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Summer job part II

Although this started out as a simple summer job, I could not have imagined what it had turned to. It had started with Mrs. Smith and after a month I have over 10 regular clients including my 8th grade English teacher whom I never would have imagined would be into these kind of things.

Well with a growing list of clienteles, I decided to recruit three of my closest football buddies. It wasn't too difficult getting them to sign up. One the money I was making was ridiculous, I bought a new car which was the envy of all my friends. I bought a new 2012 Mustang, my clothes had been upgraded from Clearance jeans to tailored suits. I pretty much emulated Mike Lowry from Bad Boys. Second the type of job I do is something every young guy dreams off.

I invited my friends to meet me at a casino, I had a Limo pick them up and brought them to the presidential suite where they walked in on what I called an opportunity of a lifetime. I presented this like a business. I gave them their rates, as well as what I will be taking in. I wanted to run this as an open communication business so that there are no surprises later on. What I offered them was a low risk high reward opportunity. Clients will be paying me through a wire transfer, and I will pay them in cash. In addition I have a growing list of women that would pay good money.

Jim, who was the QB in our team asked how does it work? Do women call us?

I told Jim, again for your protection the women will call me and I will text you the address. This will protect you from any type of connection in case we get caught.

As a signing bonus I am offering $500 in Casino chips, all I am asking for is their loyalty and a 1 year commitment. Also the jobs are strictly confidential meaning noone is allowed to know about the job or the clients. Without hesitation all three agreed to join. I gave them their $500 chips as well as their keys to their room. I also gave them their own business phones which is never allowed to be off.

Justin my other buddy asked why would they need a room key they are going to be up all night. I smiled and said just in case. Although they did not realize what I meant all three left my room and headed straight to the Blackjack table.

Knowing that they would all join I had scheduled a job for them. Last week I had this woman call me about a bachelorete party they were having. The maid of honor who set up this surprise wanted 4 guys. All in separate rooms for each of the bridesmaids and ofcourse the future bride. She wanted to make this a night to remember for her and the rest of her friends.

The plan was a fun night at a casino, watching shows and doing a little gambling. At the end of the night she would surprise them with this little gift. Each women had to stay in the room whether they have sex with the guy in the room is up to them, but the key is that they have the whole night to do what they please with us.

Being the one with the most experience, I was given the same key as the bride. Around 1:30 I told the guys to head to their rooms for their first job. All three were shocked that it was so soon, but like my little soldiers they all did as commanded.

The bride entered my room, who seemed very apprehensive. She knocked first and walked in. I introduced myself first and told her that there was no pressure and I am hers for the night. She looked at me and said she loves her fiance and she is not going to cheat on him. I reassured her that we will not do anything she does not want to do.

I handed her champagne and started by giving her a foot rub. I told her that I noticed she was wearing heels and her feet must be killing her. She smiled and said I am very charming but nothing is going to happen. I smiled back without saying a word. I took off her pantyhose and unzipped her skirt. I told her to relax, I am here to make her feel good. I continue to rub her feet and began working my way to her legs. She started taking her top off and was lying in bed in her bras and panties. I continue to give her a massage working her entire body, but skipping her vaginal area and her breast.

Since she was half naked I decided to do the same stripping down to my boxers. She took a quick peek at my abs and smiled. You must work out. I told her if she wanted to touch it. She smiled and reached out to my abs. She was amazed and had never seen anyone as cut as me.

She started to enjoy my abs more and more and began to slide her hand down to my boxers. Following her lead I started to rub her pussy just on top of her panty. This girl was already wet and I know she wanted it. I continued to play with her pussy and as we got a little bit more comfortable with each other. I decided to eat her out. Her future husband from what she says hates going down on her. The last guy to do this was her high school boyfriend who did not know what he was doing. I told her to relax and just enjoy. I began by just licking around her pussy to tease her for a bit.

This girl was enjoying every lick and every touch. After a few minutes of teasing her I decided to start working on her clit. And my god she was a woman possessed. She began to scream and within seconds she was cumming. I sucked out as much of her juices and the taste of her pussy was so amazing.

After giving her a little oral I got up and sat next to her. Still trying to catch her breath, she lies with the biggest grin on her beautiful blonde locks. Still naked she took my arms and swung it over her as we were in a spooning position. My dick was sitting between her legs and I was waiting for her to make the first move.

As we lie there cuddled up she began to move back and forth ever so slightly. I began matching her stride for stride and within seconds my dick slid right into the entrance. I slowly pushed and she did the same. As much as I like to think of this as a job this beautiful sensual woman was making love to me. I stopped for a second and decided to switch positions. I climbed on top of her giving her light kisses on her lips. This was probably my favorite job I have done since I started doing this.

We were both just into the moment and it was so beautiful. Every thrust was met with the same gentle f***e and each thrust was as sensual as the one before. This was amazing and she whispered cum inside me. I want to feel it inside. Within seconds I shot my load which seemed like an eternity.

We both kissed and just fell asl**p in each others arms.

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