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Deflowered by Daddy

I was one of those girls who had taken her daddy as her first lover.

My casual reference to this i****tuous deflowering, is tempered by the intensity of the feeling on the night.
I experienced an orgasm during his penetration, a welcome inducement, as he entered me fully, nothing could have prepared me for the triggering of wave after wave of sheer pleasure, as my inner folds parted, as my vagina spread, each nerve ending ring within these folds, sending a pulse differing from the previous ring, like colours blending into white light, the subtle frequencies of each ring of many, within the tube of tight flesh tightening around daddies cock, as its bulbous head bore deeper into me, merged into an orgasm, the very mechanism for driving my young buttocks to rise and receive him, as I lay face down on my bed, and moaned loudly into my soft pillow.

I wish I could say it was an unexpected happening, but I cannot. Mummy had left the f****y home some months back, with her lover, and daddy was left with me, a teenage girl in full bloom, my body full of hormones that begged sex, a studious girl without boyfriends, starting to feel the need for them, my i****tuous eyes watching daddy each morning as he emerged from his bedroom to the breakfast table in his underpants, which did little to hide his fabulous organ, and leave me wet in anticipation, yes I had a fixation with daddies cock, the very cock that helped create me, and now I yearned for it to open me for mankind.

'Daddy your cock is out', he stopped and looked down at his crotch, 'So it is, sorry sweetheart', and at that he tucked himself back into his underpants, and sat done opposite me at the table.

I continued buttering my toast, the image of his eight inches imprinted onto my toast, as I imagined rolling it up and eating him like a hot-dog.

He finished emptying some cornflakes into the bowl and looked at me, his daughter, 'What do you see when you look at me', I asked him.

'I see a beautiful young woman', he replied with consummate ease, my nipples hardened, they seemed to have a life of their own in the morning, a dangerous time for me, as I always awoke in the morning with a deep urge to relieve myself, and this morning was no different, with the exception that daddy had chosen to expose himself to me.

I ran my tongue across my lips, which were dry, something I could not say about my vaginal lips, which were wet with lust.

'You know what daddy, I am not going in this morning'. He looked at me before conceding it was OK by him. There was a sexual tension between us, a sudden realization I was female and a woman in need of attention.
I felt it as a knot in my stomach, then a warmth that spread from my crotch to my tummy, an awakening, and as I stood up to leave the table, I said I was going back to bed, leaving daddy in no doubt as to my intentions.

I undressed, leaving my room door ajar, I was now naked and feeling giddy, as I lay down naked on top of my bed, somehow I just knew daddy would come to me, and I was ready for him.

I closed my eyes as I felt his weight sink on the edge of my mattress, his hand run across my smooth soft flesh, and I moaned as his fingers slipped between my buttocks and felt my wetness between my vaginal lips.

He held his hand between my wet lips as I started humping it, feeling his finger slide the length of my opening and brush across my small protuberance of my clitoris, a sharp powerful feeling of wondrous pleasure, that made my bum arch and seek his finger for more, he sat on the beds edge and teased me as I humped and sought release.

'You like that Mariel', he asked me over and over, as I moaned my acceptance of our i****tuous behaviour, 'Yes daddy, fuck me, please', I moaned, now lost in the need for release.

Daddy stopped as quickly as he had started fingering me, stood up and dropped his underpants. My heart stopped momentarily as I drank in the vision of his fully erect cock, and I momentarily wondered how the fuck he was going to get that monster inside my pussy, but my desire for it outweighed my fear, I wanted it so bad it hurt more at the thought of not being fucked by it.

I started to turn to face him, but he stopped me, 'No Mariel, I want to fuck you face down'. His words excited me with the emphasis on fucking me, I turned back onto my front and spread my long legs until each foot gripped the edge of my mattress, now I was really spread, and my taught buttocks twitched as he lay atop of me, his hard cock sliding down the length of my wet crotch, between my wet lips, his cock-head finding my virginal opening, just short of my clitoris, snagging my pubis and with a small adjustment on my part, he entered my cunt with consummate ease.

This was it, for years I could only imagine how it would feel to have a cock inside me, now it was in and pushing deeper, I was orgasming as he lay on me, just inside and already exploding.
He lay still as my pussy pulsated around his cock, my buttocks grinding into his pubic hair, he did not need to move to fuck me, I was doing that on my own, I loved the feeling of the cock inside me, and my confidence grew with the pleasure, suddenly I wanted it dirty, as a wave of masochistic pleasure swept across my young body, and my mouthing surprised even my father, 'Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck your fucking daughter', I mouthed over and over.

Daddy got the message, and we went at it like two rats up a drainpipe, daughter like father, we had both found our niche, and unashamedly enjoyed our new found freedoms.

In time daddy would take me on sex journeys, watching as I pleasured his friend, old men in toilets and Dogging runs, watching me covered in jism and men fight to possess me, and enter into the world of sadomasochism, where spanking and caning of my buttocks during sex appealed, I would endure while watching daddy wank himself to my pleasuring, our sex had many layers, some of which I was creating myself, soon it would be time for me to bring other girls home to daddy, but more of that another time.

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