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Letter to Glenn

Dear Glenn,

I got your address from your mother. God it's been almost four years since I last saw you. I hope you, Lucy and your daughter are doing well. Doreen, the k**s and I are all good. Doreen got herself a new position at the post office, as a private secretary to one of the big bosses. I'm still working at the hospital, doing shift work. Jeez, it's got to be, what 5 years since we last saw each other.

I had gone to the movies yesterday and stopped at one of those new coffee shops on Bank street. I almost didn't recognize your s****r, when she sat down at my table. Lorna still looks great. Your mother joined us a few moment's later, with the coffee she had ordered for Lorna and herself. Your mother insisted I call her Louise. By the way, I couldn't help but notice how young your mother looks. If Lorna hadn't introduced her as your mother, I would have thought she was an older s****r. I now know where Lorna got her looks from.

They brought me up to date on what you and Lucy had been up to over the years. Then I made the mistake of asking Lorna how her husband was. I saw the tears well up in her eyes and she excused herself and went to the washroom.

“Lorna's marriage only lasted three months.” Your mother said, adding. “ It was probably the worst three months of her life. Then again it was a whirl wind romance. They had only dated for a few months, when he proposed. Within a month of their marriage I could tell things weren't good between them.” She stopped talking as Lorna came back and sat with us. We all sat in silence for a while.

“Is this the first time in the coffee shop?” Your mother asked breaking the silence and adding. “I come here most evenings and can't recall seeing you before.”

“Yes, it's my first time. I just came back from a movie and decided I'd try this place.” I answered.

“Oh, what movie did you see.” Louise asked.

“Caligula.” I blurted out, not thinking. I've never been good at making up a lie.

“Caligula, really. I thought the movie was banned.” Louise said.

“It's banned in Ontario, but not in Quebec. I went over to Hull to see it.” I replied, feeling myself begin to blush.

“Why is it banned?” Lorna asked.

“It was produced by Penthouse magazine dear.” Louise replied and added. “It apparently has a lot of sexual content.”

“Oh!” Lorna exclaimed. Looking at me she added. “Well it doesn't surprise me, you would pick that type of a movie to see.”

By the time we finished our coffees, it was raining. I drove your s****r and mom home. Your mother asked if I would like to come in for a nightcap. As Lorna was pouring the drinks you mother said. “I've got something you might be interested in.” She left the living room, came back shortly and, handed me a book. To my surprise is was Caligula. “I don't know how close the movie is to the book, but I think you will find it interesting.”

Lorna reached over and grabbed the book from my hand. When she glanced at the title she exclaimed, “Mother!”

In a calm voice your mother said. “God Lorna you can be such a, prude. It's the seventies in case you didn't know. You know, make love not war. This is one of the books your father had, God bless his soul. I'm surprised you never found any of his magazines. Not that he hid them. Anyway, I did read this book and found it quite interesting. I also took the time to get more information at the library about Caligula and his short rule of the Roman Empire. The book has some fiction in it, but for the most part it does have what truly occurred then.”

I don't know which of us was more embarrassed. I could feel the flush on my face and Lorna was red faced also.

“I've always been a history buff.” Your mother added. “I've found myself fantasizing about being brought back into time to see first hand what it was really like. I've even dreamed of being a senator's wife, walking in ancient Rome, perhaps looking to buy a house slave.”

She stopped talking seeming to be lost in thought, when Lorna blurted out “Jeez mom, I think you've lost it.”

Your mother chuckled at that statement saying. “You know Albert, Lorna has always been prim and proper and, a bit of a snob also. I guess I've got to blame myself for that. I was born in a WASP f****y. My father ruled the household with a strong hand or belt whenever we misbehaved. I swore I would never hit my c***dren as dad did. But I did pass on the religious beliefs, that I really didn't always agree with.”

Once more she stopped talking, taking up her glass downed the rest of her drink. Then said. “Mm mm, that went down real smoothly. Drink up you two and, I'll fix us another one.”

I chugged the rest of mine up, feeling the burn as it went down, while Lorna sipped on hers.

“Oh come on Lorna, loosen up.” Your mother said as she got up. “Drink that all down, it will do you good.”

Your mom, then bent over and reached for my glass on the coffee table. I couldn't help from seeing the cleavage. When I looked up, she was smiling and winked, then instead of grabbing my glass, she undid a button from her blouse, providing me with a better view of her cleavage. I found myself leaning forward to hand her my glass. She grabbed my wrist and turned my hand palm upwards.

“My God you have big hands.” She said, letting go of my wrist. “Did you notice how big his hands were Lorna?”

“What? Oh yes mother, I've noticed his hands before.” Lorna replied as she gulped the last of her drink.

Your mother took our glasses and went to refill them. While your mother was in the kitchen, Lorna got up from her chair and sat next to me on the couch.

“I don't know, whats got into her.” Lorna whispered. “Ever since dad died, she been different.”

She was about to say more, when your mother came back in, juggling the three glasses. She placed her drink on the small table by her chair and once more bent over to place both our drinks on the coffee table. Once more I got a good look at her cleavage, somehow another button had been undone and I could see, she wasn't wearing a bra. (I'm sorry man, I know it's your mother, but she has one nice set of tits.) She took her time, setting the glasses on coasters and moving them for easier reach. Once more she looked up at me and grinned, knowing what I had been looking at. Lorna also noticed.

“Jeez mom, your breast are almost falling out.” Lorna complained.

Your mom didn't respond to the comment, instead she stood up, went and got her glass and came back to sit beside me. Placing her glass on the coffee table, your mother once again grab my wrist and seemed to study my palm.

“Such big hands.” She said, looking as if she were in a trance. “I bet they felt real nice on your skin Lorna.”

Lorna almost choked, as she was sipping on her drink. “Mother!”

“Oh stop being so silly Lorna. Do you honestly think your father and I didn't suspect you were having sex with the boys you went out with. I wasn't a virgin when I married your father, nor do I believe you were on your wedding day.”

At this point in time, I opened my big mouth and blurted. “She wasn't when I was dating her.”

Your mother laughed, however Lorna slapped me in the face. I figured it was time for me to leave, when suddenly your mother reached over, grabbed Lorna's wrist and with amazing strength, pulled Lorna across the sofa. Lorna laid sprawled over both our laps, her chest over you mother's and ass sticking up over my legs. Also in the process, one of your mother's tits was now bare to my view. I couldn't help but gape at the pink puckered nipple.

“I must apologize for my daughter's behaviour. As I said before, we were to lenient in her upbringing. Give her a good smack on the ass.” She said, in a very calm voice.

“What!” I said in surprise.

“Like this.” Your mother said as she raised a hand and slapped Lorna's rear. “Go on give a good smack.”

Lorna had yelped at the contact and wriggle on my lap. The sight of your mother's bare breast and the wriggling, caused my cock to rise even more. I figured what the heck and gave her a good slap, over top of the short skirt she was wearing. Lorna protested of course, but your mother held her down. Once more, Lorna wriggled, rubbing against my hard dick. Once again your mother surprised me as she reached over pulling up Lorna's skirt and baring her panty clad ass. The white panties were see through and I couldn't see any marks where either your mother or I had hit her.

All the while Lorna kept yelling to be let go.

“I see there is a little bit of a slut in you. Nice panties. Then again, who would see them.” Your mother said and, reach over grasp the panties and tugged at them till they were wedged along your s****r's crack, now baring the really nice globs. “Now give a good smack.”

I could blame on the booze I had d***k, but to be honest, the bare tit, cute tight ass wriggling on my lap and a hard-on near bursting was just to much. I raised my hand and brought it down hard on her outer buttock. Lorna yelp and muffled scream, since you mother was holding her head down on the sofa. You should have seen how her ass cheeks twitched as my red hand print appeared on that luscious globe. I waited a moment and, didn't need any prodding from you mom, when I brought my hand up again and, this time struck the inner cheek. It was like watching a quick dance as once more the cheeks went into spasm. This time, the sound your s****r made was more like a moan then a scream. I realized she was enjoying this. Perhaps her mind was rebelling, but her body wasn't as she spread her outer leg to the floor.

I ran my fingers over the welts, now appearing on her rump. I could even feel the difference in the heat from red marks to the rest of her flesh. My hand trailed down to between her legs following the materiel wedge along the crack of her ass. When I got to the pussy lip, the cloth was damp. Lorna was turned on. I ran my fingers between those lips rubbing up and down. Lorna began to rotate he ass, rubbing her hips against my bonner. She was sizzling hot with lust. I continued to tease her pussy as your mother released the pressure from your s****r. Lorna made no effort to move away. Your mother leaned toward me, taking my head between her hands, kissed me. Her tongue slid into mouth, exploring. Our tongues intertwined and, as she pulled her tongue out, I slid mine into her mouth.

Both women were moaning as your mother rubbed her chest against my arm and I continued diddling Lorna. Eventually your mother pulled away and undid the last buttons of her blouse, taking the garment out. Once more she grabbed my head between her hands and guide my mouth to her tits. I sucked on nipple at a time, as she held fistful of hair at the back of my head and guide me from one breast to the other. Her chest heaved whenever I sucked hard on the erect buds as well as when I bit down on them.

Since you mom, now held my head, Lorna's panties were loose. I brought my hand up and now pushed it inside her damp underwear. Sliding my finger along the crack of her ass, I first encountered her little ass hole. I must admit I had a desire to shove my finger up her ass, as it twitched at the tip of my finger, but decided to continue downward and shoved first one then a second finger into her drenched pussy. I finger fuck her cunt a few minutes, as pussy juice flowed out. The moving my hand just a little lower found her clit. Her clitoris was hard and begging to be played with. I scrapped my finger nail over it several times as her ass moved up and down, trying to speed the rhythm. I was only to happy to accommodate as her hip kept rubbing against my cock. Then I grasped the nub between index and thumb and pinched. That sent her right over the wall, as her body jerked, her cunt flooded my hand and wrist as I next shoved my thumb into her cunt, keeping her on the crest of orgasm.
Lorna screamed. “Oh God, yes yes yes Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” And then went silent and limp.

There was a squishing sound as I slowly removed my thumb from her cunt and Lorna slumped off the couch to the floor.

“My turn!” Your mother exclaimed, as she rose, pushed me onto my back and quickly got onto the sofa straddling my face. She hiked up her skirt to show me her naked pussy. The she lowered herself onto me. I was sure I was going to suffocate as she rubbed her cunt against my mouth and nose. She has a bushy, yet well trimmed pubic area, with just a few strands of grey hair showing. Her pussy lips are quite large as is her clit. I could smell the mixture of cunt juice, which was being smeared onto my chin, lips and nose, along with the faint odour of Shallimar perfume. She finally eased up as my tongue began to massage that hard nub. I licked as fast as possible, then sucked the clit between my lips and bit down on it. I'm sure her scream of delight could be heard throughout the apartment building. I released the nub and flicked on it a few more times before repeating the nip once more. That last nip brought her over the edge as she yelled. “Stick you tongue out!” She began to bounce up and down taking my tongue into her cunt as far as it would go. Over and over she smashed her pussy against my face, her pussy squirting out fluid drenching me and the couch, all the while screaming as she came.

She finally fell forwards from exhaustion. Thank God for the large armrest or she would have landed on the floor. When she had regained her composer, she got up carefully from the couch and sat on the coffee table. Lorna was sitting on the floor in disbelief. Sitting back up on the couch, I undid my pants and pulled them down along with my underwear. I looked from one to the other, as they starred at my erect penis.

“Come closer Lorna.” I ordered, knowing how the my cock had always affected her in the past.

As if in a daze, Lorna stood and came closer.

“Turn around.”

She did as requested. I undid the button and zipper at the back of her skirt. It fell to her ankles.

“Now remove your blouse and bra.”

For only a brief moment she hesitated, as she looked at your mother. Perhaps, I'm mistaken, but your mom had a look of desire on her face. With her back to me, Lorna removed her blouse and undid the bra, matching her panties. She bent over to pull down her panties.

“No, leave the panties on.” I ordered and added. “You know what I like.”

I didn't have to tell her, as Lorna turned, knelt and grasped my phallus. She leaned forward and began to rub the head of my dick over her breasts. She circled the head around each nipple, causing them to pucker up. Once in a while, she would squeeze my dick, bringing up pre-cum, which she would smear on the nipple.

You mother remained sitting on the coffee table, her eyes fixed on the scene before her. Her hands came up and began to massage her own breasts. I looked on as her nipples grew. She pinched and flicked the erect nipples. Eventually, one hand went down to her crotch. She spread her legs, giving me a full view of her trimmed pussy. She massaged her clit all the while continuing to pinch her nipples with the other hand.

I must admit, that it wasn't long before I felt the jism rise up along the shaft of my cock. Your s****r was now pumping me for as she was worth along with flapping her breast as she move from side to side. I lost it completely, as the sperm shot out of my dick onto her neck and chest. Lorna kept pumping and squeezing my cock, till the last drop of cum oozed out, which she smeared onto one nipple.

Once I was done, Lorna leaned back and, I could see the cum slowly dripping down her chest. It was at this point your mother got down from the table, kneeling, began to lap the cum off of your s****r's body. She kept moaning as she savoured my jism.

I must admit it was quite the night. I left shortly after. By the way, I have a date with your mom to see the matinee of Caligula tomorrow. Lorna begged off the invitation, saying she has to work. I am however looking forward diddling you mother in the theatre.

PS. Just to let you know, this is not my way of taking revenge on you for the affair you had with Doreen, nor for the way your s****r dumped. It just happened.

Hope to hear from you soon.


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