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The Tenant Part 2

Part 2
As I staggered backwards towards the kitchen counter, her right hand was massaging and fondling my f****y jewels, her left hand started to moved up and down my bl**d engorged shaft, her lips began a puckering motion around my cockhead, and finally her tongue darted underneath my glands, wiggling left and right, while also darting back and forth. Four coordinated parts of her body, orchestrated a symphony of delights as my cock rose to new heights. Time stood still, as I enjoyed these waves of delightful sensations.

Her talented fingers played my dick as if it was a flute in her mouth, she strummed my shaft like it was her electronic guitar, and massaged my ballsack like she was playing Mozart on a baby grand piano. All the while, her warm mouth blew my dick like it was a trumpet, as her fingers danced on the instrument’s finger buttons. I closed my eyes and pure pleasure coursed thru my veins. My mouth parted slightly, as my tongue extended out, my breathing became more labored, and I tilted my head back and enjoyed the moment to its fullest. Breathing heavily with short breaths, my mind wandered, where it went I do not know.

It is during these moments of pleasure that one loses track of time. A minute passed… three minutes… five minutes… I’m not sure. My mind was a fog of emotions, and I was maybe a little dazed. Slowly I opened my eyes, and observed her plying her trade; while her eyes looked up and met mine. She resembled a little lost puppy whimpering while she devoured my dick on her knees at my feet.

After a while, just as suddenly as she started, her right hand stopped; then her left hand; then her tongue and finally her mouth. She freed me from her grasp, pulled my shorts up, patted my crotch lightly, and got up off her knees and was standing beside me. With a big smile across her face she said “What do you think Mr. Landlord, do I get the apartment?” I opened my eyes and said quizzically “Not if you stop like this. We’re not done yet.” As I slowly regain control of my body and my senses. “This was just a sample, a preview of coming attractions.” She grinned, “More to come, if you catch the drift…”, She was now wiping the saliva off her mouth with a tissue in her hand. “But first you have an important decision to make. Do we have a deal, and when do I get the keys?”

I’m still trying to catch my breath, as she silently awaits for my decision. “What do I have to do… to get you to … to finish the job…” I stammered. She smiled again, and her perfect white teeth glistened in the dimming sunlight. “A simple “yes” is all you have to say,” and the ends of her lips curled up. I could tell she was very confident of my decision.

“Would you be able to give me the entire deposit and rent today” I asked, “Well, not exactly…” she said “I have half now, and the rest next weekend.” she smiled. “Well, that’s not going to do.” I said. “You’re going to have to do better than that. “

“Would you say my personal services are worth something today?” Again she grinned.

“I can agree to rent you the apartment, but you need to come up with all the money, before you get the keys.” I said. “Please Mr. Landlord, I need to move in today, I want to sl**p here tonight, I’m not going back to my husband’s place anymore, I need to move out right away, and I need your help so bad. I already showed you what I’m willing to do, you've already experienced how I can make you feel, You know I’m good at what I do, I promise you, you won’t regret it. Just give me the keys, and let me move in tonight.”

Silently, while contemplating my decision, my body responded to hers. Slowly and without thinking, my right arm reached across her back and shoulders, as I pulled her closer to my body. My left hand caressed her neck and chin, and with slight pressure, I guided her face and lips to mine. She quietly followed my lead. I felt her perky breasts jutting slightly on my chest. Just as our lips were about to meet, I stopped, and savor the moment. Her mouth opened, and once again, I could inhale her fragrance and feel her breath, I could hear her heart beat, and feel her pulse as they both picked up speed. Holding her in my arms, I enjoyed the warmth of her body, just as her body began to respond to mine. We were frozen in time, at that moment, in the silence I could hear and feel our hearts beating, pumping and pounding together. As my hands slowly moved down to the small of her back, my hands came to rest on her beautiful buns. I closed my eyes, and our lips gently touched. Slowly, I felt both of her hands come around my waist. Her pelvis slowly came into contact with mine. Closing my fingers around her buttocks, there was a soft gentle firmness in her ass. I gently slipped my hand inside her skirt, and felt the soft smoothness of her rear, my fingers found her ass crack, and they continued further down, until they reached her moist cavern of delight. Our lips parted as her breathing became more sporadic…
To be continued…

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