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1st Dirty Panty Experience

For as long as I could remember I had always had a thing for woman’s panties. I always was allured by panties in stores when I walked by the woman’s under garment area at clothing stores, and as I became older I continued liking them up till even when I got older, I remember the first time I had my first real experience with a pair of used panties. I must have been about ? years of age when my parents had taken me with them to their friends home. Their friends were an older couple around there late 40’s, who had been married for a long time. The lady’s husband was a trucker so he was always away and as for her, she was a homemaker with older k**s who had already gone off to college and for the most part spent her days alone at home. Her name was Karin, she was a mature white woman with dirty blonde hair, pretty face, and always wore tight shirts that hugged her thick curves. She was a BBW , but had curves in all the right places. Her ass was big and round and she always wore tight jeans that also emphasized her curves in a way that got me to notice. Being ? years old, I already knew I like bigger woman so it was only natural that I felt an attraction to her. I always thought she was a real nice lady, and as a young guy, I found myself liking her because she was so nice to me.
So back to the story, I remember having to use the restroom so bad but the guest restroom had been occupied by someone at the time, but being the nice lady she was, Karin offered me to use her restroom inside of her room. She had showed me where it was and as I closed the door behind me all I could think about was taking a piss and nothing else. As I stood there doing my business, in the reflection of the mirror in front of me I could see a fancy all white hamper that had, what I could see hanging out of the side, a pair of white satin panties.
My curiosity had gotten the best of me as I knew I was all alone. When I finished doing what I had to do I walked over to the hamper slowly as to not make any noise, my heart began to race just thinking about what I was doing. I knew I shouldn’t be doing what I was about to do, but just knowing that I could touch a pair of a woman’s panties kept me in motion as I lifted the lid and grabbed her silky satin full back panties off the top rim of the hamper. At first I didn’t know what to do with them, but as I examined them closer, the soft silky satin touch of them got me hard as I felt them all over with my hands. My body had begun to tremble slightly as I knew I was doing something wrong, but as I continued to feel the softness of her panties in my hands, I didn’t care. As I continued to examine them all over, I turned them inside out, and on the cotton crotch area of her panties I could see some light brown and clear almost cloudy crust left behind from her pussy discharge. At the time I didn’t know what it was as my understanding of a woman’s body was limited, but as I looked at it, the next natural thing was to take a sniff of it and see what it smelled like.
I had spread open the crotch area of her panties and the site had excited me so much that I quickly put them to my nose. It was then that I had my first sniff of a woman’s pussy. It smelled so good and made me feel so good at the same time and as I sniffed harder and harder I found myself rubbing my cock through my pants until I eventually sat on the toilet pulled down my pants and jacked off as I smelled the crotch of her sexy full back satin panties. It had only been about a two min until I felt that I was close to orgasm and at the last moments before busting my load, I took the panties crotch and put it against my tongue and tasted the sweet discharge of her pussy. It didn’t take long, only a few seconds before I felt my cum bursting out of my cock, as I lowered the panties in front of me and cummed all over them. It had felt so good that I just sat on the toilet for the next few min just looking at what I had done with her panties. My orgasm was so hard and felt so good, nothing like I had felt before, and it was clear to me that Karin’s scent had helped me find a new fetish for woman’s used panties.
At this point I had been in the restroom for a while, and hurried to clean up. I carefully placed the cum filled panties back to what I could remember was the way they were, hanging out the side of the hamper. I cleaned up whatever cum had shot on the floor and flushed the toilet just in case anyone was near to hear me finish. As I walked out back into the living area, all I could think of was if I had placed them back the exact way so that she wouldn’t notice.
Getting back to the living room where she was made me feel guilty but at the same time feel so good. It was sort of a guilty pleasure if you will as I knew I had tasted her without her even knowing, or so I think. I never knew if she had found out about me smelling her used panties because nothing ever happened, but as time had gone by, I always wondered, because I remember her saying as we left, that she was going to start doing her laundry because she was behind on chores for the week. Till this day, I never will forget the day I sniffed and tasted my first pair of used panties. Karin continues to be a friend of the f****y as well as mine, but I have never had the chance to get my hands on another pair of her sexy silky satin panties, and oh how much I long for the day when I could maybe smell her and taste her again. Who knows, maybe this time ill taste her and smell her real pussy.

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