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Giving in to the old man

I wrote a story a few weeks ago about my experience with an older man. Lets just say things have been getting out of hand with me and this thing of sl**ping with other men. Well, i went to see him again, ive been to his house now four times in the past three weeks. I finally broke down and told my husband about what i had done with this older man that i had met online. Again, we had talked about me seeing other men, but we had also agreed that he would approve and know about it. He was upset with the fact that i had gone on my own without his approval or knowledge, but i felt like i needed to tell him. When i first told him about it he got upset but i smoothed it out with him. He asked if i had pictures of the guy and i told him i did, so i grabbed my flashdrive and pulled up the pics of the older guy. When he saw the size of the guys cock he stared for a while, he then asked if i had taken all of it. I told him i had, he stayed quiet again and then he asked me if i had enjoyed it. I told him i had enjoyed it somewhat, but that i wasnt attracted to him at all. He was very surprised that i had slept with this older man and said that the guy didnt look like my type at all. I've always liked men with hair, and good looking fit guys. This guy was tall, thin, bald and not good looking at all so hubby was surprised. I told him the big cock had done it for me, and the fact that no one would know turned me on. I broke this all to my husband after the first time we did it, and i've been to his house now four more times.

After I told hubby about it we agreed to have me do it again, as a matter of fact it was his idea for me to go again. A few days after i told him i chatted with him again and we set up a time for me to go to his house again. Hubby picked out my outfit for the occasion. I wore tight jeans and heels with a v cut black shirt. Underneath i wore a black silky thong and matching black bra. This time i wasnt as nervous as i went for my second fuck session with this guy. It was a Saturday evening and we told our oldest that i was going out with some of my friends. When i arrived this time he had the glass door open again. He answered and i walked in and gave him a hug. Right away we went to his bedroom. It was about 9 at night and I had told my Hubby i would make it home by 1:00AM. He had on Jeans and whit tee-shirt and was drinking a beer, he offered me a beer and i took one to relax me a bit. I sat on the bed and he sat beside me and started kissing me slowly, i kissed him back and told him i would remove my clothes. After i removed everything except my thong and bra and got under his sheets. He removed everything, his cock was rock hard again and i was breathing hard when i watched him remove his boxers. I already knew what he could do with it and i knew i was going to get pounded this time. As soon as he undid the covers and got on the bed with me, i kissed his stomach and went straight down to suck his cock. I closed my eyes and grabbed it in my hand and started sucking it slowly, he pushed my hair back and i covered my ass and legs with the sheets. I was laying between his legs sucking his cock slowly licking his balls too. He told me he loved the way i sucked his cock, i just gave him a smile and kept sucking. I really have to say i enjoyed sucking his cock, it was just so different because of how big it was. Again, it was almost twice as big as Hubbys and much thicker too. I wanted him to cum, but he had other ideas, he grabbed my shoulders and pushed them back and told me to lay back on my back. I did as he said with my legs closed. He then got on his knees between my legs and spread them slowly and leaned down and kissed me, i kissed him back slowly and i felt him grab my panties and slowly start to slide them down my legs. I spread my legs slightly and lifted my hips so they could come off easier. He pulled off my panties and unsnapped my bra, once he had me totally naked he got between my thighs and started kissing my pussy. I spread for him wider and rubbed his head as he licked the inside of my thighs and my pussy. I must have came a couple of times because all i remember was me lifting my hips and moaning softly.

After he ate me out for what seemed like an eternity he got on his knees between my legs and positioned himself between my thighs, I lifted my legs slightly and started breathing hard again. I watched as he placed his cock between my pussy lips and i moaned softly as i watched him spread me apart again. He told me to relax and to breath out slowly and that he would go slow. He was right, i relaxed and started breathing and relaxing and i watched as the head disappeared in my pussy, first the head and then i felt him start to take longer strokes and i knew he was almost all the way in. He pumped his big cock in and out of my pussy slowly with long easy strokes, as he pumped in and out of me he asked me if i liked big cock. I told him "yes". He kept pumping and i rubbed his chest and arms as he slid in and out of me. I was cumming all over his cock and i spread my legs wider for him. I rubbed his forearms and told him to kiss me, with that he leaned forward and kissed me slowly. He kept pumping away and i felt his cock getting thicker and start to throb, with that he pulled out and shot a big load all over my belly and breast. I cleaned up and while he lay in bed drinking i called my hubby. I told him we had already fucked once, but that we were going to fuck again. It was about 10:40 now and Hubby reminded me to not come home too late.

About a half hour later after i got off the phone with my husband i was sucking cock again. This time i laid on my side so he could play with my breast and pussy while i sucked him off. I knew hubby liked me in this position so i decided to try it with him. He lifted my leg up slowly so he could finger my pussy, I moaned as he fingered it, and i was struggling because his cock is so big and i was trying to go down as far as i could on it. He fingered my pussy and rubbed my asshole as i sucked his cock and licked his balls. I thought for a while he was going to cum but he didn't, he had long lasting power and did not cum easily. He then told me to stop and get on all fours, i got on all fours and waited for him to put his cock in, as put it in i moaned softly as i felt him spread me apart. I must have came again, i was starting to feel weak again as he pumped me full of cock. He grabbed my hips and started thrusting me harder and harder into him. He spread my legs wider and wider and then i heard him grunt and i felt his cock slide out and he shot a load on my asshole. I fell forward and lay there motionless for a couple of minutes. He wiped me up and we got under the sheets and talked for a few minutes and then i looked at the clock and it was already a little after midnight. I got up and got dressed and drove him and got there before 1:00AM. When i got home, hubby made me strip naked and observed my inner thighs, he said my pussy was a little red but seemed normal. I asked him if he wanted me to shower and he told me no. He fucked me a couple more times and i think it was around three or four in the morning when he finished. Since then I have been back three more times and I have to say, I'm starting to like it more and more.

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