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Whilst travelling back to my ship whilst in the navy 30 years ago, I had my first stranger sex encounter.
The last train was usually full with Sailors returning from leave and other passengers, I was sat reading a book and every time I looked up I noticed this older woman kept catching my eye. I was 20 at the time and she must have been early 40s, Suddenly out of the blue she sat next to me and started talking about the book I was reading. General conversation ensued, after the first stop, the train emptied a little and there was still 2 hours til our destination. She mentioned her dislike of packed trains and said "shall we sneak into first class, there is never a guard on this train" I agreed and minutes later we were sat in first class compartmnet, she sat opposite me, she was wearing a polo neck sweater and midi skirt, as we were chatting she raised her leg onto the seat as if to make herself comfortable. As she did so I caught a glimpse of white panties, as we were chatting she was nonchantly swinging her leg side to side, every other swing gave me a glimpse, as a young lad I soon had a rock hard cock.
I summoned up the courage to say " I think you have something stuck to your underwear" she hitched up her skirt and there was a stray hair, She brushed it off and thanked me for noticing!She made out she was straightening her underwear by running her finger through the gussett pulling it out of the crack. She said " I think there may be something trying to get out of yours"! The lady had obviously noticed that my hard boner in my jeans. I kinda felt myself blush.
She asked if I had a girlfriend, to which I replied no. "Oh dear, you must be missing out on a lot" Like what? I replied. At this point she started to run her finger over her groin area on the outside of her skirt.
" it gets so hot on these last trains" she said, "they have the heating on all day" she then took off her sweater and underneath she was wearing a vest top and visibly no bra, her breasts were nice and pert with the obvious nipple poke.
I'm afraid I was still slow on the uptake.
she then came and sat next to me picking up my book off my lap and made out she was reading the cover and was leaning on my shoulder, she then started to rub my cock through my jeans and asked " have you ever had a blowjob on a train" I replied no. within no time she had unzipped me and taken my cock out and slowly started to rub it, " would you like to?" she asked. My inhibitions soon disappeared, as I started to stroke her tits through the vest top, her nipples went rock hard immediately. I could not believe my luck. She leant over and started to lick the end of my cock whilst I stroked her pussy through her panties. As i circled her clit area she let out a little moan which kinda vibrated on my cock. I worked a finger into her pants and her slit was sopping wet making it easy to slid a finger in and then back to her clit and occasionaly circling her arse, this drew further gasps from her.
She swallowed my whole cock in and I could feel her tongue encirling my glans.
In no time I'm afraid I shot a great wad of spunk into her mouth, she swallowed every drop and continued slowly sucking for a further minute, my cock never went down with all this attention. I slowly eased off her plain white panties and knelt in front of her and slowly started to lick her pussy, her hand was on the back of my head pushing me gently into her pussy which was nicely trimmed and had some fair sized lips, I sucked on these gently whilst easing a finger into her hole, I carried on gently and slowly pushing my finger in and out while listening to her heavy breathing and gentle moans. I then added another finger and could feel her pussy gripping them while i continued licking her clit and sucking on her engorged lips. I then got bolder and slipped a finger up her arse which made her gasp and she squirted all over my mouth and was thrusting her pussy into my face, she stood up and sat me on the seat raising her skirt she slowly lowered herself onto my still rock hard cock and gently, facing me, rode slowly up and down. The feeling of pleasure and excitement were all too much and within a couple of minutes I shot another load of spunk into her and as my cock softened she continued to rub her pussy on it and came again absolutely soaking my jeans and the seat. As the train came to our destination, she kissed me on the lips, and said " is that better than readin?" as we got off the train, I heard her say "hello darling" and there was a man waiting for her, it was only then I noticed her wedding ring. He said " good journey?", "not too bad as journeys go she replied and off they went arm in arm, I noticed from the platform that her pants were still on the seat of the carriage, so I ran back on the train and retrieved them, and had a few good wanks into them whilst at sea. reminding me of my first stranger encounter, this encounter made me bolder whilst travelling and this new found confidence enabled me to have many more stranger encounters.

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