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Quetly Kinky Step Daughter

I met my wife of two years Jill at work and we hit it off instantly, The only thing that wasn't perfect was out ages. She is 30 and I am 22 but we never really cared about that we were just in love. I moved in with her about two months into the relationship and that was when I met Ashley. She was 18 and absolutely beautiful she had the longest blonde hair and the greenest eyes you'd ever seen. She was not very tall maybe 5'5 but it was the best body id ever seen she had amazing large breasts and a perfect ass with perfect glowing skin and a tight little waist. She did talk much when I first moved in but Jill explained to me that Ashley never got into trouble, she got straight A's in school and was in different sports at school. She seemed like a quiet and a kept to herself kinda girl.

I never tried to look at Ashley the way I did but she was an absolute angel, We would go watch her swim meets at school and when I saw her come out of the water I would imagine it was just me and her in that room. Our apartment wasent very big so my wife and I's room and Ashley's room were right next to each other. Some nights when my wife and I could have sex I would make her moan so loud I knew there was no way Ashley wasn't hearing it and it was almost like I was trying to impress her. Ashley had one boyfriend and he seemed like a decent guy until she came home one day crying saying he dumped her because she wouldn't put out. Well after awhile I was out of work and my wife had gotten a new job working overnight shifts so after 10 it was just me and Ashley in the apartment. I would sit on the couch and imagine her coming out of her room naked begging me to fuck her.

One night when my wife had left for work Ashley was in her room with the door shut so I went into the computer room and was watching porn while I jerked off when all the sudden Ashley walked in and I was sitting there with my cock out as she looked at me and quickly turned and walked out and went back into her room. I was sure I was fucked cause she would tell her mom what I was doing. Later I went back and sat on the couch and was playing Xbox as I heard her go into the bathroom and start the shower. About 10 minutes later she screamed, I jumped off the couch and ran into the bathroom and as soon as I pulled back the shower curtain her naked wet body jumped at me she wrapped her arms around my head and started kissing me, I was soaked but didn't care I wrapped my arms around her back as she jammed her tung in my mouth and with her hands grabbed my pants and ripped them to the ground and grabbed a tight hold of my already rock hard cock and started jerking me. I pulled my shirt off when she licked and bit my nipple while she jerked me. I got in the shower with her and started to lick and suck on her nice tits while I started rubbing her pussy it was shaven and so soft.

I was fingering her while sucking on her tits when she pushed me against the shower wall and kissed and bit me from my neck and down my stomach until she got to my cock, she got on her knees and with the water pouring down she shoved my cock in her mouth and started sucking so hard I thought it was gonna rip off. She grabbed a hold of my ass with both her hands and started shoving me towards her and my cock slamming in her mouth. She backed up still on her knees and but the back of her head against the shower wall, put her hands behind her back and said "Fuck my face". I grabbed the back of her head and began thrusting my cock in her tiny mouth. She smacked my ass and said "I said face fuck me!!" I grabbed her hair and shoved my cock into her mouth as she gagged and held it there. I pulled it out and as soon as I did she said "Do it again". I shoved it deeper down her throat and squeezed her nose shut which made her gag harder. I pulled out again and she said "Yeah that's how I like it" with an evil look on her face. She stood up as I knelt down and I buried my face in her pussy as the water ran down my back.

I licked and sucked on her pretty little pussy lips when she grabbed me by the hair with both hands and shoved my face in it and said "Eat that fucking pussy, I bet it taste good don't it". Yes I said as I continued to slide my tung inside her little body and suck on her little clit. All of the sudden she said "I want your big fucking cock in me", I stood up, picked her up and held her against the wall with my arms under her legs holding her up. I eased my cock in her a little at a time when she grabbed my ass and slammed my body into her slamming my cock all the way in her as she let out a grunt. I kissed her as I pounded her tiny body as the water ran over us. She let out grunts and moans and kept saying "Faster and Harder". I pounded her as hard as I could, Until she said "I'm gonna cum". I said "No you don't get to cum until I say you can". She moaned louder and louder and said "Can I cum baby". I pushed my forehead against hers and said "I want you to cum all over my cock". With her body in my arms I felt her quiver and watched her eyes roll back as she let out a scream. I felt her pussy explode all over my cock as I kept pounding her as she came.

She turned the shower off and said "I'm not done with you yet". We dried off and went into her room. She bent over the bed as I got behind her and shoved my cock in her again, I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back towards me as I pounded her as hard as I could until she came again. Her legs seemed to give out as I grabbed her hips to keep her from falling. With heavy breath she said "Put it in my ass". I asked her if she was sure and she responded with "Just fucking do it". I lubed my cock up and this time she said to ease it in, I got the head of my cock in her virgin ass when she buried her face in a pillow and let out a scream. I asked if she wanted me to stop. "You better fucking not" she said. I eased my cock all the way in her and began fucking her tight little ass as she let out scream after scream. I started switching from her ass to her pussy back and fourth. She moaned when I put it in her pussy and screamed when I put it in her ass.

I fucked her ass for about 10 minutes when she came again. I pulled my cock out and she said "Is that tiny asshole gaping baby?". I flipped her over onto the bed and pushed her legs up to her chest and shoved my cock in her ass again. "Please fuck my ass baby" she said in a very sexy innocent voice. I held her legs to her chest and grabbed the headboard and pulled myself forward so I could shove it deep in her tiny body. She screamed and screamed until I told her I was going to cum. I thrusted faster and faster until I pulled my cock out of her ass and shot my load all over her body. It shot out so fast it hit her in the face and all over her tits. She laughed and said "Good boy". She started using her fingers to scoop the cum off her body into her mouth. As I laid next to her naked body I said "What just happened" as I laughed. Well she said, You just fucked the brains out of your wife's daughter. I got up and said with a smile "We should do this again sometime". She smacked me on the ass and said "Get out, I'll let you know when I need you again"

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