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Kelly at the VIdeo Store

Kelly Kapowski was very open-minded when she masturbated. Sometimes, goal was to finish quickly and just be done with it, other times she really enjoyed building the pleasure, and maximizing her arousal to the point that it was almost unbearable before she came. Having as many siblings as she did, she was usually quite quiet while she was playing with herself, because she did not want to draw attention to what she was doing. She also had a job, at a video rental store, and this was in the old days, before DVDs, when everyone if they wanted to watch porn, had to get these big old clunky VHS tapes. She and her boss at the video store got along pretty well, and he hooked her up with an old repaired VHS player and a small TV in our bedroom so that if she wanted to she could watch movies up there, and do so in private.
When she first started working at the video store, she was 17, so technically speaking, she should not really have taken the adult movies home to watch in her bedroom, but her boss politely turned a blind eye, knowing that she was so close to the proper age and that the movies would probably be enjoyable for her to watch. One of Kelly's favorite tapes that she borrowed, was one focusing on the exploits of a couple of high school cheerleaders. It appealed to her especially, because she was high school cheerleaders, like herself, and they visited the territories of older guys with younger girls. And that territory excited her tremendously and had done for several years at that point.
While she watched the adult movies, she would almost always have the sound either very low or all the way off completely. She would also have the remote control handy so that she could quickly turn it off if she was interrupted by a knock on her bedroom door halfway through. But it was a point of fact that while she was watching, she would frequently be touching herself, masturbating, especially playing with a clitoris by moving the fingertips back-and-forth over top of it. One of her tricks that she is learned by being open minded while masturbating, was that it was helpful to her if she went for at least 15 minutes of strong arousal before her first climax. If she maintained that long arousal before the first orgasm, she could usually keep going and have a long sequence, maybe as many as seven or eight more orgasms before she was finally finished with her session.
Pretty much everybody in Kelly's f****y knew that she liked masturbation, but it was preferable to Kelly to at least keep it private while she was actually doing it. She had so many admirers at the high school she attended (Bayside HIgh, Palisades, California), and it wasn't just fellow students, it included faculty members and janitorial staff and even people that worked in the food service part of the school, pretty much everyone that had seen Kelly and interacted with her found her deeply attractive and an obviously very sexual girl even though she was outwardly conservative in her sexual demeanor.
Even before she worked at the video store, and have access to the adult videos, she liked having fantasies about older guys watching her masturbate. One of her boyfriends, a senior in college, when she was a sophomore in high school (wow) had told her in all sincerity that she had the most beautiful vagina he had ever seen in his life. They didn't fuck, but he touched her down there a lot and told her several times that he wanted to perform oral sex on her. Kelly fell deeply and madly in love with him very early on in their relationship, and if he hadn't been caught cheating on her, she would have gladly offered her virginity to him.
Working at the video store was fun for her, it was less grueling then the waitressing job, and just as many fun people to chat with. If she got bored she could watch videos while she was working, and as with most of her previous jobs she did have a certain physical attraction to her boss. Sometimes, her boss would tease her about the fact that she borrowed all these adult videos even though she wasn't quite 18 yet. Kelly didn't mind the teasing, and she gladly opened up to him about the pleasure that she got from playing with herself. Her boss loved hearing Kelly talk this way and he even said to her one time I would love probably more than anything in the world to watch you masturbate. it was Kelly's first time having someone actually tell her that and the impact it had on her was tremendous. She expressed, with honest reserve that she wasn't comfortable to do that in front of him but she also said equally honestly but it did excite her to think about it.
One time, the day after she had borrowed and especially arousing adult video, she told her boss about her masturbation the evening before doing that conversation she and her boss both got aroused even though the store was still open and there wasn't anything they could do about it until closing time.

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