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3some Surprise

This is the first story I wrote back in 2005, hope you enjoy, if it gets a good reception I will post others, I feel I have got better at writing them as time has gone on too.

3Some suprise

We have been out together for a great night on the drink and decide to go back to your place for a bit of fun, as we get to near the front door of your house, you shh me and say to keep the noise down as you have a friend staying over who has just split up with her boyfriend, giggling and not really being quiet at all we both eventually manage to work out how to unlock a front door and enter the house.
“Just go through to the living room while I get us both a drink” you say, “sure, no probs” I reply. You come back into the room having got us both a drink of something pretty potent looking, you have also managed to get changed into a nice shimmery night gown, starting a little stirring in the downstairs department straight away.
You move over to your music system and put a little background music on before coming over to take a seat next to me, we have a chat and a laugh and a giggle as we both drink whatever it was you decided to pour for us, all the while giving me glimpses of breast and high thigh as you seductively let your gown slide open a little too often for it to be an accident, as we finish our drinks off you lean over to me to and start to lick and nibble at my earlobe, you keep nearly kissing me, teasing me as you start to undo my shirt buttons, removing it from off of my back, once the shirt is removed you start to kiss and lick your way down my chest biting and teasing my nipples as you go past, you make your way further down undoing my belt and trousers, “mmmm what do we have here then?” you say giggling as you pull my cock out with your hands “this looks tasty” you say as you start to lick and suck around the head, pretty soon you start to make more of a meal of it and start sucking it properly going down on me as far as you can without choking yourself, you also give my balls a bit of a lick and a suck too whilst wanking me off letting your tongue slide up and down the shaft of my cock you pull me further to the edge of the couch and spread my legs wide, all the time pumping your hand rhythmically up and down my long hard cock you lick your way down from my balls to my tight arsehole letting your tongue flick around the edge of it making me gasp with pleasure as you dart it in and out of my tight hole, pretty soon you can feel me starting to tense as I reach the point of no return, you quickly return to deep throating my cock as you want to feel my hot salty spunk shooting into your mouth, and you don’t have to wait long as I pull hard on your hair shooting my hot sticky cum hard into your mouth and down your throat, you soon pull your head away from my cock licking your lips and most certainly looking like the cat that got the cream.
You then let yourself fall back on to the sheepskin rug your gown falling wide open allowing me to see properly your nakedness in all your glory, your tender juicy breasts and your smooth bald, and very moist, pussy. “play with me” you say in your best little girly voice, fluttering you eye lashes at me, “with pleasure” I reply as I start to give you the best all over body kissing session you have ever had, making sure to tease and please you in all the right spots, making sure I leave your now dripping pussy until the very last, I start on that by gently easing apart your thighs letting my tongue gently explore the edges of your sweet tasting pussy lips, letting it run up and down both sides making your entire body quiver with pleasure, especially as I start to tease your clit gently biting it between my teeth and flicking my tongue over it at the same time, all of a sudden I feel your legs clamp round the side of my head, as you wrap them around my neck, I can feel you pushing yourself crushing your pussy into my face as you cant help yourself from grinding into my face wanting to feel as much pleasure as you possibly can, I really start to f***e my tongue as deep inside your pussy as I possibly can drinking your sweet tasting juices as I do, I can feel your body start to tremble so I start tongue fucking you harder and faster rubbing your clit with my nose as I do, soon you arch your back as your cum explodes all over my face, as you cum we both hear a little moan from over near the doorway to the kitchen, as we both look up we notice your friend standing there with her bath robe wide open and her hand on her very sodden pussy, “I’m sorry” she said very meekly “I just came down for a glass of water and I…. erm……” she said, her words trailing off into nothing as her cheeks started to burn with embarrassment. “well seeing as you enjoyed our little show, why don’t you come over here and join us” you say, clearly showing that alcohol really does make you lose your inhibitions, your friend slowly made her way across the living room floor, looking very timid but allowing her robe to fall to the floor as she got close, thinking of how much luck I was in, soon had my cock standing back to attention, as big and hard as it had ever been. “do you want a taste of this” you ask your friend, “yes please” she replied with a little glint of naughtiness in her eyes, I let myself fall back on the rug as she got down on her knees to start letting her tongue and mouth go to work on my eagerly awaiting cock, as she is enjoying the pleasures of my cock in her mouth, you are knelt behind her admiring her pert little arse and cleanly shaven pussy, you decide to make the most of the situation and your lack of inhibitions, and start to gently play with your friends pussy letting your fingers slide in and out of her already soaked pussy, gently rubbing her clit with your thumb as you do, pretty soon you have all your fingers fucking her, as you reach under her with your other hand to play with her solid nipples, as you do I hear, as well as feel, her moaning in pure pleasure, pretty soon she can take it no longer and abandons my throbbing cock, and turns around to you and starts to kiss you passionately, pretty soon I am back on the couch wanking myself off as I watch you both lying on the rug kissing each other deeply for all you’re worth, “why don’t you get a proper taste of each other” I say as I’m sat there stark naked with my cock in my hand, thinking to myself that this is the best night of my life. You both pull away from kissing each other and look at me, before looking at each other and deciding “fuck it” why not, you are lying beneath your friend with your arms wrapped around her back and her arse pulling her pussy into your face as she has her head down at the other end really going to work on your pussy, there is no end to the moans of pleasure coming from the pair of you, as you cant help but let yourselves get carried away by the newfound sensations of having another girl going down on your pussy and knowing exactly what to do and where it needed to be done, I’m just quite happy to sit there watching my real life dreams unfolding before my eyes, it doesn’t take a massive amount of time before both of your faces are covered in each others cum, you both get on your knees with your arses in the air facing me, “well come on then, lets see what you can really do with that cock of yours” you say laughing at my c***dlike eagerness to do as you say, I start by entering your hot wet pussy making sure that my hand doesn’t leave your friends pussy go without, I cant help but switch and change between the pair of you, enjoying the sight of you both kissing and licking each others pussy juice from each others face, after a while I can hold on no longer and let you both know that I am about to cum, you both immediately turn around to face my cock, you kneel there with your mouths open, both wanting a share of my salty spunk, I wank myself off into a frenzy and seconds later I’m shooting my load into your waiting mouths.
We all three try out a few other 3some positions before we all lay down on the rug to fall into a well earned sl**p, but before sl**p overcomes us all you lean over to me and whisper into my ear that you cant wait to get me back here again on my own as you want to spend a whole night of dominating me and fucking me to within an inch of my life.

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