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A Buck and Rachel Happy New Year - Part 3

On New Year's Day, Rachel and I hung out for most of the day in our room - fooling around, having a few drinks and thinking about tonight's festivities. We went out to dinner and were served again by Sandy - who told us the restaurant was shutting down early so everyone could hit the big party.

After dinner, Rachel sucked my cock in the parking lot - not caring that people were walking by - no one seemed to notice anyway. I came in her mouth and she said it was time to hit the party and get a drink.

We got to the bar / tavern where the party was already going on - a live band was playing and there was a good crowd. Rachel turned quite a few heads - she had on a very, very short black dress on that left little to the imagination, stockings and heels. After a while Sandy came up to her with some of her friends, Jessie and Jessie's boyfriend Jason. We all had a drink together and then the music started up and we went dancing. Rachel's dress was riding up, exposing her butt cheeks and we were caressing each other and deep kissing. During a short break, Rachel went outside to have a smoke and I found myself chatting with Sandy and having a drink - the music started and Sandy and I started to dance - she started to run her hands all over her body and rubbing up against me - and I was starting to get hard. The night was a blur in the bar - dancing, groping, kissing and finally New Years. At New Year's I gave Rachel a big deep kiss, and then Sandy - and then Sandy and Rachel each other a long, deep kiss. I was really turned on. Rachel all of a sudden asked Sandy if she'd like to come to our room for more drinks and whatever. Sandy said yes and off we went.

On the drive over, Rachel had Sandy sit in the front seat and she sat behind her, running her hands over Sandy's head and then down her front, while Sandy ran her hand along my thigh - it was a short ride and we were at the hotel quickly.

We got to the room and the three of us went at each other, peeling off clothes and kissing and sucking and feeling each other. Rachel stepped back - she had on just her stockings, Sandy was down to a thong and I was naked - and erect. Rachel kissed Sandy and told her to get on her knees - and then she grabbed my cock and fed it into Sandy's mouth. Sandy started to suck on my cock while Rachel was deep kissing me. I reached down to Sandy's head and pushed it onto my cock - she responded by sucking me deeply. Rachel then pulled my cock out of Sandy's mouth and had her stand up - and pulled Sandy's thong off to reveal a shaved pussy - Sandy's nipples were erect and Rachel and I each took one in our mouths and sucked on them. I reached down and started to play with Sandy's pussy - while Sandy started to play with Rachel's. I got down on my knees and started to lick and suck Sandy's pussy, swirling around her lips and then into her, finding her clit and licking it. Rachel was still sucking on Rachel's breasts and then kissing her.

I put two fingers into Sandy's pussy and kept licking and sucking her clit, while Rachel kept sucking on her nipples. Sandy tensed and came - grabbing my hair and grinding her pussy against my face. I pulled away and got up and we all headed for the bed. Rachel told Sandy to get on all fours and then told me to fuck Sandy doggy style. I worked my cock into her wet pussy - she had a nice ass, not skinny, but a good meaty ass and nice hips. I fucked her while Rachel got in front of Sandy and put her pussy up to her face and Sandy started to eat Rachel out. Rachel moved away after a while and left the room while I kept fucking Sandy from behind - Rachel returned with the vibrator and lube. She turned the vibrator on and started to play with herself as she watched my and Sandy go at it. She told us to switch positions - she wanted to see Sandy on top - we gladly did that and Sandy mounted my cock, grinding away at me as I reached to suck her nipples. Rachel oiled up the vibrator and started to run it along Sandy's ass - Sandy asked her to stop - she didn't like anal. Rachel was disappointed, but did stop, instead getting on the bed next to Sandy, and started to work the vibrator into her own ass. I was getting ready to explode, Sandy was pumping up and down on my cock, Rachel was burying the vibrator in her ass and playing with herself. I told Sandy to get off me, I got to my knees and jerked my cock, cumming all over Rachel's back - Sandy then licked my cock clean. Rachel came and collapsed on the bed.

The three of us lay on the bed for a while - then got a drink - and got ready to start again. It was a crazy night - but a damn great way to bring in the New Year!

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