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I eat pussy and got a creampie

I have a friend who talks to me about everything and I had told her bout my experience with this Guy who my s****r met on this site and who fixed a leak I had told her we had sex a week ago. She said it made her so horny she had not had sex in over ten day because her husband is always working as we where talking he text me and I asked him to come over just to talk he agreed and came over bout an hour latter so when he was close by he texted and asked if we wanted any thing for the store and if it was OK for him to bring some he came in they met and we sat at the table and I noticed he had just got a hair cut he answers yes and where he goes the lady shaves hes chest legs balls and around his cock I asked to see and my friend turn a bright red he said OK got up removed his shirt and she was turned on by his tattoos he then unzipped and his big balls just spilled out his cock is not to long but fat she covered her mouth and walked to my room I followed her and she told me she was so wet horny and embarrassed I asked why as he walked in and asked if everything was OK I then made my move by starting to kiss her she knows I love ladies. and she went along with it as I layed her on my bed he walked over to my chair and looked at us I then pulled up ur shirt and licked and sucked her small tits and I looked up at him and he smiled I keep on going down and pulled down her warm ups i kissed on her belly. And started to pull down her panties as her big bush just came out she was breathing so hard I went down and started to eat her pussy and I noticed hum get up and pull out his fat cock then started kissing her and rubbing her tits I then looked up at him and he read my mind he put his cock next to her mouth and she took UT right in and licking his balls before I knew it he was right behide me as I felt his fat cock streach my cunt and his finger slide in my asshole OMG what a feeling he pumped at my cunt and I could feel his balls bounce on me he then moved me and licked her hairy pussy and started fucking her like crazy she put her legs in the air and his cock moaning load as he went faster u heard her don't cum in me I quickly jumped in and he graves me by the hips and pounded me as I felt his warm cum in me I pulled way and sat on her face and she sucked the cum out I notice him putting his limp cock in her thick puusy hairy wow!!!!!!!

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