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The Mirror : Part 10

The Mirror :Part 10

Mika leaned over and placed her head on my chest. It was still heaving from the exertions of the past hour. Slowly running her wet finger around my nipple, she began to trace the mussels in my stomach until her finger was just brushing the top of my cock.
Having been subjected to the most arduous afternoons fucking I had ever had, I wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to get an erection again! Seriously! I was shattered.
Mika continues to slowly run her finger over my body, tracing out every mussel she could find. Each minute that passed her touch became more and more f***eful.

“Roll over” she said quietly.
I rolled over on my stomach and relaxed. I could feel the hot wetness of her small cunt on my back as she straddled me.
I enjoyed the sensation as she began to massage me from the shoulders down to my waist.
Dana handed Mika a small tube of moisturizer from her bag. Mika sat beside me and emptied the entire contence on the small of my back. With slow steady strokes, the cream was spread all over my arse.
Every now and then, Micas’ finger would slip around my arse hole but in to it, just enough to arouse my sensitivity. I began to anticipate each stroke. Would she finger my arse this time? No? Maybe the next time.
I was becoming aroused. My cock began to awake from its slumber and the bl**d returned to strengthen it once more to semi erect.
There it was, this time; she slipped just the tip of her finger into my arse before moving on up my buttocks. The next time she penetrated a little further. I enjoyed the feeling and pushed up to get her finger in deeper but she withdrew and moved away. She was enjoying teasing me. It was almost a minute before her finger, still coated in cream, slipped all the way into me. She worked it up my arse and I squirmed in pleasure at her gentle touch. My cock was rock solid again. With one finger now working away inside my arse she began to scratch my balls using the nails on her other hand. It was an awesome sensation I began to groan with pleasure. Rena and Dana watched closely and I could see they were highly aroused by Micas’ actions and my response.
Rene slid over and sat right in front of me. Opening her legs she lay back and spread her cunt open of me. As she pulled her cunt lips apart I could see deep into her wet pinkness. Sliding a finger into her self she sat up so I could see her face and smiled. I watched her fuck herself and Micas’ intensity was increased by her s****r’s show as well.
Dana got on her knees behind Rena and let her lay back slightly upon her. Dana kissed Rena’s neck and nibbled on her ear as she worked both nipples between her fingers. I could hear Mika`s breathing becoming rougher and more urgent as she watched and worked on me.
“Roll over, quickly” she said, “Quickly”
. I rolled over and my cock stood up as hard as a rock. Mika grabbed it in her hand as she straddled me and began to rub the tip of my throbbing cock against her tight young pussy lips.

She was trying to slip the head into her cunt just a small distance. Not enough to penetrate but enough to give her the arousal that she was looking for, each time she pushed down a little bit I could feel my cock going in that bit further. “Fuck it”!! she cried out and slammed her cunt hard down on my cock. I went all the way into her. Fuck Me! Fuck the shit out of me she screamed. Mika rode me so hard that beads of sweat dripped off her face onto my chest.

Rena and Dana stopped their love making immediately and looked on in horror as Mika continued to yell “Fuck Me” “Fuck Me Hard “ and drove her cunt onto my cock. bl**d ran down my shaft, over my balls and onto the mattress.
I was enthralled and terrified all at the same time.
I gave up thinking about the consequences of her actions and drove my cock into her as hard and as fast as I could.
The fury of the fuck was so intense; it didn’t last long at all.
We came together, her primal scream tipping me over the edge.
Mika slammed her tiny fists onto my chest time and time again as she convulsed.
“Keep fucking she gasped don’t stop. Keep fucking me”
… I couldn’t. I was completely spent
There was a mess between my legs. A thick mixture of sweat, cum and bl**d pooled under my sagging balls. Mika continued to bleed profusely.
“My God” Dana said
“Get something for her Rena”. We have to stop her bleeding
I was too exhausted to think straight.
What did they mean? Wasn’t this normal?
Rena and Dana helped Mika to her feet. Bright Red bl**d ran down her legs in thick rivulets. She was hemorrhaging.
I panicked.
“Here” I said
“Use my shirt”
. Dana took it and made a make shift loincloth with it.
“Quickly”, she said, “Get dressed, all of you”. We did.
Dana looked at me “You go home and say nothing to anyone” she said.
“I will let you know how she is later”.
Dana turned back to helping Rena dress Mika.
I went through the old store and back out into the street. I had worn a T shirt under my shirt so no one would have looked twice. I couldn’t look up incase I ran into someone. I felt that every one would take one look at my face and know that something was wrong, but luck was with me. I never encountered another soul, making it back to my room unseen.
Safe behind my bedroom door I fell apart. Oh My God. Her father will kill me when he finds out. I was shitting bricks.
Going over to the window, just before I pulled the blind down to hide from the world, I saw the three of them getting into a cab at the end of the ally way. What will happen now?
It was a long 2 hour wait until my phone rang.
It was Dana.
She was at the hospital. Mika was going to be OK.
They told the Dr that she was sliding down the banister and landed on handle bars of a push bike that was always parked at the bottom.
It was a half plausible, half lame story I know but, that was all they could come up with in a hurry I suppose. Whatever Mika`s father though of it I can only surmise.
I assume he didn’t buy it because I never saw Mika or Rena again.

Dana called three weeks later and asked me to meet her back at the store room in an hour. I almost said no but then, I hadn’t had sex since that afternoon and had been masturbating almost every day since. The thought of that beautiful body made my cock hard just thinking about it.
I lay on my bed and thought about Dana. My cock was in my hand without even being conscious of it. I started to masturbate, thought better of it, took a quick shower and headed out the door.
I’m sure Dana will take care of it for me.
Quietly opening the store room door, I couldn’t see much in the dim light. As I stepped inside I could smell Dana’s perfume.
Without a sound a rope went around my neck and dragged me to the floor.
There are Stars behind my eyes, how bright they are.
I claw at the rope but it was no use, it is too tight. The bl**d is pounding in my head and there is a loud roaring in my ears. I began to feel my strength slip away and then the stars began to fade away into darkness.
A mans guttural voice echoed from miles away. ”Now cut off his cock” was the last thing I heard.

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