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Was it lust or was is it hot sex CHAPTER 3

I agein woke up in my hotel room but with some extra gifts lots of bottles of oils strapons and dildos vibraters and panties hoes and thongs they wure wearing.
i smelt like booty cock and pussy and sweet and hot kissing i needed a shower. I got up locked all my doors and shut all the windows. i undressed and got in the shower.
there was a note on my door saying put the neon pantie hoes on they feel good. so i tryed them on before i got in the shower they felt nice the note was fron sandy.
I that the only reson i tryed them on my ass hole was trobing even more this time. it was unbarable i tunred my head and saw a 20 inch dubble sided dildo.
I grabed it and started sucking it and then i pinatraited my ass with it slowly pushing it in deeper and deep it was half way in me it felt soo good.
I couldnt resit the door bell rang. I didnt answer. I keep pushing all that was left was the other side then I felt my ass suck it in me.
I got out to answer and it was sandy all by her self. she said were is it i need it. what i said you know my dubble sided dildo I stoped.
umm well I dont know she cam closer she reached in her booty and started fingering her self as I walked near the bath room she shut and locked my door.
wearing red smooth tight pants and a red corset. she keep comeing closer rubing her ass hole with her hands in her pants.
she pushed me in the shower and got in with me still wearing her cloths she started to kiss me puting her tongue deep in my mouth.
i did the same. she said snow says you love her more. i said know ur the only women for me. she said prove it then. i bent her over and started licking her ass.
she started to moan push hard i said. she did and stuf started cuming out of her ass and into my mouth i willing swollowed it untill she was done then i stuck my mouth on her pussy covering every inch.
she said i need to pee so i said pee and idrank ever drop of her she then pulled up her pants and got on her ness nd started sucking my dick.
she then lickd her fingers and started trying to put them in my ass. I got scaredand squezzed tight. she asked why did you do that for then she ramed her fingers in.
I know y cuse you got a dildo in here as she pulled it out she said it my dubble sided dildo wow 20 inches that makeing so hot right now, your not mad i asked. no she replyed.
turned on is wat i am. as she licked every inch of it clean stuck it in her ass and in mine then then my dick when in her pussy and we started to fuck each other.
she then started to finger her mouth i dont know why. as she was gaging and moaning all of a suddin she throw up on my dick and her pussy and are ass hole makeing it more slimy and worm i started to cum she held me there as each drop of my cum whent in her and was asorbed.
i want ur baby she said. she pulled her pants up all soaked and wet. she said hurry up now i need to take a shower to.
so i hurryed up ass she watched me she started geting wet and started master baiting i started watching her and started rubing my cock and fingering my ass.
until i cumed then i got out and whent and took a nap. as i was lay ing there and she was in the shower with load music on snow came in dressed lick room surves i said put it over there as i layed back down naked on my stumick then she got undressed quitly.
walked over then she softly put oil on my ass that feels nice sandy it not sandy snow replyed my eyes opend wide with fear.
but before i could do any thing she ramed her cock in me i tryed to screem but the music was to load snow ramed me thrusting her dick in me hard and harder as she moan love me say you love.
the harder she whent the more it felt good and the more stuff cam out of me all of a sudden i could contral my mouth i love u snow fuck me harder.
make me urs snow. snow said i want you to have my babys she then cam in me i love u jessie she said then she got dressed and left.
sand got out and came over and started licking my ass pussh she said and snow cum came out into her mouth she said who did this. snow i said how.
she came in throght room surves. more must have more. wat she said cock. wat do you mean oh no hes been tramatized with snows cock she then got a strapon and started fucking me.
mmmm snow yes hard fuck me more. it not snow it sandy.sandy you feel good harder make me cum she grabed my cock and started rubing and fucking it hard as i started to cum.
she swollowed it i love u sandy. then we whent to sl**p. we woke up and deside to goto the dinner i promiesd her to goto the clube at dd rock hentio it was a all food restront we sat down and started eating.
we loo allot we wure have soo much fun she got steak i got soap. i had to goto the bath room so i told her i be right back. she said ok so i got in there and there must of been some thing in the soap cuse i had to go number 2 bad.
so i got in the stall then i pulled down my pants and started pushing hard it felt good yup im making room for more i said then some wan came in it the boys room so i didnt wury much.
I herd foot steps it sounded like heals but that couldnt be right it a boy room i peeked out and it was latosha the big black women with a larg cock big booty and big larg tits but her belly slimed down a bit she was wearing a neon green corset and black pantie hoes and a nee long skirt all black.
I started to wander y is she here then she opend my door after puting make up on black lip stick she opend my stall and came in and closed and locked it.
what do you want i said. she answer as she reached under her skirt and into her black pantie hoes and pulled out the blackest cock ever.
she said suck my cock. I said know im on a date with sandy. she said it look like ur in the bath room trying to plesure me. mybe i should show her.
or better i should let people think ur attaking me. I opened my mouth wide open she said dont worry i love u. i would never tell on you.
as i sucked she had some kinda sudduceing d**g on her cock cuse i started to want to suck it more she said i wont ever tell about use i just wanted you to put my cock in ur mouth that all.
i love u jessie i just want you to tast me. so how do i tast with out thought i said good you tast good goo deeper she started pressing harder.
she even bent me over to wipe my ass and pull my pants up and site me on my nees cuse i couldnt stand the d**g was to strong she started rubing her as hole.
mmm i said as i watch then she gaged me hard with her cock and bent over as i throw up on her ass hole she then rubbed it around her ass.
she fingerd her mouth and throw up on my face she said lick my ass so i did. she turned around pressing her and agenst the door as i licked she pushed i felt my face start to slip in her ass hole she said i had surgry so i can make a mans who head go in my ass.
want to see no i said then she grabed my face and took some bottle out and squirted lots of liquid in my mouth and stuck her cock in it raming me.
i swollowed then i feel in deeper into the d**g. want to see me putur head in my ass. yes i replyed she sat me on my nee's and startd siting on my head she held her cheeks open.
I started rubing my dick in my pants i felt her ass hole spred over my face like a snake eating its food then up and down she when mm u feel good in my ass.
want me to suck u like this yes she started sucking my cock say u love me and u want me more then sandy and snow. i said i love sandy. she shot me up with more d**gs.
say it i love u more then snow make me have ur babys she then sat me on the towlet set and started sucking my cock upside down with her cock in my mouth.
she the started to cum in my mouth i said no to her cum she sucked hard but i just let my self swollow it she then sat on my cock and started fucking me.
then she bent over agenst the door the d**g wor off but i was horny and i wanted no i would love to fuck her i didbt know y but i was in love with her to.
i ramed my cock deep in her ass hole yess i started to moan load she said give me ur cum make me pregnet i grabed her tits and thrusted her harder mmmmm.
yess latosha i loe u more then sanday or snow give me a chiled then as i stqaarted to cum she started jacking of and then we both cumed at the same time. she left out the exit door.
i washed up and whent back out to sANDY SHE SAID WAT WAS THAT NOISE NOTHING I ANSWERED just some crzy old man. we had more fun talking i couldnt get latosha out of my mind.
my dick started geting hard thinking about being fucked sandy loaked at me and got under the table she seen my cock she said let me help.
she started unziping my pants and started to suck my cock she smaled booty on my dick but keep sucking any way as if she know she made me cum in her mouth and swollowed it.
i then said that it for desurt we whent home full nd whent to sl**p.

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