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Sara and My Long Awaited Trip to the Sun PART 2

Sara and My Long Awaited Trip to the Sun PART 2
When Sara finishes giving me an earth-shattering orgasm, I cannot move. Once I stop trembling, I am totally spent but invigorated too and cannot relax. A thought comes to me and I sit up. Looking over at Sara, I see she has passed out from her exertions. Poor dear Sara, she is exhausted from the trip and her exertions just now.

Her dark brown hair frames her adorable 18-year-old face. Her pouty lips open a bit remind be of the pleasure she has given me. My eyes follow the curve of her shoulders over her small, breasts, down over her tight, saucy bottom, and long slender legs. Sara’s slender, waif-like body has always attracted me. Her startling blue eyes contrast with her long dark hair. When she shyly looks up at me under her long eyelashes, I melt inside.

I notice that she has been leaking all over the bed. I get up and open my special traveling bag pulling out the handcuffs Sara wanted me to bring. Carefully, roll her only her back and lock one wrist to a bar at the head of the bed. Now she cannot move except for one arm and her legs. Nevertheless, I am much stronger than she is. I slowly take down her soaked wet panties. Her body moves. I kneel on the floor and start eating her pussy. She moans waking; she must have been so horny.

“Shhh!” I say to her.

But she starts mewling louder like a kitten. I take a ball-gag from my bag, put it in her mouth, and tie it under her fine silky hair.

“Slowly now. Breathe through your nose baby.”

She still tries makes her sweet sounds. Only little moans escape from her mouth around my toy.

The bed is all wet under her cunt. She has leaked so much of her sweet cunt juice.

I reach up and take the gag out of her mouth. She takes a few deep breaths.

“More please . . . please . . . PLEASE!” she screams.

I turn around so I can settle over her head with my pussy on her mouth. This quiets her immediately. I begin licking the juice form her pussy; marveling at her sweet taste. I begin to work two fingers into her young, tight cunt lips.

“Mmmmmmm.” Sara hums into my hot pussy.

I reach deeper inside her. I begin finger fucking her faster and harder. Her little pussy seems to drip faster than I can lick. Drips of juice fly from my fingers each time they come out of her as I keep moving in and out faster.

I can feel Sara is getting close, she is wailing and keening now with her head stretched back--no longer licking my clit. She is taught as a bowstring; ready to let fly. Just as I turn back to her pussy lips, she lets go of the sweet agony. And for the very first time, I see her squirt. Missing the bed entirely, my slim, sex-starved princess lays s a long trail of cum on the carpet!

“Oh my sweet baby! That was so hot!” I congratulate her.

Sara can only lay there naked. Her legs wet. Face wet from my juices. Well used just as she wanted for so long.

“Please take the handcuffs off.”

“Okay baby; don’t go anywhere.” I smile.
I look through my bag, but cannot find the keys. I wonder if we even took them with us.

I look into Sara’s eyes.
“No keys here.”

My little slut--used like a whore is in panic over some silly keys.

“Sorry baby can’t find them.”

“What we do?” Sara cries.

“Knock Knock!”

Sara’s eyes pop open wide.

“Someone is at the door,” she whispers loudly. “Please don’t open it,” she begs.

Knock Knock!

“Please don’t open the door they will see me here!”

“I will cover you up with the blankets so they won’t see you. Just be quiet and don’t move.”

Sara hears me open the door. She listens carefully to hear every word coming from the door but it is too far away. The door closes. Now Sara hears two voices.

“You let someone in!” Sara yells.

For fun, I pull off the blanket covering her.

“OMG!” Sara recognizes the person with me. It is the woman from the plane.
She tries to cover herself, with one hand.

“Girls I heard all that’s been happening in here! You left the door to the balcony open.
I knew you two lesbian girls would bring trouble to this place.”

“But we did nothing wrong. We were just having fun!” Sara cried.

“You are just two dirty whores. You both need a good punishment for being so bad. I hate lesbians!
Look at you . . . little slut--handcuffed to the bed. It is just shameful.”

“We lost the keys. I can’t get out!” Sara pleas--her face blushing red with shame.

The girl opens her purse, takes out a small key and phone, and opens the handcuffs.

“How?” Sara asks.

“I am a cop!” She replies –looking at her phone.

Sara jumps up, puts on her wet panties and shirt, and stands next to me.

The cop looks at us, me and Sara all red-faced with shame.

She shrugs and leaves the room.

I quickly close the balcony door. Indeed we left it open.

“I wonder who else might have heard us.’

“We should get dressed. I feel dirty.” Sara reminds me.
However, we are both so tired from all the action that we fall into bed together and soon fall asl**p.

I wake again to someone banging on the door. I jump of the bed and open the door. But no one is there.
Just a letter left on the floor. I close the door and walk back in while I open the letter.

Dirty little sluts,

Just know that I am a descent lady, and I never even considered lesbian sex. Love between a man and a woman is the only real love that exists. But while that little bitch was handcuffed to the bed with trails of juice over the bed and floor. I felt the love I had long ago for my little neighbor girl.

I have photos. Three to be exact. I will delete them on one condition. The girl must agree to have sex with me. I call tomorrow at 12:00.

Yours truly,

Lady Lisa

How will I ever tell this to Sara?

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