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Who is there? mother/s****r/daughter?

I'm groggy, and it's late. Very late. For the life of me, I can't remember exactly how much I had to drink after dinner. I lost count after the fifth glass of wine. But between the four of us -- me, my mom, my s****r Carol, and Carol's husband Bill -- we must have finished at least three bottles. God knows what the k**s must have thought; the f****y goes on vacation, and suddenly everybody goes crazy. Luckily they were tired from the long drive to the summer house, so they probably didn't hear most of the revelry.

What wakes me up is a hand on the back of my thigh.

That hand must have been there for some time, working its way slowly under the hem of my nightgown, getting me warmed up. By the time I've fully awakened, the fingers are almost up to my crotch. I'm splayed out on my stomach with my head on the pillow looking left. It's pitch black in the room, the kind of darkness you only get from a house with no streetlights nearby and a room with blackout curtains. A thick, masculine hand is making slow figure-eights up the back of my right thigh, and my legs are spread. All those fingers need to do is pull on the crotch of my panties, and they'll have easy access to my very, very wet pussy.

I feel hot breath on my neck. A voice whispers in my ear. It's my b*****r-in-law, Bill. "Honey? Carol? You awake?"

My name is Eve.

I'm trying to muster up the energy to say one of my typical wisecracks. Hey horndog, this isn't Carol, it's Eve. Remember, the s****r with the big tits? Now get those fingers out of my panties and find me another glass of white zinfandel. I'm trying to speak, but my mind's still in a fog. It's taking all of my concentration to stay awake. Forming a coherent sentence is clearly beyond me.

"Carol?" he says again.

I manage to speak. "Um--"

Bill's fingers pull on the crotch of my panties and slip inside.

Suddenly all of my English language skills are out the window as two of those fingers slide up and down the channel of my pussy. They're practically gliding, I'm so wet. The fingers dance up and down my cunt a few times, spreading gooey juices all the way down to my clit and all the way up the crack of my ass. I'm mesmerized by the sound of it: thwwwwpp, shhhhlupppp, ffffwwwtt.

It doesn't help that Bill is absolutely amazing with his fingers. He's tracing lines up and down my pussy, delicately spreading the lips like a fine craftsman. He knows not to go straight for my clit, but he knows that he shouldn't completely neglect it either. Every third or fourth stroke, Bill sends a finger down to probe that little nub for an instant before slipping back out of reach. I buck my ass up, trying to capture those fingers, trying to get them inside of me. I can't help it, I'm arching my back and mewling like a kitten.

I'm trying to pull my tongue back in my mouth and say something coherent. But before my lips can form a syllable, Bill speaks once again. "Hey Carol," he says. "I'm going to eat your pussy."

There's no question in Bill's words. He's not trying to gauge my interest, he's simply telling me what he's about to do. I'm going to eat your pussy. Is this how it happens with Carol?

I need to say something quickly if I'm going to stop him, because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that once Bill's tongue touches my pussy the jig is up. Hey, I'm a single mother of two. It's probably been four years since my last sorry excuse for a boyfriend had his tongue inside me. And since John left, there's only been a long string of failed first dates. They're all happy to ogle my 40DD's, but nobody cares enough about the woman behind them to return my calls. So yes, I'm hard up, and work's been hell lately. I don't want to betray my s****r Carol -- but Jesus, I'm only human. If my b*****r-in-law gets into my panties, I'm going to fuck him.

My panties come off with one quick yank.

And then I feel Bill moving down the bed behind me. I can only see a blurry shadow of him, but I can feel the coarseness of his chest hair brushing down my back. Those fingers are sliding up and down the groove of my pussy, short-circuiting any urge to tell him he's about to eat out the wrong s****r. A hard cock bumps up against the back of my thighs, then my ankles. Bill circles my waist with his hands and pulls my ass up in the air like he's grabbing a sandwich. He clutches my thighs right above the back of my knees and unceremoniously parts them, letting the air from the ceiling fan blow across my dripping wet cunt.

"Bill," I manage quietly. "Bill... oh Jesus..."

My b*****r-in-law's tongue takes one slow, insistent lick up the channel of my pussy, parting pubic hair and scooping up juice along the way. He wallows in the hole for a moment, then continues up until he's moving along my perineum. He finishes his initial assault by swirling his tongue around my tight rosebud and poking briefly inside.

I am his.

As Bill's tongue digs around in my ass, I wonder faintly what the hell is going on. My mind's still a jumble from the alcohol, but I remember stumbling around the hallway when we arrived trying to find the right room. Everybody was confused. All of the bedrooms in this house are on a single corridor, and with the doors closed you can't tell them apart. My s****r Carol must be snoozing d***kenly in one of the other rooms. We look a lot alike; she's about two inches taller and ten pounds heavier, with a bust perhaps a cup size smaller. Carol and I sound a lot alike too. We're not so similar that you would have trouble telling us apart in the daylight. But in a pitch black room, with senses dulled by alcohol?

I wonder if she moans like I'm doing now as Bill's mouth moves down to suck and slurp on the lips of my pussy. I wonder if she writhes around like I'm doing as his tongue digs deep into the cavern of my vagina.

I wonder if we smell the same. I wonder if we taste the same.

"Oh my God," I whisper softly as he enters me with one thumb, then the other. "Fuck. Oh my God."

If I thought Bill was good at fingering a woman, that's nothing compared to his skills at oral. My s****r's husband is a maestro. He's got my ass in his hands with the thumbs sawing urgently in and out of my pussy, and his tongue prying open my tight asshole. Then he's changing places, moving his thumbs up to probe my ass and his tongue back down to wallow in my pussy cream. I'm wiggling back and forth, thrusting back at him as f***efully as I can. Again, the sounds: shhhhhhlppp, thhhwwwwp, ffffffwwwwwt.

The first orgasm slams over me like a truck. I let loose a long moan into the pillow, trying to muffle the noise so Bill doesn't get suspicious. I sure hope Carol is a squirter too, because otherwise Bill is sure to wonder about the sudden amount of liquid gushing onto his nose, lips and chin.

Bill backs away after my orgasm subsides. My head's clear enough now for me to say something to him. I prop myself up on one elbow, turn around, and open my mouth to speak.

Then I think: what exactly am I going to say?

Hey Bill, thanks for the amazing orgasm, but I'm not your wife, I'm actually your wife's s****r Eve. Yeah, I guess you just committed adultery. Sorry. What's that? Why didn't I say something? Why didn't I stop you? Well, uh, uh... If I was sober, I might be able to think up an excuse. But now? Not a chance. A devilish thought pops in my head: if Bill hasn't noticed the mix up yet, what are the odds he's going to notice at all? Will he even remember it in the morning? I might just be able to get away with this, if I'm very quiet and very careful... if I try to do exactly what Carol would do...

I'm so busy pondering my alibis and alternatives that I don't even notice Bill preparing to fuck me until it's too late. Suddenly I can feel him mounting my ass from behind, his legs forcing mine even further apart, something hard and hot probing the walls of my pussy. I can feel Bill's wiry chest hair rubbing against my back.

"Bill... Bill..."

His lips are up against my ear. "You ready to get fucked, Carol?"

I moan incoherently.

The head of Bill's cock gently parts my cunt lips. He pauses. "Who do you want to be tonight, honey?" he whispers with a mischievous lilt in his voice. "Do you want to be Carol... or do you want to be Eve?"


Bill muscles his cock into my pussy. "Ooh, you are tight tonight, Eve..."

It only takes him a few seconds to work his way inside me. All the way inside me until the head is knocking on my cervix and his balls are bouncing against my clit. Oh my God, Bill is a big one. I've never had such a large prick inside me before. I guess I've wondered on occasion what Bill's dick looks like, but Carol's never hinted that the cock she gets to enjoy night after night is such a monster.

Now he's fucking me. Christ, my b*****r-in-law Bill is pounding me like an a****l. Up and down, in and out. And God help me, I'm loving every second of it.

"Ohhhhh," I whisper. "Yeeesssssss..."

"Fuck me, Eve," he moans into my ear. "Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me."

I am. As hard as I can. "Fuck me, Bill! Fuck your s****r! Fuck my pussy!"

It's almost too much for my wine-addled brain to process. My b*****r-in-law has slipped into bed to screw me, thinking that he's really screwing his wife Carol. But he's fantasizing that it's me! More than that, from the sound of things, this fantasy isn't something new. Who do you want to be tonight? he asked. My s****r must have been indulging Bill's fantasies for some time, pretending that she's me. And now here I am, getting fucked by Bill, pretending that I'm my s****r pretending that she's me.

This is absolutely wild.

Bill's monster cock has got me on the verge of orgasm, but the bastard won't follow through. I want to cum on that dick and coat the bedsheets with our juices, I want to scream his name, I want to feel his jism spurting inside of me. Instead he's slowing down. He's got marvelous control. Bill's thrusts slow to a crawl as he nestles up behind me. His left hand reaches around and begins toying with my nipple. Then he leans forward and whispers into my ear. "Hey honey," he says. "You ready to take this to the next level tonight?"

I pant and say nothing.

"I think you're right. We've been fantasizing about Eve for way too long, we need to do something about it. If she's really as hard up as you say she is... if she's really that slutty... you're right, I think she'll fuck me."

Still I don't answer.

"Sorry it's taken so long to convince me, honey," says Bill. "But now I'm ready. Did you see how much she drank tonight? She's got to be out cold right now. So here's what I'm gonna do." His cock twitches deep inside me. "I'll go slip into her room and get in bed with her. Fondle her legs and finger her pussy for a little while until she's nice and wet. Just like I did to you. It'll be a piece of cake. Do you -- are you sure you want me to go through with it?"

"Yes," I whisper.

Oh God, that cock is now sawing slowly back and forth inside of me again. My pussy is clenching on him uncontrollably, begging for more. This is totally unbelievable. Carol hasn't just been indulging Bill's fantasies of fucking his s****r-in-law, she's not just going along with her crazy husband to make him happy. She's been encouraging him. She's been trying to persuade him to fuck me for a long time. How long has this been going on? How long have they been lusting after me behind my back without me knowing?

"So if I fuck Eve's pussy," says Bill, "are you going to follow through with your part?"

I keep my voice low and try my best imitation of Carol's voice. "Ooh, remind me what's my part."

"You know damn well what your part is, you little slut. You just want me to say it, don't you?" A long, deep thrust. His left hand slides off of my tit and worms its way into my crotch from below. "You want me to get your s****r's pussy good and wet. You want me to fuck that pussy and cum deep inside of her and get my cock all soaked with her juices." Bill pinches my aching clitoris between two fingers. He gives three fast pumps in and out of my cunt that almost make me scream. "And then you want me to come back here with a dripping wet cock. And you want to suck Eve's pussy juice off of my cock." He's jackhammering into my cunt now, slamming in and out with amazing speed and control, rubbing that clit with hard strokes. "You want to taste your s****r's cunt, don't you? That's what you really want, isn't it? To suck my cum out of Eve's pussy?"

"Yes!" I say. "Yes! Yes! Please...."

And then the second orgasm hits me.

Bill reaches up with his right hand and grabs my tit. He's not being delicate, he's squeezing and mauling me, clutching my achingly hard nipple between the third and fourth fingers of his hand like he's trying to tear it off. His big cock is pushing inside of me deeper than anyone has ever been before. My pussy's gripping him tightly now in orgasm. I'm spraying Bill's cock, his balls, his fingers, the sheets with my cunt juices as I mash my face into the pillow and scream his name. "Bill! Bill! Bill!"

Suddenly his thrusts get more frantic and uneven. He pounds into me once, twice... three times...

Then he cums. I can feel Bill's hot sperm flood inside of me. One spurt, two, three, four spurts, five hot spurts of my b*****r-in-law's cum, deep into my pussy, washing over my cervix.

And now, as suddenly as it began, it's over. I'm flat on my stomach again, this time with Bill's cum dribbling out of me. The bedsheets are a soaked, sticky mess of cum and pussy juice. Oh my God, I think, I just fucked my b*****r-in-law. We lie there for a few minutes, panting together, listening to the quiet whir of the ceiling fan. I feel Bill's cock soften up as he pulls out of me with a sexy shlllup sound. He gives me a quick peck on the cheek and then gets off the bed without a word.

I drift back to sl**p...


...and wake up once more to the feeling of fingers tracing circles on the back of my thigh.

This time I'm determined to say something. I lift my head to speak, but before I can get a word out I feel the large, sticky tip of Bill's cock prying my lips open. I let it happen. My b*****r-in-law's dick slides into my mouth, over my tongue, and comes to rest near my throat. I suck and taste something hot and creamy and wet and salty. It's unmistakably the taste of pussy.

Not mine.

I moan as Bill's hard prick thrusts gently back and forth in my mouth. I suck and slurp my s****r Carol's pussy juice off of the shaft. I swallow. She does taste a little bit like me. And from the amount of cream coating that dick, I'm guessing that she's a squirter after all.

As I bob my head up and down on Bill's cock, he speaks.

"Oh my God, Carol," he croaks in a tired voice. "You were right. We hit the fucking jackpot. Eve's even sluttier than we imagined. She let me eat her pussy, she let me fuck her. I came inside of her. I told her that you wanted to suck my cum out of her pussy, and you know what she said? Send her in." Bill runs his fingers delicately through my hair as he watches me suck in the darkness. "Did you hear that, sweetie? You're finally going to get your chance. You're finally going to get to suck Eve's big tits and eat her pussy."

I pull the cock out of my mouth. "How does she taste?" I whisper.

"Fucking amazing," he says, then smacks his lips. "But not nearly as good as you taste tonight..."

I sit up, pull Bill down onto the bed, and start sucking his pussy-flavored cock in earnest. I use all of the blowjob skills I've learned since I was a teenager, skills which have been atrophying with disuse for the past few years. In no time, Bill's spurting another load of that hot cream right down my throat. I gulp it all down greedily, awed that my b*****r-in-law can have so much jism left after cumming twice in two hours. He tries to pull out, but I won't let him go until I've slurped him dry.

"I left her door open for you," whispers Bill when I finally climb off the bed. "Go get her."

I shuck off my nightgown and toss it onto the floor with my panties. "What about you?" I say.

"I'll join you in a little bit. I'm spent."

Before I realize what I'm doing I'm in the hallway. Now I'm standing in front of the door to my s****r's bedroom. It's ridiculously late, I'm still groggy, and I'm stark naked with Bill's sperm tickling my thighs and dribbling down my chin. My hand is on the handle of the door. Right inside that room is a woman who's just been freshly fucked, whose own pussy is full of Bill's sperm, whose juices are still coating my tongue. My s****r.

And I'm about to go in there and eat her pussy.

Then it hits me. All the coincidences, all the missed cues. Was it really dark enough that Bill couldn't tell the difference between us? Why didn't he figure out it was me when he started squeezing my tits or eating my pussy? Did Bill know all along which s****r he was seducing? Did that sly bastard plan this whole thing from the beginning?

Or maybe... maybe this was all Carol's doing. Has she been planning this whole thing, planting fantasies in Bill's head, trying patiently to persuade him to seduce me? She always was a manipulative one. When Bill was fucking her just now, did she know that his cock had just been in my pussy? Was she pretending to be me?

And come to think of it... whose bedroom door is this?

Is it my s****r Carol's room -- or my mother's? Or hell, could this be the door to my 18-year-old daughter's room, or one of my nieces? I look at the door and then up and down the hallway. I can't see a fucking thing in this house, all the doors look alike, and damn it, I'm still d***k.

I pull the handle and push the door open. The room is totally black, like mine, but I can see a female silhouette lying on the bed. Naked, pinching her nipples, the smell of freshly fucked pussy and semen in the air. "Come in," whispers a low voice. Who did Bill fuck? Whose pussy is that leaking sperm all over the bed?

I shrug, walk inside, and kneel down on the bed.

Whoever that pussy belongs to, it's about to get one hell of an eating.

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