy shaft and roughly fucked me. I could barely breathe as he pulled me up and down, my hands clasped to the back of his bald head as my tongue searched for his. ‘Don’t kiss me with that cummy mouth girl’ he teased ‘that mouth’s only for cock ain’t it? AIN’T IT? Yeah? You want my load in your mouth don’t ya? ’ Yes.’ I panted ‘Gimme it’. I had lost all inhibitions now as Carl lowered me down so I was on all fours with a face full of cock. I tore the condom off and greedily sucked on his throbbing head and Matt entered me again from behind with his hands on my shoulders. He had kicked off his trousers and removed his t-shirt at this stage to reveal a smooth muscled torso. I got wetter just looking over my shoulder at him. I shuddered as Matt’s 8 inches made its way inside me. Carl gave a few thrusts and before I knew what was happening his helmet was erupting in my mouth. Cum gushed onto my tongue, forcing me to swallow as he continued to pump my throat. I couldn’t take all of his spunk at once. It was like he hadn’t ejaculated in weeks. He spurted some on my lips and I licked them hungrily. Some was on my face which he scooped up with his fingers before sticking them in my mouth. I licked his hand clean of all he had before he stuck his salty softening dick back in my mouth. ‘That’s it. Good girl. Lick it all clean. That’s a good slut. Told ya I’d cover ya in spunk didn’t I? He kept his hand clasped to the back of my neck until his cock was fully limp and empty. He sat down on the sofa behind him, exhausted. With the sight of this Matt said he was ready to cum. He thrust deeper and deeper until I finally came. A wave of euphoria washing over my young body and sending shivers through me. Shortly after I heard him grunt a few times as he unloaded his man juice into the condom and his cock throbbed inside me. He didn’t shoot as much as Carl or for as long. My pussy felt empty as he slipped his cock out. Empty but satisfied. Had he asked me to I would have emptied that condom full of spunk onto my tongue but as it was he tossed it aside before asking me if I’d ‘clean’ him too which of course, I did. His spunk tasted much better than Carls and I devoured it as I licked my tongue up and down his shaft and squeezed a few final drops from his bell end into my cum hungry mouth. ‘Cheers for that sweetheart,’ he smiled and winked as he sat back down on the sofa, wearing only his shoes and socks, next to Seb. He drank some more of his pint and lit a cigarette, offering me one which I accepted. ‘After you’ve had that Seb here will drive ya home won’t ya Seb?’ he said while patting the younger man on the knee. ‘If you like’, Seb said, speaking for the first time and blushing red.

I accepted the offer of a lift as I didn’t live far so it wouldn’t be out of Seb’s way. We got to chatting in the car and he was really very sweet. He even asked me my name! Carl and Matt hadn’t bothered. It crossed my mind that he might be gay and that’s why he didn’t take part in the after party in the club. When we got to my house I thought it would only be fair to leave him as pleased as his co-workers so I started rubbing his thigh. ‘You want a suck job? ‘I offered. His mouth urged forward onto mine and our tongues found each other. He didn’t seem to care that only a few minutes ago my mouth was not much more than a cum dump for his mates. I moved down towards his crotch and took out his throbbing cock. ‘You must be aching to blow your load,’ I said. I quickly found out perhaps the real reason why he didn’t take me in the club like Matt and Carl. He was only about 4 inches stiff. Not much more anyway. I didn’t care as I wrapped my expert lips round him and took him comfortably in my mouth. I sucked up and down the shaft and licked his balls when I reached the bottom. It only took a few minutes before he was shooting his sweet spunk down my slut throat. I swallowed twice and he was done. He kissed me again on the lips. I thanked him for the lift and got out of the car, not before telling him that his spunk tasted better than his co-workers, and that he could tell them that from me.

Hope you enjoyed. Would love it if any of the men involved happened to read it. Please comment on the off-chance Matt, Carl and Seb! Would love to have a reunion :)

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