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Sissy Finds Black Cock Bliss

Sissy Finds Black Cock Bliss

Gina had a dangerous smile on her face as I walked in the house covered in red clay matted to my body with sweat from a long thankless day at the office.

My gorgeous petite wife walked up in a flirty barely there dress that showed off her big breasts and curvy hips and it did nothing to improve my mood. It added to my depression.

Gina was so pretty a dozen times a year some idiot would bump into her car just to get to talk to her. Cops incessantly pulled her over and made excuses to get to see her license for her address. Our insurance agent thought they should create a new risk category called 'too gorgeous to drive.' He called three times a month to talk to her about it.

They kept her in the high roller area at the casino where she cocktailed. It was as much for her own protection as it was to make more money from the whales. Though they put all the waitresses in sexy little dresses they added material to Gina's. It physically hurt the eye to see her in the regular dress it was so pornographic.

Even worse, she was the sweetest girl in the world. She was so approachable every asshole on the planet thought he had a chance. There's a mythical thousand dollar a night in tips rumor that lures women into her job. Its bullshit except for my wife, we lived off of my salary and paid off our house in nine months on her tips with her only working three days a week.

Great looking guys that flew in on private jets hawked her offering her anything and everything. The lead singer of a band that performed there offered her a hundred thousand dollars to be at his side at the Grammys.

After two years of dating and five years of marriage, between the pressure to try to prove myself to my boss and prove myself worthy of my wife, I cracked. We'd been three months without sex. I suspected divorce papers at any moment or word that one of the thousands of guys that hit on her a week at her job finally got her to leave me.

"Did you miss wearing your panties today, sweetie?"

She blocked my path until I nodded

Gina caught me wearing her favorite thong.

It happened a month into the sexless period in our marriage, after Gina's slutty girlfriend Joanie goaded my wife into leaving on a two week cruise paid for of course, by some executive at the cruise line that wanted to fuck her. In my mind, Gina boarded the boat intent on cheating. The only solace was the thought of shaving down for two weeks of girl time on my own. Something about smelling nice and taking long baths put me at peace.

We lived out on three acres ten miles from any town and had an eight foot privacy fence around the backyard so I even gardened and worked out on the deck without fear of being caught.

Gina missed me so much she flew home early to find me with her thong down looking over my shoulder at my little hole in the full length mirror across from the end of our bed. My toes and fingernails were painted. I wore a cute shoulder length wig. After all day of looking at them and chatting about them on the internet, I was aching for a big black cock up inside me.

My college sweetheart melted into tears. I ran to the bathroom and removed all the polish, the wig, washed off and put on my jeans and t-shirt. When I opened the door she was standing in front of me.

"How long..?"

"Since I was a teenager?"

"So you lied to me when you married me? I asked you about this when we got engaged."

"I'm sorry."

"I just went and checked your computer. Do you want to have sex with a black man?"

"It's a fantasy, Gina. It relieves the stress of that horrible job. You know how much I love you. I would never do a thing to hurt our marriage."

"I'm not mad. I married a pretty guy with pierced ears and long hair that knew how to treat me right. You've turned into our redneck neighbor Mike. I don't like the beer drinking, the cursing or the aggressiveness and you using the "n" word all the time."

"It's Mr. Donaldson constantly berating me and those idiots I work with. I can't show any weakness to those Neanderthals."

She should have divorced me then but like the angel she is she tried. I dabbled with women's clothes and pranced around and talked in a woman's voice. It was a humiliating disaster. She didn't want me on the internet looking at black cocks but it got to be the only way I could cum.

Finally, I broke down crying and she held me, and we kissed and she said she liked me when I was vulnerable, and I let her in and needed her. I begged her to help me. Whatever she decided to do, just do it, I'd see a psychiatrist or pay for one of those sex ther****ts. Later she made me agree to stop any girlie stuff that's why she was teasing about the panties.

Now I was standing in front of her waiting to find out what else was making her smile.

"I'm going up to the beauty shop to tan. Will you drive me?"

"Can I get out of my work clothes? These dirty jeans are wet with sweat and my shirt stinks."

"It'll only take a minute, baby," she said and gave me a kiss. "I'll be right back."

I waited a minute or so then the doorbell rang. A big black body builder stood in the doorway.

"Hi," I said into the angriest looking face I'd seen in a long time. I thought maybe he ran out of gas or his car broke down.

"Open up the door," he said.

"Sure," I answered trying to stay friendly while wondering why he was there. In our part of the county there weren't any black people. As soon as I opened the door, the man came inside and stood over me.

"I'm Dunn," he said.

"Hi, I'm Terry." I reached out to shake his hand. He looked over my shoulder. Gina came into the living room holding my fuck pillow.

I completely understood the fight or flight mechanism at that moment. I was a flighter. We didn't have to do what he was about to do for me to be clear about my inadequacy as a man.

My heart throbbed and I felt like I'd just been caught stealing. Dunn loomed over me. I was incapacitated with dread and fear. That's why black men with huge cocks were just fantasies. There was not a thread of excitement in it at that moment. He was there to do the unthinkable.

I took the pillow from her, the pillow that I put up under my stomach so my pussy was at the perfect angle to catch and hold as much black cum as would fit in there and I wanted it to be filled to the my fantasies.

"Go to the bedroom, Terry," Dunn said.

This guy outweighed me by at least a hundred pounds all of it thick taut black muscle. There could only be so many alpha males. Even among them he was at the top of the pyramid. He was not offering me options so I went and stood inside the door of the bedroom hoping that it would satisfy him but knowing it wouldn't.

"Put the pillow up on the bed," he said. "Now strip."

When I hesitated, he sucked in a breath that bulged out his chest. I started out of my clothes down to my boxers.

"Get them panties off."

My little cock poked up but only for a second. I caught a glance of my hairy man body in the mirror and it filled me with disgust...even my beard was coming in. I was a pathetic little queer made to stand naked in front of a big black stud while my wife was in the house. I was a fag about to have a man invade my hairy butthole. My cock retracted to a nub.

"Get up on your pillow," he said then dropped his track pants revealing the thick black cock hanging between his legs. He looked more like he belonged with the other stallions in a horse corral and I wasn't an open mare. That thing would rip me apart.

The reality of seeing one in person differed from the images on the internet. It terrified me like a lion's roar. It paralyzed me from resisting. I got up on the pillow and put my ass in the air. He tugged his muscle shirt over his head. He opened the chest at the end of our bed and squirted lube into his hand and on his cock.

"Grab them cheeks."

I squeezed and pulled myself wide open using all my strength. He pushed a finger up my ass then two. He mounted me. His weight pressed me into the bed. I lie completely covered by a black man with his cock pushed against my pussy his arms shoved up under mine his hot breath on my neck.

"Go on and use your left hand to put it in, Terry."

The puny banker in the Shawshank Redemption fought a prison ****. I just stripped and spread my cheeks and now I was inserting the cock inside me. All men deluded themselves into believing they were the dominant male until a moment f***ed them to prove it. That moment demonstrated my status as a submissive little bitch. I offered to be bred.

His black rod felt huge but almost anything was huge compared to my cock. The few times I played with dildos they didn't comfortably fit and they seemed smaller than him.

"Get that dick in you," he said pressing me down immobilizing everything except the hand that guided his thrusts until I positioned him at my rosebud.

The feeling of the head of his cock ready to penetrate me was thrilling and humiliating and frightening at the same time.

Every man knows what it means to get fucked in the ass. I didn't have to think about that. In another second, I was losing any claim to some kind of superior manhood. Dunn pushed and I was opened. His fat headed cock entered beyond the rings and I gasped out.

"See how easy you took that cock? Most mothers can't my dick. You were made for breeding. It ain't hurting you is it?"

"No," I said through unsteady breaths. The moment of being opened rushed so many emotions into me I thought I might hyperventilate.

"You can't go back now. You done been took. You can't be a man lying on a bed with a black cock in your ass. Do you want me to go on and finish?"

"Yes," I whimpered.

Dunn moved his hips but didn't go any deeper. He kept all his weight on me and I was pinned to the bed with him covering my whole body. Even his legs were over mine.

I heard Gina start my 4x4.

Her trip took about forty five minutes and that was the time he drilled my ass. He stopped twice for more lube but mercilessly nailed my ass for the rest of the time. I leaked my pillow soaking wet with my pre-cum and he went to the balls on me a few times.

When Gina came back into the house Dunn started pumping me until he dumped a searing hot load into my once virgin ass. As he was spraying me Gina pushed her hand under me and grabbed my cock. With a few pulls I shot probably as much cum into the pillow.

The release brought down any excitement in me. My wife watched me be black bred. I recoiled at the thought of being fucked especially with hairy legs and a smelly body. There was no better way to prove my worthlessness.

"Leave us, Gina. We've got to finish."

With her out of the room, he held me still. "Feel that cum soaking up into you. Be still now Terry and take this load. You ain't fucked until I slip out. Your body knows when the cum's done its work. Right now I'm knotted up in that ass."

His body continued to dominate mine and I felt tiny in his arms...possessed. It was the first genuinely feminine sensation I ever had. It didn't make me any less anxious to be out from under him, for him to withdraw the spear impaling me.

"Terry, you've got to lay still and take that cum. You're making me horny again and I'll have to seed you a second time. Let nature take its course."

It was too late. Dunn's cock got hard again and he pumped me another forty minutes. My back and legs were drenched in sweat when he shot his second load into me.

"You've been blacked a second time now, Terry. Take this one in. It's got to be uncomfortable under me unless you're willing."

I closed my eyes and as soon as I let go a little I let go. His weight felt good on me. I loved being blanketed in black. My little cunt seemed to want to milk him then it settled down.

"Oh, now that's a girl. Now we're getting somewhere. Good girl, Terry. Relax. Oh man my cock is falling into you now. I'm painting that pussy with cum girl...take it all."

My body accepted him. I accepted a black cock and his sperm inside me. It soaked into my body like the sweat from this hulking black man soaked into my skin.

"Nobody takes your little cherry," he said. "You've got to surrender it and that's what I'm feeling now. Are you surrendering your manhood, Terry?"

"Yes," I said.

"Are you getting black bred?"


His cock slipped out a few minutes later and he was off the bed and into the bathroom turning on the shower before I could breathe.

"Make me something to eat, Terry," he said after coming back to the door. "Don't get any crazy thoughts. Submit to everything or you'll be right back up on that pillow."

I looked around for clothes to put on but he shooed me down the hall naked.

"Ain't nothing gonna leak out. I packed you good and tight. Come home clean from now on."

I stood for another moment taking in that I was going to be a regular fuck for Dunn.

"Go on," he said a little more insistently. It scared me running down the hall like a scalded dog.


Gina sat at the kitchen table as I hurried into the kitchen. If there were any way to feel more humiliated I couldn't think of it. Sweat covered, hairy, walking on quivering legs from a long butt fucking. A load of cum in my ass so huge I wondered why it didn't slosh when I walked.

The terror of being on the bed again kept me going. After flittering around a bit, I froze realizing I was as worthless as a cook as I was as a man.

"Put a potato in the oven and go out and start the grill. Make him a steak," Gina said as if in some kind of emotionless trance all the sweetness drained from her voice. I accepted at that moment, she was gone.

As I came in from starting the grill, Dunn walked into the dining room clean from a shower his cock swinging between his legs. Our front door stood open. The screen door was glass top to bottom.

"You want to suck that cock don't you?"

I nodded yes in front of Gina.

"Get on with supper. You white bois and sucking cock. Damn, it's all you think about. Well I can tell you that you ain't sucking this dick until you accept that you aren't a man."

I ran around the kitchen naked and got a little emotional and I almost cried once but pulled it together enough to serve Dunn.

"Now, I can't look at your ugly ass and eat so stand behind me and let me talk to you."

He took a bite of his steak and glanced over his shoulder.

"What man lets a nigger just come into his house he don't know? What other house in this neighborhood is that going to happen? These motherfuckers got shotguns. Did I threaten you into putting your fuck pillow up on the bed?"


"I mean, you've got to know you're getting a cock in your ass at that point. Did you complain?"


"You let a big black buck crawl on top of you and put his cock in your ass. You're not a man Terry. Can we agree on that?"


"Be honest, Gina. Did that look like gay sex in there...a big hairy dude on another hairy dude?"


Dunn couldn't have hurt me with his cock more than it hurt to see my wife at that moment. She was ashamed.

"Hold on here," Dunn said chewing a piece of steak as he spoke. "This is a fucking riddle or something. Terry, are you gay? Do you want to dump your wife to be the wife of a hairy black man and have hairy sex?"


"Do you want to be a woman and get a sex change?"


"Do you want to have sex with that gorgeous woman over there?"

"Yes, I love Gina with all my heart."

"Calm down there, Terry," Dunn said. "See, just cause you been took don't mean you lost all your fire, it just means you ain't a man."

Dunn started cutting another piece of his steak then stopped. "We're almost there. I think we're close to solving this riddle. If you ain't a man why am I laying on top of a hairy dude? Isn't that disgusting to you?"


"So you're carrying my load painted all over the inside of you and you're walking around acting like you are a big boss man ordering truckers around and driving that four wheel drive and saying "nigger" and cursing around your wife. Do you see the problem?"


Dunn finished eating while I stood behind him accepting the truth. He savored his steak and his dominance over me and I trembled standing behind him and took it with my pretty white wife watching. Why would she ever want to have sex with me again?

When Dunn finished his food I took his plate over to the sink, washed it and let it drain.

"Come over here, Terry. Look at me." Dunn grabbed my ass and pulled me up next to him.

"I like you," he said. He patted my belly. "It takes strong insides to admit what you admitted. I see you white bois running around acting a fool hiding the truth. They're sucking a dick at the x-rated shop then calling out 'nigger' this and 'nigger' that to their buddies at the bar with the stain of cum in their mouths. It's no way to live b*****r. Are you going to give up all of that old bullshit?"

"Yes," I said.

He held me in place and made me look him in the eye.

"I'm going to come over here and give you your treatments. My black seed is like sissy vitamins but don't let me come in here tomorrow and see you fronting like a girl. You know what I'm talking about."

I stood silent.

"If you are a girl do you got to pretend to be a girl? Does a girl say she's going to wear women's clothes?"


"I don't want to see some fag ass walk on you or a fake high voice or painted toe nails. None of that shit." He grabbed my ass, turned it toward him and spanked it.

"That's my ass whenever and wherever I want it. That's all we're talking about here. Gentle, rough, anyway I want it. You want me to want that ass, don't you?"


"Riddle solved. I'm the superior male. You're the sissy here to serve me with your mouth and your ass and any other thing to make me happy. Gina don't like you acting like a macho asshole. The people you work with don't either. You're not a macho asshole or gay or a woman. You're a sissy."

"Gina, do you love that sissy standing behind me?"

"With all my heart," she said.

"Look, we figured it out with time to spare." Dunn got up and said, "Let's go watch some tv Gina."

She followed him into the living room and turned on the television. I went to the refrigerator and got him a beer. Joanie stepped inside when I entered the room.

"Don't move a muscle Terry," Dunn said. "This woman is here to help you."

Joanie hated me. She'd been trying to break up our marriage since it began. She felt like I stole her bar buddy away from her because Gina wasn't out whoring around with her every night.

I was a stinking hairy naked mess holding a beer for the black man that just butt fucked me for two hours. It felt like I had a pound of cum in my ass and my mortal enemy was doing her best not to gawk.

"Go, Terry," Dunn said never taking his eyes off the television. "I don't want your fucking beer. Go learn to be you. You're a sissy. It's no big fucking deal."

By the time I made it to the bedroom, I was bawling.

"Go start a hot bubble bath Terry...shhhh sweetie, go on and go," Joanie said. She guided me to the bathroom then stepped back. There was a discussion going on that I could not hear over the sound of the tub filling.

"Look, Gina, he's a blubbering mess. I'm going to get him calmed down so ya'll are just gonna have to deal with it. I don't give a fuck how big or mean Dunn thinks he is."

Joanie came back into the bathroom holding an enema bag.

"Aaaaat, don't say a word...stop your crying...give me a kiss."

As soon as I touched her lips, she pulled her face away and told me how to clean myself and left me alone until I was in the tub. Knowing that I was getting fucked again I spent over an hour getting all my hair off then cleaned up my toes and fingernails.

Joanie came into the bedroom and slipped some bootie shorts over my feet and said, "Dunn went home, sweetie." She kissed my cheek and led me up the hall to the living room. Gina rolled back the area rug. Joanie stripped off her low rise jeans. Her shorts matched mine.

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