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Father Bill and Me

When I turned 18 in the boys' home, I was summoned to meet with Father Bill for an exit interview. I thought it was strange meeting him at 7 at night, but I arrived right on time for the meeting in his room. He greeted me happily, shook my hand firmly, then asked me to sit down. "David," he said, "as you know, the time has come for you to leave the home. Have you given any thought to where you would like to go now?"
I had to admit I hadn't thought about it. "No, father," I finally said. He smiled and offered me a drink. I said OK, and he quickly produced a tall glass of water. As I drank the water, I noticed it tasted strange. Father Bill smiled at me as I drank. "You might have an idea soon..." he said as I felt myself falling uncontrollably asl**p.
When I woke I was completely undressed. Father Bill was sitting across from me, also naked. I couldn't believe my eyes. There he sat with a huge erection, slowly stroking it from balls to head and back down again. He was staring intently at my naked, spread legs, and I could see a little sweat on his brow. "You're awake!" he finally said. I tried to stand, but felt dizzy. "You've had a bit too much to drink" he said. "Better just sit there. Watch me if you like." With that he started playing with his enormous, heavy balls. His huge cock was fully erect, and a bit of white precum was dribbling down the shaft. In spite of myself, I felt my young cock grow hard as I watched the older man working his thick cock. I heard him breathing a bit heavy and saw him lightly massage his fuck-hole between strokes. As I grew hard, I heard him mutter to himself, "sweet Jesus look at you my beautiful boy!" Hearing the voice I had heard in mass so many times talk like that made me even hotter. My cock grew fast now, hard and stiff reaching for the ceiling. "Ohhh yes, my sweet lovely boy!" he said. "You are the most beautiful of god's creations!"
I managed to get onto the floor and crawl towards him. He stroked faster as I neared his big, naked legs spread wide for me.
"Forgive me, father, for I have sinned," I said playfully as I brought my mouth to his anxiously waiting ball sack. I gave one testicle a big lick, then the other, then let my tongue slowly drive all the way up from under his scrotum, across his balls, then up the shaft. As I licked his gorgeous, clean shaft I licked off the slick precum. Father Bill tasted so good. He moaned in ecstasy as I playfully licked and sucked just his swollen cock head. It jumped in my mouth, shooting out a bit more precum. Father Bill started to lose it.
"Oh my sweet lord, son, you are so fucking god damned hot," he said. "You are the most beuatiful boy at school, and I have never felt a more gorgeous mouth on me. I have watched you all these years and finally I am in your sexy mouth!" With that the older man bucked his hips and started cumming right in my mouth. I hungrily ate him up as he bucked and moaned and shoated the darkest swear words I have ever heard. When he was done he slowly slipped his cock out of my mouth and pet my head. "My boy," he said, "I want you to stay on here at the home. I want you to be my assistant!" I couldn't think straight with my raging hardon. He noticed me then stroking myself. He smiled. "If you agree to stay I'll make you cum harder than you've ever cum before. I'll fill each day with sensual delights beyond your imagination!"
"I'll stay, Father!" I shouted as he began rubbing my cock and balls. He was so gentle, yet firm enough to let me know he was in control. I gave myself to him then. I leaned back and spread my legs and let him have me at that moment. "I love you, Father," I said as his expert hand and mouth started on my naked body.
"I love you too, son" he said and then began licking and tonguing my little asshole. I couldn't hold it in. "I need to cum!" I yelled, and Father Bill pulled his head up from between my legs, smiled in my eyes, and said, "Let me receive you, son!" He opened his mouth wide and stroked my throbbing cock until I exploded for him. I exploded spurt after spurt of thick cum all over his neat face. I watched the cum running down his cheek, onto his chin, spilling onto his hairy chest. He smiled and licked and collected as much cum as he could. I saw him make the sign of the cross over my spent cum in his hand as he muttered to himself. He looked up and smiled. "Now it is the cum of Christ!" he said and greedily slurped it up, licking it all except for a drop on his finger. He offered me a taste of my own sanctified cum, and I ate it greedily from his finger.
"Your life," he said, "starts now! You are my most blessed creature now! I will make you feel so good. You will make me feel good too!" "Yes, father" I answered.

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