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Tricked into Big Black Cock

My name is Melissa and on my 18th birthday my best friends/roommates Kim and Jade got me a present I will never forget. On the day of my birthday they took me to what seemed like 100 parties and would yell to everyone I was the birthday girl which was embarrassing but it was nice to have all the attention for a change. After bouncing from party to party it was about 11:30pm, we went back to our apartment and continued to drink for about another hour, I was about spent and going to get ready for bed when Kim said that she forgot her cell phone at one of the parties we went to. Kim asked Jade if she would take her to find it. I said I would go with and they quickly said "No" you should stay here and relax we will be back soon.

They left and I sat on the couch and continued to drink until I heard a loud knock at the door which scared the shit out of me, I went to the door and asked who it was. "Police department ma'am, we've got some reports of u******e drinking in this apartment can you open the door please". I was instantly scared sober and slowly opened the door hoping it was a bad dream. There was a tall black man in uniform and he asked me if he could come in, "Yes" I muttered softly. As he entered he started looking around and asked me if I was the only one home at the time. "Yes" I muttered again. He asked me how old I was and I told him 18. "Are you aware that u******e drinking is i*****l ma'am?". I nodded and said I was drinking with friends because it was my birthday but that had to step out to find my friends phone.

He continued to look around until he asked me if I was using any kind of d**gs tonight. No I muttered, He said he was going to have to search me and asked me to put my hands against the wall and spread my legs, I did so, I could feel him breathing on the back of my neck as he patted my pockets of my shorts and worked his was down my pants to my slippers and back up to my arms. All of the sudden I felt his large hands under my breasts and than around them. He stopped and than worked his way back down my legs. With his right hand he softly worked his way up until he was rubbing back and fourth on my pussy. At that point I figured it all out, On the way back to our place from the last party I heard Kim texting in the back seat so I knew she couldn't have left her phone somewhere.

My friends hired me a male prostitute. At that point with my hands still against the wall and him still frisking me I decided I was going to go along with whatever he was doing. "See sir I don't have any d**gs" I said, he stopped and said well miss I'm going to have to take you downtown and call your parents. I mustered all that I could to produce some fake tears to make it look like I was scared for my life. "I am so sorry I said, I don't want my parents to find out what I was doing tonight is there anything I can do to make this all go away?". He looked me up and down with a sexual look in his eyes. He told me to sit on the couch. I sat down and put my hands between my legs and looked at the floor when I felt his body pressed against my head, I looked up and his groin was about an inch away from my face. I looked up and him smiled and started to undo his belt, I dropped his pants and could see his large bulge barely being held in his underwear.

I grabbed a hold of his hard cock threw his underwear and it was massive and thick. I pulled his underwear down and his cock seemed to fly out towards me, I grabbed a hold of it with both hands and started stroking it as he took his shirt off. He was very ripped and muscular. I looked up at him as I licked the large head of his cock, he smiled back at me and said "Put my big cock in your little mouth" I opened as wide as I could and started sucking, I couldn't go down very far as he stretched my lips until they felt like ripping, I sucked him as hard as I could and licked his massive balls as I stroked him. After awhile he told be to stand up, I did so and pulled my top off exposing my tiny breasts as he pulled my shorts down and started rubbing my now wet pussy as he licked my nipples. I grabbed the back of his neck as he slid his index finger in me. He stopped grabbed me and picked me up and flipped me upside down at ease as he buried his face in my pussy as I began to suck him again.

His mouth felt so amazing I began to grunt and moan as he sucked on my clit. He flipped me back over and sat me down as he sat on the couch and started stroking his hard massive cock. I climbed on him as he grabbed his cock and very slowly eased it into me an inch at a time making me almost have to beg for it. "Fuck me" I said and as soon as I finished muttering those words he slammed the rest of it in, my body tried to jump up as he grabbed my hips and started rocking my tiny body back and fourth on him. I felt like I was going to break in two as I could feel him as deep in me as anyone had ever been. After only five minutes I felt my self ready to cum. "Oh my god I yelled" and that made him go faster and harder. My body shot up as I came I squirted all over his cock and my couch. My body trembled and my eyes rolled back and I almost seemed to go limp in his hands. He laughed and said "Damm girl I think you ruined your couch" He told me to lay on the couch I did as he grabbed my legs and had my knees as my tits as he inched himself in me again, I felt like I was going to die I started moaning and screaming, wrapping both my arms around his neck as he pounded me so hard I felt like I was going to pass out. I instantly came again and even though my body tried to tremble he had my knees pinned to my chest so I couldn't move.

He got up as I laid there spent physically as he turned me over so I was laying on my stomach and he climbed on my back and again started pounding my little body as I moaned so loud I thought someone was going to call the actual police. He pounded me until I could hear him start to moan when he said "I'm gonna cum". He jumped up and said "Suck that cum out" I wrapped my mouth around his cock again tasting all the cum I drenched him with, He grabbed the back of my head and fucked my face making me gag every time he trusted until he let out a thunderous groan as I felt his warm cum fill my mouth up so fast it came squirting out around my lips. He dressed and told me he was hired by my friends, I tried to act surprised even though I already knew. He got dressed and thanked me as he left. I took a shower with my body still trembling reached down to feel my pussy it was swollen and stretched to where I could almost get my hand in there. I got out and when I walked into the living room there was Kim and Jade smiling.

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