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Anonymous Midwest Cock, Part 2 (bi, m4m)

I'm a 48 year old, married guy who just happens to enjoy sucking
cock. My wife lets me play, as long as I follow a few simple rules.

Over my lunch hour I drove by my local adult book store, and the parking
lot was pretty empty. I was horny enough that I figured if there was no
action I could just get a quick wank in and then get on with my day.

I paid my admission, walked into the pitch black arcade, stepped into a
booth, and watched a video for a few minutes. When I stepped back out,
there was a guy standing outside my door. It was dark enough that I
couldn't tell much about him, so I walked across the hallway into another
booth. He followed and stood outside. This video was a bit brighter, and as
he leaned in a bit, I could tell he was a good looking guy in his

I motioned him into the booth, and he locked the door behind him.

I knelt and he loosened the button and fly on his tight jeans. He pulled
his cock out the top band of his underwear, and my eyes widened. He had a
thick, uncut cock maybe seven inches long. It stood straight up and had a
tight upward curve at the big head.

The shape and angle made it a bit challenging to find the right way to
start sucking him off, but by coming down on it from the top, I was able to
get him softly groaning in no time. The pronounced rim around the edge of
his wide head popped in and out of my lips, making loud slurping sounds.

Without warning, he pulled out and came hard against the black painted wall
of the video-lit booth. As the thick cum dripped down the wall, I wiped my
mouth and moved on.

I had heard the arcade door open a few times while I was sucking the curved
cock, so I poked around the booths, seeing who was where. I came across an
older married man, maybe in his late fifties, sitting on the bench. He was
stroking his cock and watching a straight flick. He was in good shape for a
man his age. I suspect that he was a farmer, like many of the men of his
generation who frequent this Midwestern ABS.

I closed and locked the door and got to my knees. He sighed a bit and said,
"I don't know that it will do much good."

"But will you like it?"


"Well then, just relax, enjoy the movie, and don't worry about it."

I didn't know what would happen, but he had a beautiful cock, so I took it
in my mouth. Worst case scenario is that I suck him for a few minutes and
then see who else was cruising.

He wasn't very hard at first, but that changed after a few minutes. He
never got rock hard, but he was hard enough, and he was certainly enjoying
my service. I kept at it, but was never pushy. Before I knew it, he lifted
his ass off the bench to thrust in my mouth, and he started to have an
orgasm while I continued to suck him. He never really ejaculated, but he
pulsed and groaned and collapsed back onto the bench. He caught his breath
and said, "Thank you. I don't know how you did that, but I haven't been
able to do that in a long time."

He zipped up and I stepped out of the booth.

There was only one other guy in the arcade, and as I wandered around, he
followed me around a bit, keeping an appropriate distance. It was so dark
in there that I couldn't really tell too much about him, other than he was
slim and of average height.

I slipped into a booth, hoping I'd get to see more of him if he leaned in a
bit in the video light. He didn't. He stood outside of the booth, just out
of the light. I took a chance and motioned him in. A good looking, dark
skinned black man in his early thirties stepped into the flickering video
light. This could get interesting.

I made my intentions known by immediately taking off my glasses and getting
on a knee. He got comfortable by taking off every stitch of clothing. He
was thin and hardly had an ounce of fat on him. I normally don't care too
much about men's bodies except for their cocks, but he was beautiful. As he
raised his left leg out of his boxers, his limp cock flopped out and fell
halfway down his thigh.

My God, it was huge.

Now, I'm not getting all stereotypical on you here. I've sucked off black
guys before, and their cocks have been average and above average, but none
like this.

It hung in front of my face, and I think I gasped, and he seemed a bit
embarrassed. I picked it up with two hands, put the head in my mouth, and
started making him hard. As he stiffened, he groaned in appreciation,
hunched over me, grabbed my head, and started trying to fuck my throat.

I tried, I really did. I wanted nothing more than to take every inch of
that monster cock, but it just couldn't happen. I pulled off of it,
laughing, but with tears in my eyes from the effort. I told him I just
couldn't do it like that. He smiled broadly and sweetly said, "No problem."

He sat down on the bench and propped his legs up against the walls,
exposing his cock, balls, and ass to me. I dove in, making love to that
magnificent piece of meat. I needed to know how big it was, so I figured a
way to discreetly measure as I pleasured him. I held the base of his cock
with my right hand, stacked my left hand on top, and extended my thumb. It
was exactly that length. I measured when I got home. Eleven inches. Eleven
fucking inches of the most beautiful black meat I have ever seen, attached
to a hot body, and all owned by a guy I was realizing--as we exchanged a
few words--was really nice and sweet.

He was vocal, and I loved it. He spoke in full voice instead of the hushed
whispers I'm used to in ABSs. He told me how much he loved what I was
doing. I worked that cock like I have no other, sucking and pumping for
over twenty minutes. I tried every trick I knew, because I wanted to taste
his cum. I wondered how that cock would feel in my ass. My knees,
thighs, and ass ached from holding that posture for so long. My lips

If I wanted to make this a great story, I'd tell you about how he came down
my hot throat, and how I swallowed every drop. But this is a factual
retelling. For the second time, I pulled my mouth of that cock, laughing. I
told him I just couldn't go any longer, and that I really needed to get
back to work.

As expected, he was great about it. I stood up and adjusted my clothes. He
gave me a sweet hug and a peck on the cheek. His cock brushed up against my
hard cock in my dress pants. I shuddered. We both said we hoped we'd meet
up again some time soon.

I left the arcade and reentered the bright light of midday. No cum
swallowed, but three great cocks sucked.

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