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I was sitting watching TV when my 18 years old daughter Liana came in carrying the newspaper. ‘Hi Dad’ she said ‘You got a moment”
I turned down the sound on the TV and said ‘Yeah, sure. What can I do for you love”
She brandished the paper at me and said ‘Look I know you and mom still have some hot times together so I wondered have you ever done this dogging thing there’s an article about here”
I smiled and laughed ‘Hell yes, Loads of times’
Liana nodded ‘I sort of guessed as much. So where was that’ Anywhere near here”
‘Sure’ I replied ‘We used to go down to the Beckman Woods. You could almost always find some people down there showing out with a group of others watching’
She nodded again ‘OK dad, thanks’ and turned to leave.
‘Wait up’ I said ‘Why were you interested” ‘Well’ she replied ‘having read the article I wondered if it was as horny as it sounds’
‘Oh yes, damn right it is. I used to love seeing your mom getting a face full of cum from some group of strangers.’
Liana’s eyes went wide ‘Really Dad’ Wow’
I laughed ‘Hell yes.

You mom is a real cum slut. Of course she got licked loads of times too and if there was a guy who looked ok then she’d occasionally get a good fucking over the hood of the car or against a tree or just about anywhere’

Liana had this huge smile on her face. ‘So, Beckman woods huh’ I may just take a look!’ She laughed.
‘Hold on sweety, that’s not the thing for a woman to do on her own though. You need someone with you. Is Jason (her boyfriend) up for it”
She snorted in derision ‘Jason! Hah ‘ if he fucked me as often as I wanted and as well as I like then I’d not be interested in Beckman woods. Anyway he’s nearly history dad, I’ve about had enough of his unreliability too’

‘Well look’ I said ‘If you want to go to watch one evening, just to see what happens then I’ll take you there.

I don’t want you going alone ok’ It’s just not safe like that’
She nodded ‘Well ok dad. I’d love to go and I would feel safer having you there. When shall we go”
‘Thursdays always used to be a good day so how about then”
‘Ok ‘ she replied ‘Thursday evening it is’
I told her mother later that I was taking Liana to Beckman woods on Thursday as she wanted to see if dogging was really true. Cassandra (her mom) smiled wistfully. ‘Hell, Beckman woods! That brings back some memories! Do you think she’d be embarrassed if I came with you both”
I shrugged ‘I wouldn’t have thought so but you could always check and ask her love.’

So that’s how come that on Thursday evening, Myself, Cassandra and Liana climbed into the car and set off for Beckman woods. A f****y dogging session was a first for me although with our daughter there I guessed Cassy and I would be nothing but voyeurs that night.
The woods are only about 25 minutes or so away and we set off in the twilight so by the time we arrived it was real dark.
We parked up and sat there for a while letting our eyes get accustomed to the dark although, as it was a clear night, the starlight gave pretty good illumination.
‘So what happens now” Liana asked.
‘We wait until there’s a signal.’
‘Yes someone will flash their tail lights or their interior light.

That means there’s a show starting. Then we go to the car and watch. Maybe they’ll get out of the car and play outside. Maybe even invite some people to join in too’

Liana’s eye widened at this and a huge smile crept across her face ‘Oh yeah!’ she said ‘yummy fun’ and laughed.
Her mother laughed to and I just raised my eyebrows. My daughter is as bad as her Mom!
We’d been there only a short while when the interior light came on and then went off in an SUV parked just across from us. It did this a few times so I said something like ‘Here we go, lets see what happens now’

There was the sound of a couple of doors opening and then closing and from out of the gloom we saw 3 guys and one woman head across to the parked vehicle.

Liana looked at me and said ‘Well’ Are we going to go see dad” but before I answered her mom said ‘Yep, come on’, had opened her door, and started off toward the SUV with her daughter following close behind.
I got out to follow them and by the time I got there, mother and daughter were already leant close to the vehicles windows watching what was going on inside. I found a space near the rear door and peered in. On the wide seat at the back a guy was sitting with his pants round his knees while a very pretty dark haired girl was gently stroking his swelling cock.
I looked up at my wife and daughter and they were both grinning like crazy at the scene before them. The woman and the guy that we saw walk across to the SUV were standing close together watching through the windows and were both gently stroking and fondling each other as the show from inside continued. The two other guys were already unzipped and stroking their cocks but Liana and Cassandra didn’t know this as they were on the other side of the vehicle.

However one of the guys, on seeing the two women, one older and one younger standing together watching, obviously decided he’d try his luck. He tucked his hard dick back in his pants and slowly strolled round to where my wife and daughter were standing.

Through the windows I watched him get close to them, he stood for a while beside my wife who I saw look down and then grin. He’d obviously got his cock out again and if I knew my wife it wouldn’t be long before her hands were on it.
Cassy said something to Liana who looked down and smiled, raising her eyebrows, and she then whispered something to her Mom who grinned. Liana moved to the other side of him and I saw the guy’s eye’s suddenly go real wide. I realised that both my wife and my daughter now had their hands on the guys cock.

He kept looking from side to side and then down as I guessed they were jerking him together.
But suddenly Cassy dropped from view and I knew at once that the slutty whore was sucking this guy while her daughter watched.
I had to go see. So I quickly went round to their side of the SUV and sure enough my whore of a wife was on her knees with her mouth round the guys cock while my slutty daughter jerked it into her mother’s mouth.

The guy suddenly reached across and grabbed hold of one of Liana’s tits and started having a good squeeze. Liana laughed and quickly lifted her top to let the guy get unhindered access to her sweet tits.

Now I had seen my daughter’s boobs before when we’d been sunbathing together as a f****y but now, seeing them being roughly handled by this stranger and while she and her mother dealt with his cock, I just had to get my dick into the action too.

I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out and started stroking it, moving closer to Cassy and my daughter as I did. Eventually I stood facing the guy with his cock in my wife’s mouth and got mine close enough for Cassy to see as she sucked him. She reached up with her hand and started to wank me and then alternated between sucking me and this stranger.
My daughter watched as her mom sucked back and forth between me and the other guy and then, to my delight she reached down with her other hand and started to stroke me as well as the other guy.
‘What the hell” I thought and reached up to squeeze my daughter’s other tit. Between us. me and this stranger twisted, pulled and rubbed my slut daughter’s nipples. Then he leant down and started to suck one.

After a moment’s watching I followed suit. Feeling the hardness of her between my teeth was amazing and all the time her hand was jerking my cock back and forth as her mother still sucked us.

I didn’t feel there were any barriers now as i****tual as it had become, so I reached to the waistband of her shorts and slipped my hand down the front. Her pussy was shaven, smooth and hot as my hand reached it. The guy followed my lead and soon both of us had a finger each ploughing in and out of her dripping cunt, making her moan softly.
Cassy suddenly stood up and pressing her hands on Liana’s shoulders, pushed her to her knees. Immediately my daughter’s mouth was clamped onto my cock.
Almost as soon as she started to suck I knew I was going to cum so I gripped the back of her head and f***ed her harder onto my cock as I started to face fuck her. I groaned and came, a huge stream of cum blasting into my daughter’s mouth as she swirled her tongue around the end of my cock before sucking me totally dry.

She slipped my cock from her mouth, licked my balls, looked at me and licked her lips. ‘Nice!’ was all she said.

Then she turned to the other guy and started to blow him again. Cassandra stood beside me stroking my wilting cock, watching her daughter giving this stranger head. She had her ‘proud mom’ look on which I know so well and I laughed considering what was going on before us.
I looked round and noticed that the couple who’d been on the other side of the SUV watching the occupants were now watching our show. The woman had the guy’s cock out and he was squeezing her tits.

Cassy saw them too and I just nodded toward them. Cassy grinned but before walking to them she quickly stripped completely naked.

Her nipples were hard and horny and her shaved pussy was already pouting. She went to the guy and grabbed his cock, stroking him while his woman stood at the side and looked on. But not for long. She stood behind Cassy and took my wife’s tits in her hands and began massaging them. I heard Cassy moan as she adores having her nipples played with. The woman then slipped one hand down, between Cassy’s ass cheeks and began to finger fuck her good and hard, just the way my whore wife loves it.

Cassy was bucking and writhing on the woman’s fingers and then bent forward low so she could suck the guys cock while the woman carried on finger fucking her.
The woman stopped for a moment, quickly slipped off the dress she was wearing and, from her purse produced an evil looking black strap on which she hastily fitted, grabbed the head and with one thrust jammed hard into Cassy’s gaping cunt.

Even with the guy’s cock in her mouth Cassy let out a shout as this huge plastic dick slammed into her body, was withdrawn and was slammed in again at the start of a hard brutal fucking from this woman.

I turned back to check on Liana.

She too was now naked, on her back on the grass as the guy squatted over her, rubbing his cock between her tits as she pushed them tight around him.
She lifted her head slightly and flicked the end of his cock with her tongue. At once he jerked and shot a stream of cum onto her face and into her open mouth. Liana was laughing crazily as the hot cream splattered all over her. She took his softening cock and wiped it across her nipples, leaving a trail of his semen over her soft skin.
He quickly stood up, put his cock back in his pants and slipped away into the gloom leaving my daughter lying naked on the grass before me. I’d been stroking my cock watching her get a tit fuck and was now ready for action again.

She looked up at me, spread her legs and held up her arms. ‘C’mon dad, your turn.

Fuck your slut daughter and show her how good you are’ She smiled at me lewdly.
I laughed and lowered myself between her legs, for the first time feeling the end of my cock pressing against her cunt as she took me and wiped it up and down her soaking slit. Then she held me right against her and whispered ‘Fuck me dad, please’ and pulled me against her. Our mouths met and we kissed like long time lovers not father and daughter.
I savoured the feeling of her hot young pussy engulfing my cock. As I slipped into her, her pussy walls gripped me and throbbed around me. I began to slowly fuck her, taking my time, going in deep and long, revelling in the i*****lity of i****tual sex.

I looked down at her smiling face, a face I had seen grow to maturity over the years from her being a little girl to the sexy woman she was now.
I was going to take my time with this fuck. I wanted us both to enjoy it.
From behind me I heard a sound I recognised which was her mother Cassy cumming long and loud.

I looked over my shoulder to see the woman jammed to the very end of the dildo deep inside Cassy while her fingers were pinching and pulling Cassy’s clit and while the guy was jerking himself and cumming in a great spurt over Cassy’s face.
My cock twitched inside my daughter and Liana moaned softly.
I turned back to watch Liana as I pumped my cock in and out of her pussy. She looked at me and smiled then threw her arms back round me and pulled me closer to her, wrapping her legs around my ass and clamping me in.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw a pair of legs, then two then three pair. Looking up I saw it was my whore wife, one hand on the guys cock again and the other hand slipping her fingers in and out of the woman with the big strap on.
They were all watching intently as I fucked my daughter hard.

The woman with the dildo suddenly slipped it off, dropped it on the grass and, kneeling each side of Liana’s head, slowly lowered her pussy onto Liana’s face.
Even before her cunt had reached Liana’s mouth her tongue was out and probing for the woman’s pussy.
I pulled my cock from her cunt and grabbed her Mom, pulling her down and pushing her face into her daughter’s crotch. Immediately Cassy started to lick and suck her daughter, reaching up, grabbing one of her tits and also one of the woman’s on Liana’s face.
What a scene! 3 sexed up women going at each other like fury and including my slut daughter as well.
There was a sudden movement beside me and another guy I’d not seen before quickly knelt down and grabbed at Cassy pussy with one hand while wanking himself with the other.
‘Go on guy’, I said ‘Fuck her hard, the slut will love it. I know. She’s my wife’

In an instant he was behind her and pausing only to slip a condom on himself he quickly rammed his cock into he pouting wet cunt and began fucking her hard.
The woman with her cunt on Liana’s mouth was pulling and slapping Liana’s tits and pushing Cassy down harder on her daughter’s pussy.

Liana was crying out in pain and pleasure, urging the woman to hit her harder and harder. I stood there with my cock in my hand wanking to the crazy scene going on before me. Then looking round I saw that there was quite an audience I’d not noticed before. Four or five other guys were stood around all wanking like crazy.

The guy fucking Cassy suddenly shouted he was cumming and obviously pumped his cum into the condom when he jammed himself hard against her ass, slapping her hard as he did so.
He pulled his dick from her cunt, the condom full of a huge load of cum. I grabbed Cassy by her long hair and pulled her from her daughter’s pussy and rolled her onto the grass on her back.
I pointed to one of the wanking guys ‘You got a condom guy” He shook his head ‘Well no fuck for you then. ‘ Another guy produced one and in an instant had it on his cock obviously knowing her was going to get a fucking.

I just nodded toward Cassy and he went straight down, jammed his cock into her and started to fuck.
The guy who didn’t have a condom looked real dejected so I said ‘Oh well, go on mate, she’ll suck you anyway. He knelt beside her on the grass, Cassy lifted her head and began to lick and suck his dick. He came almost in an instant and Cassy got a mouthful of cum before he pulled clear and aimed the rest of his spurts over her tits which bounced wildly as the guy fucking her ploughed her into the ground.

This seemed to get the other guys off almost in a wave as they all crowded forward and came in quick succession, showering Cassy with streams of pumping cum. She laid there with her eyes closed and her mouth wide open as jet after jet of male juice splattered over her.
Eventually the shower of cum stopped and a minute or so later the guy fucking her suddenly jumped up, tore off his condom and knelt down to finish himself off over her face. But Cassy just lifted up, and in one action took his entire cock into her mouth, jamming her face into his crotch. She gagged and gagged again and I knew he was pumping his seed into her throat.
Cassy dropped bag to the ground panting heavily and smiling broadly through a covering of cum which she began to wipe from her face with her fingers and which she then sucked clean.
Liana had by now stood up and been watching her mother’s fucking and cum shower.

She stood between her legs, and then laid down with her ass in the air and her face on her mom’s cunt and began to lick and finger her.

She briefly looked across to me and jiggled her ass with a grin.
I stood behind her, knelt on the grass and, lifting her ass into position slipped my cock in and out of her cunt to get it wet then pressed against her tight little asshole. She pushed back against me as I did and my cock found its way into her ass for the first time.

She moaned as I began an ass fuck of my daughter who was licking out her mom in front of an audience in the warm night air.
All too soon I felt my cum rising and then I was blasting a stream of my sperm into her ass. She ground back against me, her muscles sucking my cock dry of every last drop.
I steadied myself against her, slipped my limp dick from her ass and then stood up. Liana gave her mom’s pussy a last lick and quick finger fuck before she too stood up and helped her mom to her feet.
Then the three of us hugged together, a real f****y reborn into the joy of i****tual sex and exhibitionism.

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