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The girl next door

My neighbor was a slim, brown, black hair woman. Every time when in home in my shorts and small tops that show my shape. She always looks at me in a weird way which gave me the chills. I was home doing my laundry on a Saturday when she was doing the same. I was just about to go inside when she call me and said she wanted me to come over. To look at her laptop she knew I was great with computers. I told her to give me a few mins so I could go home and have a shower first. She was like anything to please you. Come over whenever you are finish.
So after leaving the shower I put on the best perfume I had with some sexy skirt and a nicely shape blouse that bring up my eyes and also my complexion. I always had a thing for her. She is a nurse, she drives, about twenty five years old and she lives alone. Just like me. So on my way over I reach the door I heard moaning coming from inside I look through the windows only to see her watching lesbian porn. I was tuned on by this that I cum on myself by just seeing the girls in the tv doing 69. I knock on the door and she said she was coming it took her two mins to open the door. I knew she was cleaning up herself a little. She came to the door in a dress which was very sexy on her and showed off her gorgeous legs.
She then let me in and she showed me to the computer I turned it on but shouldn't get access to it because of the code on it so she came over and entered the password. Her scent was awesome and I wish her never had to move. She asked her if I wanted something to drink which I greatly accepted. Drinking tuned me on so easily. I asked her what was wrong with her laptop so I would know what to do directly she said. I have something to confess nothing is wrong with my computer I just wanted to get you over here. I answered and said you could have asked me I would. She said it seen like the best thing to do at that point. She invited me to sit in the chair so I sat opposite to her legs was open to my surprise. She had no panties on I tried my best not to look down. But I couldn't help myself been her pantie less sent waves through my body.
My nipples got hard. Then I wish I had worn a blouse that was not so tight. She started smiling. I felt embarrass for her to see me getting a turned on in front of her. She got up I heard a loud sound that brought me back to my senses. The tv remote had felt and she bend allowing her legs to keep straight while I look on her pussy it was so pretty I wanted it same time. She then slowly came back up she caught me looking at her but she seem ok with me doing it. I apologize for doing so and turned my focus to movie going on. She came over to where I was sitting and was very close to me that no air could pass between us. Her scent was much stronger than before and I feel her looking at me.
She slowly turned my face towards her and kisses me gentle on the cheeks. I was so wet when she did so. She then slowly caresses my hands and legs. She then to me to take off my clothes and I obey. She then slowly started to kiss me all over my legs, smacking me on the ass, having one on my nipple and the other massaging my ass. I was slightly moaning she smile and said this will be your best lesbian experience with someone older than you. I told her I knew it would be because I was wet already. She slowly had her fingers on my clit playing with it I beg her not to stop and she did as I said. She then started to finger me pussy with one finger and I was begging her to see if two could hold she said “you have a very tight pussy and I can't wait to be inside you” to told me to heel on the chair my ass was in the air and the cool air blowing on my pussy make me start to play with myself. She was there watching me and playing with herself also. I realize when I heard her moaning. I looked up smiling I asked her if she like what I was doing. She said it really turning her on. I told her great I told her to sit while I rub my clit and my breast the same time. I was about to cum and as I did she same over like a hungry dog and lick up all my cum and told me to cum sit in her face I did and as she stared eating I had an orgasm and she continued in the same position and I had three more orgasms after the first one.
We then stared kissing and playing with each other. We took it to the bedroom where I had her on the edge of the bed and devour into her sweet juice for a good twenty mins. She cum all over my face and I quickly eat it all up like it was my last meal. She got up off the bed and went for a double dildo where we both shared. I had it in my pussy and it in her ass. We fucked each other orgasms after orgasms. I set her with her ass in the air and used the dildo and penetrate both her holes. She begged me to fuck her and I did as I was told. She squirts all over my face and I use my finger and clean it in my mouth. She begged for more and I used a strap-on I found in the draw and fuck her like how she wanted it. Hard then fast. She begs me to stop and I did. We finish it with a 69 and laid there giggling and rubbing each other pussies while we were both watching a movie.
We fuck every chance we get and even watch porns and do what we see the other girls doing. We enjoy fucking each other and not planning on stopping.

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