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My wife is pregnant, but

One day I was in the bedroom and while my wife was bathing in the bathroom .. I saw something strange in the trash in our bedroom
.. Then attracted me a plastic red color Kalplon Little Red .. After that you directed from the waste basket and then the shock
And Mufajaeh ااااااو What is the Aaaaaaaasedk Maery? I've had a condom Mmtlo white milk and the milk white weasel him profusely ..
It was a great tragedy and a shock not tolerate it .. My wife Tahani the Slut and شرموطة to Aasedk .. But despite the tendency of anger initiated
Hold my nerves and control myself .. I decided that Athor but I need to know who is the traitor who have sex with my wife and taste
.. Has initiated whispers تنتابني decided to monitor the house quietly but warned over a week and did not see anyone approaching the house ..
But initiated crazy when I saw a condom the last present in the waste basket in the dining room and this time was full of white semen ..
The milk was warm and fresh .. Then I looked into the kitchen and found the maid caressed my wife and maid extend her tongue rudely Kalkalph
The spit in the face of my wife and my wife laugh and Tgahgah Gahgahgahgah
I have gone crazy .. But I'm committed to calm as if nothing had happened .. Has initiated doubt maid and also initiated no doubt that my wife
شرموطة and traitor .. In one day you hiding somewhere in the house and in front of my wife pretended I came out of the house ..
Then I saw the maid says Haya madame have your husband just went .. After 5 minutes I saw my wife naked
Completely bloated abdomen and Taiz Almrberbh and large .. Then initiated sprawled in front of the maid on sofas sponge ..
After the
excitement landscape maid then removed all her clothes even become completely naked .. And ااااااو ااااااو What is this? Aalllll Sphinx?

I Aooosedk Maery? *************** Has a thick solid long rod is circumcised was terrifying Zobera him _khasatan
Msamartan and large
I did not see my life like them yes .. Yes .. Now has learned that the maid Thai (Schimmel) her breasts such as girls .. And beauty such as girls
.. But his body was too glamorous for that shapely but nevertheless I have seen strong muscles and facial muscles in the abdomen and buttocks
Ass brunette and tough as iron .. Start Itfatt cautiously wolf then start milking Zoppe and his penis even straighten up and Anthi initiated _khasatah
Dangling .. Then launched my wife sucking his penis and my wife was to taste and enjoy it and proof of this is the laughter and smiles
Made by my wife for this Alchimil his penis was nailed clean and does not have a single hair as well as clean ass and buttocks
Characterized by its strength and free of hair .. After my wife sucking rod Alchimil maid turned his wife then launched
My wife put her hands on the sofa position bitch and then ran him Tisaha and white rear and then start Alchimil Thai spits
In Khorram Extreme my wife syphilis and then begins to enter a penis slowly even dipping all Zoberh in depth Extreme my wife even open
Tisaha groundbreaking and make Khrmha narrow Kalnvq Open .. Then start entering his penis in and out smoothly and easily ..
Maerua scene even though I was so angry .. But how much increased my admiration so Alchimil and also my wife Tahani
تحدتني and broke all the challenges and rebelled against the system of f****y and tribe fanatical seems to say (I'm not afraid of death Alzena
And I'm not afraid of my husband and my f****y and my tribe .. Despite the honor of my f****y I am proud to be the first is شرموطة in my f****y) and then
Start Alchimil his penis mighty and strong pay and direct blows to the back of my wife, shaking Ahmteha and tremble as if they were
Rounded pieces tablespoons of clear red and was strongly Amskhma hands was the Alchimil give the tongue a Estelz multiplying
Extreme my wife his hands vigorously a say in Arabic, Arabic was the language of Alchimil bad .. He was saying was to Aantq character
Sinn well, he says (Ptdga violin Aasrmuth) and was strange that my wife تستلذ so it Alchimil imitate the voice
Crying young c***dren .. Anker I phallic straighten up lust and تلذذا Bmaevolh Alchimil movements very exciting and irritating
My wife .. Then took out his penis from Khorram and Extreme my wife then put a condom on his penis and then ordered my wife
Moderate to Aneckha Xha then my wife moderation and then lifted her legs up and then enter the penis deep in the womb
Lux my wife and then he put his hands softly on my wife's belly bloated and then start your hand in case my wife his penis Theophorus بالواقي
Red like a sword knight Agrzh Ranger in the belly of the enemy ... Aallla spectacular scenery and exciting lust _khasatah Almsamartan
Erttman Bashhm flesh and my wife and Ertdan again and saw his buttocks and ass much loosening of the intensity and speed of entertainment ..
I have my wife Nak evil Nich .. What happened? I start start Alchimil screaming and his voice became coarse and hardened ass and become
And if they were of Ckrtan are powerful and start trembling legs my wife has grabbed then quickly took out his penis screaming and then remove the condom
Of his penis, which has become a huge and long like a cobra snake and after condom still start milking his penis quickly then the approximation
His penis and Zoberh my wife's belly swollen and bloated even burst his penis and white milk and Sal flew on my wife's belly and then he
Passing his penis on Ashvar my wife even sinking Clitoris my wife and Hvrtaha of milk stallion Thai Alchimil
What I will not forget .. After the completion kissed my wife, who has accepted it, Must Hvaúvh red admiration I have said
My wife is sucking and licking the remaining of the White حليبه .. I swear that react told you say dear stallion ..
That do not react men did not commit adultery Bmthelk women let them go to hell .. Then starting laughing ..
It was a Thai Alchimil displays the powerful muscles of his body and slim body in front of my wife ..
It was my wife admired touch his muscles with her hands until she accepted his buttocks and ass brunette has done to lift my wife
Hands Alqoatin and two laughing despite the heavy weight and then took my wife is carried to the bathroom to shower .. I saw
It does clean my wife's body with soap and water and had rubbed the Xha his hands as well as the back of my wife, who did not escape entertainment
In the bathroom after اغرقها soap then he enter a Zoberh and his penis in the rear and lobes were Vlgueta Extreme
My wife dancing and shaking thrilled of Nick Alchimil speed Thai up felt Balrashh second emptied حليبه
White deep in the Extreme my wife so filled with liquid Khorram Tisaha article white .. After finishing out my wife and then
Out his penis Thai boy who did not know halaal or haraam not respect the sanctity of the house or edema have nicknamed rod
Thai (poisonous snake head) did not forget those pleasant moments never ..
Months have passed, and then put my wife, our son (Amjad) that she loved my wife from her heart .. And two years later ..
My wife and I decided to dedicate one night a year for the frankness and recognize our sins ..
That night Saranna my wife that the maid is Schimmel she Atnakt him 55 times and my wife she admitted تستلذ
Boukyanty and she improved her mood after sexually saturated their desire and extinguished the fire and my wife told me she loved me
But thanks to recover and improve their health is the maid Alchimil .. I thanked my wife on the sincerity and frankness with me .. Despite
She said to me: she did not regret what I did with Alchimil and she is not afraid of me .. And justified it as exciting adventures
Self-delight and give strength and heart earn Spirit power to defy death adultery that has not and will not be deterred do ..

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