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Bob's sweet, sweet cock

We were driving between Tupper Lake and Long Lake in New York's Adirondack Park, on our way to Warrensburg where we had reservations for the weekend at a Bed and Breakfast. We'd just spent a week in Lake Placid, strolling around town, eating in the local restaurants, and fucking, When I say fucking, I mean FUCKING! Bob is the horniest man that I've ever known. Every morning I woke up with Bob sucking my cock, and every morning after he swallowed my cum he rolled me over and gave me the fuck of my life! Then we'd shower together and inevitably end up in bed again. And again after breakfast….and two or three times after lunch, and then hurry back to the room after dinner…you get the picture.

Now don't get me wrong, I love to fuck too. But Bob has me worn out. My ass is sore and the old seats in my 69 VW Camper van aren't helping. God he's a sexy fuck, my sore ass is aching for his cock to slide into it again! Bob loves to top, and I love to bottom. We're perfect for each other.

Route 30 between Tupper Lake and Long Lake has to be the most boring drive in the park, and even though we made love before we left the hotel a couple hours ago, Bob's horny again. His hand is rubbing my dick through my jeans and I'm getting hard, and it's getting hard to drive! "Bob you horny fucker, keep your sweet hands to yourself!" I scream. Bob just grins. He leans closer and uses both hands to unzip my fly. My cock is straining against my pants in anticipation. He fumbles around trying to find the opening in my jockeys, I reach down and help him. Out I come, stiff, throbbing a little. The cool air feels sexy on me, Bob starts to gently stroke. I wonder how I'm going to keep the van on the asphalt.

After getting stroked for a few minutes I'm wet with precum and Bob can't hold off any longer. He leans down and begins to lap at me, kissing my head and glans, running his tongue along the base of my shaft. He wraps his lips around my head and slowly moves them across my glans. He slides those soft lips down my shaft, but he can't go too far because of the angle he's leaning at. He comes up for air and complains "I can't give you the sucking that I usually do baby, it's too hard from my seat." I tell him that it's OK, and he smiles. "I'll give you the best that I can though…" and he leans back down and wraps his lips around my glans.

In and out, tongue and lips working me, but only around my head. It's lovely. I'm surprised that I'm still driving as well as I am, but i think that being f***ed to concentrate on the road is making me last longer. Bob is working me hard as we come down a hill and into the town of Long Lake. I slow the van. "Baby, we're in town now." Bob say's "Mmm" and doesn't slow down. He sucked my cock all the way through town! We drove past dozens of tourists…people coming from the town beach, people coming from ice cream stands, and people coming from gift stores. I don't have a clue if anyone saw what we were doing, but it was so sexy!

I turn right on Route 30 toward Indian Lake, Bob still hard at work on me. A little ways out of town I've relaxed some and Bob's hard work is about to pay off. I stiffen, arch my back and moan. Bob moans too, and sensing what's to come he works even harder. My spine crackles when I finally cum, and Bob makes short work of every drop. The smile on his face is priceless as he sit up in his seat. "Put me back in my pants and zip me up you horny goddess!" I tell him. He just smiles, his hand holding my cock as my erection fades. My GPS says that we have almost an hour drive left, but my greedy ass thinks we might need to stop before then. "Bob, I think I need you to fuck me." Bob laughs "I want to fuck you, I want to fuck you now sweet baby." He's still gently stroking my cock.

Suddenly we come to the Adirondack Museum, and in the spur of the moment I pull into the parking lot. Bob looks at me and smiles incredulously. "You aren't thinking…" I smile back "You bet your sweet ass I am honey, I need your cock inside me now!". I find a parking spot in the Northeast corner of the North parking lot and pull in, the front of the van pointing to the woods. Out of the drivers seat and into the back of the van, I pull every one of the curtains shut and secure them. "This is why I drive this old van Bob." He smiles at me and comes back with me. I was thinking that we'd fold down the bed, but Bob has other ideas and pushes me down on the back seat. We kiss, Bob's lips soft against mine and our tongues feeling each other. He begins unbuttoning my shirt but the way we're sitting makes it difficult, so I pull away from him, stand up and strip my clothes off. Bob rubs his cock through his pants as he watches me.

Naked, I sit back down next to him. We kiss again, now he caresses me, his fingers circling my nipple. Feels so good, I don't want him to stop. He leans down and begins to lick it, suck it. My nipples are so sensitive, I love it!. He works his way back up my neck, kissing and licking, but as he gets to my mouth I stop him. "Stand up baby, let me strip you down.". He does as I say. I unbutton his shirt and he takes it off. I unbuckle his belt, unbutton his pants, and lower his zipper. Bob rides commando, his cock leaps from captivity as I pull down his pants. It's absolutely gorgeous, maybe the most beautiful cock I've ever seen. It's thick with soft bulging veins. I LOVE his veins! His head is small and below his glans the shaft thickens quickly. And he's cut, but the scar is crooked. I wrap my hand around his shaft and my lips around his glans as he steps out of his pants.

He's standing in front of me with his hands holding the sides of my head as I lick and suck and stroke him. He moans softly, rocking back and forth ever so slightly. He tastes so good in my mouth, and his skin is soft and it moves across his shaft as I work him over. My cock has stiffened again too, and I think I could suck on him all day but Bob has other plans. He pulls away, stands me up and gives me a deep warm kiss. Then he turns me around and I bend over the seat, my ass in the air and ready for entry. He spits on his cock, rubs the saliva over his shaft, spits in his hand and works it across my ass. I'm already moaning as I feel his head press against me. He rubs it across my fuckhole a few times, his shaft teasing me. Then he gently but surely slides it in. We've been fucking so much over the past few days that I don't need a warmup, he just slides right in and his thick shaft fills me. He begins to rock me, slowly at first then faster. I push back as I find his rhythm. We're in sync, he's rocking me hard and my head is spinning. In out, sometimes he slows down and almost brings it out, other times he pushes into me so deep that I almost cum. But Bob knows me now, and he knows how to hold me on the edge. He's so beautiful.

I'm at the edge when Bob pulls out of me and tells me to lay on my back. I do what he says, I raise my legs above my head so he has easy access to my waiting ass. He mounts me and slides in, pauses and leans down to me. I put my arms around him and we begin to kiss as he begins to rock me. Now he stays deep inside me, massaging my prostate with his head and shaft. "You're so fucking sexy, I can't hold out!" I whisper. Bob replays "Me neither, lets let it go baby!" He kisses me deeply, I pull him in, we rock, kissing, rocking. I feel his cock stiffening inside me, his body starts to shiver, and before I know it I have his hot semen pouring inside me. It's too much to take and I cum too. Sweaty, exhausted, we relax. Kissing each other gently now, and Bob moving ever so slowly inside me as he goes flaccid. I want him again, I'm not satisfied. I'm thinking that all we'll see of Warrensburg is the inside of our bedroom, and that's ok with me.

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