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I Had This Dream.....

i'm laying in the middle of an open field, it's mid summer (pun intended) lol.
The air was humid and it felt as though, i was in some Southern region.
The wind, that softly kissed the ever forming, small beads of sweat glistening all over my body carried a hint of honeysuckle.
The bed bed of clovers i lay upon felt like thousands of tiny fingers probing
every hidden crease, and totally exposed orifice i have. The neighbor, who i let
borrow my car had dropped me off, and was long gone. i lay there in the warmth
of the sun and joined my fingers with the tiny legions tickling and touching my
most intimate areas. Following an urge to be a bit pervy, a creamy white anal
plug was dangling from my thigh on a black lace garter. The tattoo no one knew
of shown proudly on the clean shaven surface of my left upper, inner thigh, next
to my clitty was healed and radiant. It read simply.... "your slave".
Suddenly, i heard noises, and knew instantly i was likely about to be found.
i could hear laughing, as well as stumbling, or misplaced footsteps approaching.
Normally i'd have been flooded with panic, and scrambling to find my clothing...
Not today. Today, i would release the frustrated creature so mercilessly locked
away for so long, in the furthest corners of my mind. i shifted onto my side,
so as to profile the curves of my hips, as the sun cascaded it's flowing glow across my naked, almond/cocoa cheeks.
Whether a single wanderer, or a group of sex starved, bikers, they would have
a full and unrestricted view of the submissive offering left,obviously, for
their entertainment and amusement. Admittedly, i was a bit nervous, and yearned
to slither away, but i f***ed myself to not only remain there, but to roll my
minimal clothing into a ball and hurl it further than i possibly run and recover
before being discovered!
The footsteps ceased at the distant, splashing sound of my clothing, landing
perfectly a the fast flowing stream nearby. *Sigh*
Not a word was spoken by either party. Seconds seemed like hours and then, the steps
Cautiously the approach continued. Then, 12-13 paces away, a whispering voice...
I think somebody is out here?! Alone, unprotected, and wearing little more than
sunshine, i suddenly felt compelled to roll onto my stomach. Pressing my upper
body to the ground, i raised my ass until the angle was a bit painful. i spread
my thighs as far as the angle would allow. i heard a faint suction noise as the
angle of my arch and the elevation of my hips caused my anus to gape a bit.
Suddenly, i heard a rush of other feet rallying to the earlier alert that there
was "somebody out here". i could clearly discern 5 different male voices in
the area near the first noise, and 3 more to my immediate right. On the left i
heard the rattle of bottles ( i presumed beer) in a big bag with ice.
i could actually feel my tiny testes quivering with a mixture of fright and
anticipation. "Fuck this! I gotta take a leak!" a burly voice barked. Next was
the sound of a heavyset body barreling directly towards me. i began to detect
the scent of alcohol and Mary-Jane wafting ahead of him. For a millisecond, i
considered all the mercilessly, perverted acts this crew of d***ken men could
commit against my slender, effeminate frame. They could cart me off to who knows
where, and keep me indefinitely for their twisted pleasure, and all i could
conceivably do would be to try and keep my teeth away from the Blow Jobs i'd be
providing, until my jaws gave out! A wave of release washed over me and....
i closed my eyes, spread my ass as wide as i could, & turned my head.
My last thought before the loud gasps of the startled figure who almost tripped
over me..... There will likely be gallons upon gallons of hot sperm spilling
soon, and finally, i am the only cum-sponge around for miles! My mouth waters.
My heart starts pounding uncontrollably, and my eyes spring open when i hear

(to be continued...if there are any interested/think i should write more )

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