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First time with a girl.

hi again! So I realy enjoyed writing my first story so here's another one realy happened to me!

I was 18 at the time. And very Slutty already! I sucked boy's for money at school. Everyone knew what I did but I didn't care. I was called slut and cum whore (I love the taste of cum even then I swallowed everything! Still do!) and worse. But I just got wet when I heard those names.

So anyway I wanted to go out it's a Thursday night. I Had to be in school next morning but I went anyway.
I showered and shaved carefully. I picked out a very tight and short see trough blue shirt, a white mini skirt and red see trough bra and string. I put on some make up and left.

I got in my car and drove to the city. Un the way I was getting horny I touched my cunt. Oh I was realy wet! I Had to stop touching I didn't want to cum just yet. I love to build up the pleassure I love to make myself wait to cum. Cause then when i cum it will be more intense. I arrived parked my car and looked in the mirror. I put on some more red lipstick and got out of the car.

There were a lot of young people at the parking lot i heard some guy's whistle and howel like wolfs. Hmmm I loved that! I slowly walked to the door and went in. It was pretty crowded. I ordered 2 shots of whiskey. I gulped them down and headed for the dancefloor. Wouw for a Thursday night it's realy busy!

I danced for a while not realy aware of what happened around me. I Had 4 more shots in the mean time and very buzzed. I saw a group of guy's from my school they were Watching me. I looked right at them and kept dancing sexually. My hands rubbed over my body lifting my mini skirt a bit. Oh I am a slut and I love it! I'm a whore! I thought. My cunt felt like it was on fire!

I went to the bathroom didn't know witch one to enter. The boy's room or the girls? I went for the girls figured i can always go back later and enter the boy's. My string was soaked guess I have to take it off! 2 girls came in they were only looking in the mirror and talking. "did you see that slut with the white skirt and the red underwear?" I heard one of them say. Kept quite I wanted to hear more! "yes I did! She looks like a whore! Did you see how she was teasing those guy's? She Is hot tough!" I heard the other girl reply. I quickly finished and went out the cubicle. I wanted to see the girls taking about me like that. "yes I thought so to! You wanna kiss her?" the first girl asked laughing before turning around. She looked shocked looked me right in my eyes. I just smiled and reached for the sink to wash my hands. The other girls face looked like a tomato it was that read! I winked at her and looked at her body she was hot! I smiled and said "see you on the dancefloor girls" and went back to the bar to order 3 shots. One I gulped down to I picked up and went looking for the girl.

I saw her standing alone at a table. I looked around and saw the other girl dancing with 2 or 3 friends of them I guessed.

I walked up to the hot girl and offered her a shot. "Thank you! I want to apologize for talking bout you like that! That was not nice of us!" She said. God she was a beauty! "That's alright! I mean look at me the way I dress the way I act! I mean I'm asking for that I guess. And to be honest it got me excited hearing you talk about me. So you wanna dance?" I asked. "Uhm... Sure!"

First Ze just dance without touching eachother but then a slow song played. She turned me around grabbed my hips and pulled me close. I felt like I was about to cum right then and there! My head rested on her shoulder I knew I wanted to kiss her lick her make her cum on my face! Never felt that strong sexual craving for a woman's cunt before but I knew I was going to try get in her panties. The song ended but right away there was another slow song. I later found out that the guy's from my school requested that becaus they liked what they saw.

I turned it around now she leaned against me. I kissed her neck lightly and felt her body react. I kept my face close to her neck so she would feel my breath and it worked cause she moaned. My hands slowly felt up her body over her clothes she was wearing a denim skirt with a black low cut shirt by the way.

My hands lightly stroked hear breasts she loved it! Oh god I want her! Kissed her neck again this time I licked up to hear ear. Kissed it and whispered "you are hot!... Kiss... I want you!" she turned around and kissed me on my lips I Let her tongue in now it's my turn to moan! Her kiss was the first kiss I ever Had from a woman and it was the best feeling!
My hands groped her ass her hands groped mine. Our legs were between each others my naked cunt grinded on her leg leaving a wet trail. She did the same to me. I needed her to cum! I wanted to make her squirm! My hand slowly went looking for her wet spot she was wearing panties. When I first touched her cunt over her panties she moaned loudly and her whole body trembled. I stopped the kiss but that was hard because I didn't wanted to! "Are you coming with me horny sexy lady?" I said We didn't even knew eachothers name! "yes!" was all she said so We picked up our stuff and went out.

We could not keep our hands of eachother. Her hand went under my skirt. She touched my clitty and We both moaned. "Have you ever been with a woman?" I asked. "Yes I have I've been with a couple woman now. You?" "this Is my first time" I said "your going to love it!" "I know!"

I took her to my place. She sat down as I got us something to drink. When I came back to her I put the glasses down and decided to in straight in. I needed to taste that pussy! With my knee between her legs I f***ed her legs open. Touching her boobs took her shirt off and kissed her boobs and tummy. My hands went for her bra I opend it and took it off her. Her boobs were perfect! One hand fondled one nipple the othe nipple went in my mouth I licked and sucked this was heaven!

I kissed her lower and lower until I was at her legs I got on my knees on the ground grabbed her hips and pulled her close. Her panties showed a wet spot I licked her panties she moaned and looked horny at me at what I was about to do. We were still in the livingroom. I pushed her panties aside looked at her wet shaved pussy she smelled great! I almost attacked her pussy! Started licking and sucking up and down Wouw she's hot! She tastes so good! She screamed in pleassure that made me even more hungry.
She came but I didn't stop "Are you sure you never done that before?" she asked with some difficulty. "Yes I am sure" I said without getting my mouth off that pussy. She screamed came again I tried to lick up all her juice it tastes really good! I Had decided not to stop till she begged me to. Her whole body was shacking her eyes rolled away another orgasme! Wouw I want more! My tongue fucked her pussy while my thumb play's with her clitt. She came again! She kept cumming actually I was licking almost Half am hour maybe more without a break. I lost count of how Many times she came before begging me to stop. I Let her beg for a while though did not want to stop! She grabbed me by my hair and yanked me of her pussy! Hmmm hope she Is going to take charge now!

Part 2 Is coming up soon!

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