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Good wife goes bad

I was in my local supermarket and walking through the pharmacy area when a young man stopped me and asked me which condom I should choose. Coloured, ribbed, extra thick or what? Slightly taken aback but interested I asked him what he had in mind and we chatted about his new girlfriend. He then picked up the XL condoms and said it would have to be from this part of the shelf and then with a cheeky smile asked me if I would like to help him put it on for him. I smiled and said I need to make a phonecall home to check. My husband said it was ok and I was to bring him home straight away.

We arrived home and feeling slighty heady and wobbly on my feet we went indoors and met my husband. We all went in the sitting room and I sat on a dinning table chair as Dan, a 23year old student moved next to me and dropped his trousers and pants. His cock was semi hard already and I smiled and said wow, or something like that. My husband watched from a respectful distance as I held his cock as he got harder and longer. I asked how big and he said 9 and a half inches and lots of girth. bl**dy hell I thought, what am I to do with this? He was now rock hard and my fingers couldn't meet around his thick cock.

"I wish yours was like this, Mick" I said to my husband and gave him a few gentle pulls back and forward exposing the big head each time. It's true that a young mans cock is much harder than an older mans and stays harder for longer too.

Here I was, a 53 year old lady holding a huge cock on a guy over half my husbands age and loving it. I slipped my other hand between Dans legs and cupped his big balls, giving them a gentle squeeze to remind him I was there. Dan had kept his hands to himself and was now opening the condom wrapper and showed us the big rubber and asked if I would put it on his cock.

I squeezed the teat at the end and started rolling it down his long cock. It needed to be stretched a bit to get over the big head and was still tight going down his shaft. I had rolled about 3 inches on when he asked if I would do the rest with my lips! Cheeky bugger I said and smiled as as I said "I'll try". Now, I'm not used to putting a cock this size in my mouth (who is?) so I wet my lips and rubbed them over the rubber on the head to make it slippery and well lubricated. I was just rubbing my lips over the head and he was mumbling oh yeah or something like that. I felt such a slut but loving it too.

I put my lips over the end and reached the part where the rubber was still rolled up and started to push it further down. I had to be careful now. I was used to taking a regular 6" dick in my mouth without choking or gagging put I couldn't take much more of this monster with my mouth stretched as much as this.

I pushed another inch in my mouth and that's it I can't do anymore. I was breathing heavy and it was a struggle and my noises could tell him that. I felt Dan's hand on the back of my head and he said, "a little more please, just a little more". What could I do? He was holding me there, gently but firmly and my husband was watching me struggle with this big cock in his wifes mouth. Next thing Mick was kneeling next to me and kissed me on the cheek and said to keep going a

little bit more. I was choking now and panting and groaning trying to please these two men who were watching me sucking this cock. I panted and sucked for a bit more but then pulled out and caught my breath. Both men were smiling at me and Dan asked if he could have one last favour? He wanted to put his cockhead in my mouth and wank himself off and cum in the condom in my mouth. That didn't seem to be too much trouble so I sat in the chair again and he stood in front of me with his cock at head height and let it slide down my face and into my mouth. I held the big head in there as he wanked himself. He used long strokes and it got a bit bumpy with me trying to hold on to his cock. He held my hair at the back as he started cumming and I felt his cock spasm and spurt as he filled the condom in my mouth. I was gasping for breath after the hard ride he had given my mouth and was as out of breath as him. His spurts subsised and he withdrew his cock from my mouth and the condom showed plenty of cum inside. I rolled and pulled the condom off him and tied it in a knot. Dan regained his trousers and dressed and Mick showed him out with a big smile on his face

I lay back on the sofa and felt Mick hands on my panties as they were pulled from my and replaced by his hard throbbing cock pushing its way into my wet pussy. I orgasamed again and again just thinking about what I had just been doing and Mick was telling me how rude and sexy I had been. Little did he know that wasn't the end of it.

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