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The Very Good Christian

We were out for our summer works do.
It was organised for a local pub close to work, just a few drinks after work on a Friday night.
As I was driving I wasn't drinking but went along for the laugh anyway.

Abigail was a girl working in the office at the time who obviously didn't go out much and had led a quite sheltered life (seemingly).
She often told us about her Church and talked to us about her religion.
She was very pretty in a plain sort of a way.

As the night progressed she steadily got more and more d***k everyone thought it was very amussing as she clearly didn't drink very often.
It got to a point where I decided she'd had enough and told her to say her goodnights as I'd give her a lift on my way home.
She did and we wandered out to the car park.

As I was driving she began to talk about her Christianity.
She was jolly but not smashed so it was quite interesting to talk to her.
When I got to her house she asked if I'd like to come in for a cup of tea?
Why not I thought.

I went inside her flat was imaculate, as tidy and as clean as can be.

She brought the tea into the living room and we began to chat.
Then she burst out with it.
"I never seen a real penis"

It was completely out of character and out of the blue.

"Can I see yours?"

No I said.

"Oh I'm sorry how embarassing, its just I thought you like me?"
I do like you, I said.
"Will you kiss me?"
I'm not sure this is right I said.
"If you dont kiss me I'll tell everyone at work, you tried to!"

I couldnt believe what I was hearing!

"Ok" I said, thinking it would just be a quick kiss.

As soon as our lips met her hand headed straight into my lap. She was quite firmly rubbing my cock through my work trousers.
I grabbed her hand a pulled it away.
I stood up and told her she'd gone too far and I was leaving.

"If you leave I 'll tell everyone you tried to take advantage of me when I was d***k".

I sat back down and told her to calm down.

"I want to see your Penis" She said again.

Fuck it why not I thought and started to loosen my belt.

Before I knew it my belt was off and on the floor, my zip was down and my semi hard cock was being pulled out of my boxer shorts.

I couldn't believe it. What the fuck was going on!?
The office goody goody had turned into a cock obsessed little bitch.

"Now what" I said?

"I'm going to suck your cock until I see what cum looks and tastes like".
She procedded to suck on my now hard dick. Licking my balls and running her fingers around my arsehole.

she was amazing this cant have been the first time she'd sucked a cock, if iy was she was a natural.

"Fuck" I said outloud.
She slapped my leg, pulled my cock out of her mouth and replied
"No way not before marriage, I'm a good Christian Girl".

I never looked at her the same after that and it never happened again.
She went on pretending to be the good Christian but we both knew her dirty little secret.

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