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Was it lust or was is it hot sex CHAPTER 2

I woke up in my hotel smelling like sex real bad never smelld so much like straght sex before in my life. So i whent and took a show and washed my self. as i rubbed soap all over my body.
I still felt like they wure in me and in my mouth i looked over and seen a strapon dildo and a vibrater dildo silacone i couldnt figer out were they came frome then i read a letter it said.
from sandy and snow for giveing us such a good night we will meet u agein. i couldnt stop think about last night so i grabbed them and started sucking on them i dont know y i was doing this.
but it turned me on. i dont dont why it did that ether but then my ass started tingleing like it wanted cock.So i shuved the dildo in my ass and turnd it on mmm yess it felt so good little did i know sandy and buged it.
so she could listin in on me then i got a phone call. i couldnt answe i was in the shower. It hit the answering machine then i herd moaning mmmm hunn yess jess stick it in u deeper. I didnt know how she know.
but i whent deeper pussh she said push let ur ass hole expande so it slides in. i did then i began to feel stuff come out my ass as i shuved it in and out.
I started to cum real hard and i herd her moan ral load then i herd her pussy squirt then the phone whent dead I got out of the show still arouzed i started rubing my cock until.
I cumed on my self and then i whent back to sl**p that after noon i left to go out to eat. I was starving, So I walked to the nerest restront.
I eaten my fill and walked back out as i started walking to my hotel some wan walked up be hind me gaged me and throw me into a black van. I woke up in the woods deep in the forest it was dark and misty.
then i seen katrina,candy,milessa,sandy,tina,rachile,snow,christina,christal and latosha all of them wure from the striper bar and all wure wereing black clokes.
I got up and asked wats going on. They said you are here to plesure use agein out here were know wan can here u screem for help. i started to run but I triped onto thousends of bl**d staned pillows.
christina was black with a dark black pussy and a silky smooth dark black cock her ass hole was dark black as well cuse she was the first to sit down right in front of me.
With her legs spreed and her cock on my head and my nose in her pussy. She said lick my ass hole baby you want sand to be your girl friend? yes I replyed. Then you must become ower slave.
I began licking her ass hole as she started moaning then i seen something start comeing out of her cloke they looked like tinticales with dick heads on them.
All of a sudden then rapped around my waste holding me down. then tina jumped at me with a knife she was brown skined haspanic.
she had a long dark borwn cock and big larg duble ds and long white hair and a big booty. she ripped of my pants and started licking my ass hole.
I seen candy and sandy in the tree starteing to rubb there pants slowly but surely. as christinas ass opened I know wat was about to happen she looked at me and said yes u must swollow all of it.
I started opening my mouth as wide as i could. As she began to push her stuff into my mouth. Some how it stARTED TO TASTE GOOD i dont know why mybe becuse i was starting to get used to it.
i could feel tina started penatraiting my ass with her tongue. deeper and deeper. I felt her tongue growing longer in side me. I didnt know wat was going on but it felt so good I couldnt resit it.
I saw christal walking over rubing her 15inch cock she pulled out of her pantie hoes a boodle of cherry oil she then dumped it all over her self and me.
i did no wat was going to happen next she got under me and grabbed her cock and slide it in me i felt her balls smake my ass hole hard. Then tina stuck hers in with christals and started raming me together.
I looked up and seen candy and sandy takeing off there pants and shirts the jumped down onto the bl**dy pillows and they wure wearing neon green pantie hoes.
They then started to slide there hands in there panties and start master baiting mmmm u can do it jessie they said. I started swoolowing all the stuff out of christinas ass hole.
then katrina walked over rubbing her dick and pussy she stuck it in tina,s mouth ass tina started fingering her ass. rachille came over.
she started fingering her ass hard. she sat on my hard dick and started rubing her pussy harder and harder. milessia walked over she was asin she started rubing her ass so hard her hand whent in her big fat booty.
she cam over to my head and said her ass hole was so gapeing big iv never seen wan sooo big milessia poored oil all over my head and pushed her ass hole hard agenst my head all of a sudden i felt the top of my head going in.
i didnt know wat was happinging milessa actly starting to consume my head.then latasha walked over she was a big girl she had a nice round belly and bigtits and big ass she walked over and pulled out her cock and as she rubbed it
she said ill fill that hole right up she sat down on her back and cam over. she pressed her ass hole agenst min and started pushing hard stuf started comeing out of her ass hole and into my ass hole then christina ,tina,rachille,katrina and latasha.
started takeing turns shitng in my ass hole then my whole head was in side millessa then i felt a slimy tube find it way into my mouth in her ass hole and it started pumpin gobs of slime into my body.
i felt my belly geting big then all of a sudden my ass hole burste with slime as i got thin agen candy and sandy cam over and pushed milessa off and said my turn they both bent over and stucjk there ass hole in my mouth and put there stuff in me to.
then candy put her pussy on my face and started sucking milessas cock and she started rubing hard. sandy started to fuck my cock say u feel soo goood jessie.
snow then came over geting jelous at sandy she hit her in the face then i got mad the sandy feel to the ground crying and the nsnow ramed me in the ass rubing my cock untill i cam in her mouth and then she cam in me.
then lastasha walked over to sandy she said no dont stop she tride to run then latosha hit her down and shuved her cock in her pussy and stard to cum in side her i tride to stop her but snow grabed me and stuck it in and then latosha bent over and shuved my hole head in her ass hole.

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