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A Celebirty Fantasy Part 2

Jordyn unable to stop the tears or keep the strength to punch and kick any longer leaned against the red bag, punching it once more with no strength what so ever before sliding down onto her knees, placing her head in her hands sobbing uncontrollably, her eye and cheek throbbing from the physical damage Dominic had left upon her. Dominic had found out, out of everyone that she and Sully were messing around, basically an unofficial item and he freaked. He came to her house before finding her and beating her, her lips bleeding, her cheek cut and swollen and bruised as well as her eye was almost swollen shut. "Your a lying ass whore!" Dominic's words rang in her head before his fist against her. Sully stopped at the top of the stairs just as she fell to her knees, his heart dropping, he got a call from Jordyn saying that she just missed him that was all but he could tell it was much more than that. He could hear the fear and the pain in her voice. She looked so broken sitting there in the light’s glow sobbing, he had never seen her look this hurt and upset before, it was breaking his heart just to watch and it made him even more pissed off the longer he stood there and watched. Seconds later, that felt like several long minutes Sully began to walk toward her, Jordyn heard the sound of his boots echo throughout the entire room as he approached at first she tensed up, pausing her sobs for a moment fearing that Dominic had found her and came to finish the job.

Right before Jordyn could even react to her panic state, her hair stood on end and she knew instantly that it was Sully not Dominic, she then relaxed as she felt his arms under her arms lifting her to her feet, she just collapsed into him, burying her head into his toned chest and began to sob once again more uncontrolled than before. She couldn’t help it but let her walls come tumbling down every time he was near; he just had that effect upon her. Sully wrapped his arms tightly around her, stroking her hair with his guitar calloused hands. They stood in silence except for her quiet sobs for several moments before walking her to the bench and sitting down. Jordyn sat down and instantly picked up her pack of cigarettes lighting one up before handing them to Sully, he smiled and accepted one needing one to calm his nerves. Jordyn kept her head down trying to hide the bruises upon her face, hoping that he hadn’t seen yet but so far he hadn’t. Her cell phone began to ring again, Dominic’s picture popping up onto the screen indicating that it was him, he had called about twenty times already with a message to match each one. Jordyn picked up the phone and clicked the ignore button, the light of the screen hitting her face and Sully saw it then. As she set the phone down, Sully pulled her face to look at him, hand under her chin.

“What happened?” Sully asked in a f***ed calm voice, through gritted teeth. Tears began to flow from Jordyn’s eyes once again as she stared into his hazel eyes. She shrugged, turning away from him again taking a deep drag from her cigarette. Sully knew now that this was why she was here kickboxing, letting out her aggression but that was only part of the story. Kickboxing was the one hobby that Sully got her into; it was a great source of exercise on top of being the perfect way to let frustrations out. Sully stood up, inhaling his cigarette quickly and lighting up another one just as fast trying to keep his cool so that he didn’t miss a thing she said. “Bullshit Jordyn what happened?” He asked once again.

“Okay,” Jordyn stated giving in knowing that one way or another she would have to tell him eventually the truth. “I worked this morning at the diner and I got into the car and drove home, I noticed that someone was following me but decided I was just freaked out for some reason or another and imagining it. So I just continued to drive home.” She paused taking in a deep breath and peering up to Sully who was standing there his full attention upon her, clinging to every word, smoking probably his third or fourth cigarette since he first lit the first one. Jordyn looked down again before continuing, “I get home and get into the shower and change. I was in the middle of making something to eat when a knock came on the door so I dropped what I was doing and went to the door only to find Dominic standing on the other side, an evil in his eyes. I asked what he was doing here and he said that he had somehow found out that you and I were together and backed me into a corner, I pushed him and yelled at him to back off, he refused and came at me again calling a whore and a slut, and many other names. He pushed me again and I hit the wall hard, he put his hand around my throat to hold me there as he began to undo his pants, anger filled me and I kneed him and he fell holding onto himself. I grabbed my baseball bat and told him he fucked with the wrong one, went outside and took the bat to his windows, headlights, taillights and more damaging his baby cause you know my temper and seeing red and all.” A slight smirk slide onto Sully’s face picturing her doing this, pretty proud of her attitude but this still didn’t explain the bruises so he pushed away the images so that he wouldn’t miss it. "Once he gains back his composure he comes running out and slams me against his truck, twisting my arm back until I let go of the bat, spun me around once I did and back handed me and then did it on the other side. I spat at him and punched him before running toward the apartment I just grabbed my keys and your leather coat when he got a hold of me, I head butted him, giving him a bl**dy nose and as he held his face I kicked him to the ground, closed my door and locked it before getting into my car and driving here, leaving him there. How could I be so fucking stupid?" Jordyn finished, taking a deep breath and lighting up another cigarette. As she finished her story Sully’s fists balled up into fists.

“He’s fucking dead! And you’re not stupid Jordyn; there is never an excuse to put your hands on a woman even if she hits you first.” Sully replied through clenched teeth, the vain in his neck popping out. Jordyn jumped up and put her hands upon his upper arms, she could feel his arms flexing underneath her hands and she closed her eyes for a moment, don’t lose train of thought Jordyn. “Sully don’t he isn’t worth it, I don’t need you getting into trouble because of me alright I feel bad enough that you came all this way even though I told you not to and I know I should have known better that you would have come either way. Listen, l-let’s just go for a drink, take me to the bar or we could just stay at the house. Either way I want to take a shower and get changed.” Jordyn pleaded with Sully staring at him, his gazed moved up to hold hers and he studied her, he just loved her so much and no one especially her deserved any of this and no one was going to hurt her. He could see the hurt and fear in her eyes. He just pulled her into him once more, wrapping his arms around her and burying his face into her neck, breathing in her scent, it was almost addicting. Willing the pain to leave her, hoping, praying that just his arms alone could do it.

“Okay Jordyn I won’t go out looking for him but you better believe if he comes to me or anywhere near me or you again there won’t be any stopping me or the other guys for that matter. Come on let’s get you out of here.” Sully whispered in response, Jordyn wiped her eyes and nodded she walked to the bench and shut off the radio before slipping on an old, worn out leather jacket that use to be Sully’s and his scent still lingered upon it, she wore it almost every day. She then shoved her cell phone into her pocket, shutting it off before doing so and putting her pack of cigarettes in the other pocket, taking out her car keys. Jordyn thought that Sully had never noticed the fact that she had his coat but he had but he never thought anything of it, besides it looked better on her than it ever did on him. They then walked out of the room, turning the light off before proceeding down the stairs and out the door, there was a slight cool breeze but other than that it was pretty nice out.

Jordyn got into her car as he got onto his bike, Sully’s first car was a Trans Am and it was by far is favorite automobile ever made. He watched her get inside before putting on his helmet and turning on his bikes engine. Jordyn smirked watching him getting settled onto his bike before taking off, the vision of him looking so damn hot on that bike made her own engine rev and the image was stuck in her mind as she drove, Sully followed behind her, even though he knew the way. Thirty minutes later Jordyn pulled into her drive way and Sully parked on the road in front of her apartment. He swung his leg off his bike before setting his helmet upon the back of the bike and followed Jordyn to the door. His eyes fell upon nasty names spray painted upon her door and siding as well as knife marks upon the door around the handle, indicating that someone had tried to break in and failed. They both knew who it was without saying a word; if Sully ever got a hold of that prick he would squeeze him until his head popped off.

Sully kicked the door shut as he followed Jordyn inside, “there’s beer in the fridge if you want any, tequila in the cabinet above it. Help yourself; I’m going to get in the shower.” Jordyn stated as she headed into her bedroom, then coming back out before heading into the bathroom which was right next to her bedroom. Sully did exactly what she suggested and took out a beer, as he closed the fridge he saw the s**ttered pictures that were stuck to it, being held by magnets. Several of the guys, their wives and his s****r; Sully smiled, Jordyn had, had a rough life growing up, she really didn’t have much f****y and the ones that still existed she barely spoke to. Jordyn’s apartment wasn’t huge but it was a nice sized one bedroom with an open layout, the kitchen opened right up into the living room, a small table sat against the wall in front of where the door was. Sully wandered around the room as Jordyn was in the shower, it was then that he noticed how many pictures in her apartment involved him. There were a lot more pictures of just the two them than anyone else in the entire apartment, he laughed softly to himself as he stood in front of the entertainment center, and he reached up and plucked up a picture of them back in high school.

Just as he paused, Jordyn shut off the water and stepped out of the shower, she wrapped a towel around her hair before wrapping one around her body. She came out of the bathroom and Sully looked in her direction, beer clutched in one hand, the picture in the other, his eyes went slightly wide before pulling his gaze from her toned, water glistened body. He pushed the picture of her naked body that was cover by the towel from his mind. She walked over and looked at the picture. “Oh my, look at your long rocker hair and my bad make up, what the hell were we thinking?” Jordyn commented, taking the bottle from him briefly taking a gulp before handing it back. Sully shrugged, “I don’t know but we were on d**gs so that could explain a lot.” He replied with a laugh.

“Yea that’s true. Be right back let me get dressed and then we can head out.” Jordyn said before entering her bedroom. Sully sat down upon her couch as he waited; she slipped on her matching panties and bra before pulling on a pair of tight, torn blue jeans and a tank top. She then took her boots out of the closet, sitting down she pulled her socks and boots on, lacing them up. She fixed her make up and put on the necklace that Sully had given her years ago. She picked up the leather jacket and slipped it on as she exited back into the living room. “Ready?” She questioned.

“Yea, taking the bike right.” Sully replied.

“Of course, I’ve been waiting to have a ride since you guys left.” Jordyn answered, walking past him and out the door. Sully smiled and followed her out, he tossed his helmet into the backseat of her car before getting on, Jordyn walked up and swung her leg over the bike and slid on, and wrapping her arms tightly around his muscular waist. She melted inside feeling ever muscle as he moved. She absolutely loved riding with him, going fast, getting a rush and she was now in her delight as he turned the bike on, it purring and vibrating underneath them. Sully then took off heading about twenty minutes into town and pulling up in front of a biker bar, The Rusty Nail.

Jordyn, Sully and the guys came here several times and the band a few of their first shows here. It had been a long time since Sully had been there but Jordyn was there at least once a week, the owner, George kept an eye on Jordyn making sure she was good for Sully without Jordyn’s knowledge of course. Jordyn walked in and Sully couldn’t help but notice the sway of her hips, his gaze glued before tearing it away once he heard the greeting. A smile came onto his face, they stopped at the bar. “Hey George, how’s it going?” Sully said once reaching it.

“Hey Sul, been going good, but I see not so good for my sweets over here.” George commented noticing her black eye and bruised cheek, not even her cover up could hide all the damage. “I hope you broke his fucking fingers…” George began but stopped seeing her face. “What?”

“I’m going to tell you the same thing that I told him, don’t even think about it he isn’t fucking worth it got it! Now give me a bottle of bud and a bottle of Jagar please.” Jordyn stated before heading to a table in the corner of the room. Sully looked to George and shrugged, “make that two buds.” Sully stated, he paid and took the bottles to Jordyn before grabbing two shot glasses and the bottle of Jagar and returning to the table. They both did several shots before drinking some beer, they drank the Jagar until there was only a quarter of the bottle left, they both were feeling a little tipsy but it was just what they needed, especially Jordyn.

Slowly people left until there was only Sully and she left, George shut off the main lights, leaving the neon lights on in the walls and a single light above the bar that was in the middle. Leaving Jordyn and Sully almost in complete darkness except for those lights and the jukebox. George let them know that they could stay as long as they wanted, just the go out the back and it would lock behind them. “Thanks George.” Jordyn said with a smile, he kissed her on the top of head.

“Of course sweets, enjoy.” George replied, winked at Sully and disappeared into the back. Jordyn a few minutes later after finishing her last sip of beer stumbled toward the bar to put the empty bottle upon it. She bar-tended there on busy weekends for some extra cash, she lite up a cigarette before heading toward the jukebox. Sully began to laugh and shake his head as she did so, “What are you doing?” He question, she simply looked at him and hushed him before bringing her attention back to the jukebox, biting her bottom lip as she scanned the selections, making her even more beautiful and irresistible in Sully’s eyes as he watch her.

Jordyn made her selection and began to back up into the little space that they had for the dance floor as the cd’s rotated inside of the machine before stopping at the one she wanted and the music began as she began to sing to Katy Perry’s E.T. and moved her hips to the beat. Sully took a deep breath in as he watched; he closed his eyes for a moment but then couldn’t resist any longer and began to watch her once more. Jordyn spun to face him and began to head toward him as she sung, “kiss me, kiss me, infect me with your love and fill me with your poison. Take me, take me, want to be your victim, ready for a*****ion….” Her hips still swaying as she leaned across the table and put out the finished cigarette. She then stood up and grabbed his hand, he protested shaking his head but she ignored it and continued to pull him to stand. Finally giving in he stood up, there was no one else around so what would it matter? Sully allowed her to pull him to the middle where she spun to face the other direction and began to dance once more. He moved closer to her, putting his hands on her hips moving with each movement she made, she winded up and down, side to side against him, his pants tightening, She had never dance like this with him before, it made him want her, need her even more his breath got heavy as he gripped her grinding hips. He couldn't understand why it had taken them so long to do this.

Her hips fell quickly and came up slowly against his leg and then his lower area; his eyes closed as he began to breathe heavily his gripping tighten slightly in response. She began to bite her bottom lip again, she knew she was making him squirm inside. She turned in his arms and pressed up against him, now facing him, her arms wrapped around his neck, fingers entwined in his hair. Sully’s hand wandered down to her ass moving with her once again, they held each others gaze there was a new look in her he noticed. There was a chair sitting pointing out, Jordyn pushed a hand upon his chest pushing him backward and into the chair, she then straddled him, her heart skipping a beat as she continued to grind her hips upon his lap.

Sully’s breath became heavier as he watched and felt her move, his hands slowly moved up her legs, hips and the up under her shirt onto her soft skin, she jumped slightly, and her head falling back as a soft moan escaped her lips. This made his hands go up further, his pants tightening as he began to get hard as the sound of her moan. She looked at him before leaning in and kissing him deeply, passionately, tugging at his hair as she did so. Sully pushed his tongue into her mouth making it deeper as they made out for several moments. She then moved her lips from his lips to his ear and then his neck kissing and biting, making him even harder and his hand went to her chest massaging her breast trying everything to not strip her and take her right here. Jordyn’s eyes rolled and she moaned again, louder than before and her hips grinding even hard upon him feeling him beginning to get hard and this made her moist.

Not able to take it any longer, Jordyn got up, pulling him up with her. She walked to the table, slipped on his coat, shoving their cigarettes into her pockets and tossing money onto the table. She opened the bottle took a huge gulp of Jugar before Sully took it from her and finished it; he set the empty bottle down and then was pulled towards the back. Before Jordyn got to the door, Sully spun her to face him and began to kiss her, her back pressed against the wall, she ran her hands up his back and scratched slightly, he got harder and she got wetter. She pulled away biting his lips as she did so. A growled ripped from Sully’s throat; it was him now pulling her out the door and to the bike. He got onto it and she got on right behind him, wrapping her arms tightly around him. Turned on the bike and took off, the vibrations of the machine only making the want and need worse, her hands upon his abs didn’t help either, then she moaned the moment her hand touched his abs making him push the bike even harder.

Instead of twenty, it took ten minutes to get to her place, he hastily parked his bike as she hopped off and he sped up following her inside. She turned the moment the door opened and he kicked it shut wrapping his arms around her waist as she slipped off the coat dropping it onto the couch. They began to back up toward the bedroom; she grabbed the bottom of his shirt and lifted up and over his head, tossing it to the side. The kiss only breaking for a second, before their lips crashed back together, eager for each other; they kicked off their boots as they entered the bedroom, he then took her tank top off, revealing her breasts sitting perfecting in her lacy bra.

He melted inside, a small growl escaping again as he buried his face into them kissing the tops of them lightly, her fingers tangled in his hair, her breath heavy as a moan escaped her, chills racking her body, more moisture coming from between her legs. As his head was buried in her chest he fumbled with its clasp before finally getting it undone and tearing it from her body tossing it to the waste side, her breasts free from their restraints. His hand wandered up, grabbing a hold of them as she lay back onto her bed, he crawled on top of her, pulling her nipples into his mouth, sucking softly as a moan came loudly out of her, making him even harder. Once he had his fill of her breasts his mouth moved down her body slowly, kissing her side making her jump lightly, her hands now on his shoulders, nails digging into his skin a growl now ripping from his throat as a response. He began to unbutton and unzip her jeans, Jordyn lifted up allowing Sully to slip them off her ass and off her legs, tossing them to the side.

Once her jeans were off she switched they’re positions so that she was now on top, her mouth crashing to his as she straddled him, her only in her panties, Sully’s rough hands upon her soft skin on her hips squeezing, imagining the feeling of being inside her. His hands returned to her breasts as she sat up enjoying the feeling, her back arching and her head back, his one hand wandered up and pulled upon her hair pulling her head back more and she moaned loudly. Once her head was released she moved her lips over his body, exploring each inch of it. He tensed up as her lips hit his hard groan, his hands tangled in her hair as her lips wrapped around its head. Shivers racked his body as he grunted with pleasure. There was no need for foreplay they had waited so long since the first time, there was some foreplay but she didn't care. As his hard shaft slid into her warm, wet mouth he tugged upon her hair again as he lifted his hips, the top of his cock hitting the back of her throat and this time they both moaned, her one hand grabbing at his side and the other wrapped around his shaft. It wasn’t long before he couldn’t take it any longer and placed his hands underneath her arms and pulled her up to him, his lips crashing against hers with a hunger he had never felt before.

Within seconds he was on top of her, his kisses moving from her mouth to her jawline and resting momentarily upon her neck, her fingers digging into his back, her hips rising and falling, calling for him to touch her already soaking wet pussy. He slowly moved down to her breasts, taking one hard nipple into his mouth and sucking on it, the other getting attention from his hand, her body trembling as an orgasm neared already and she moaned wildly. “Oh god, Sully,” she purred, her breaths becoming shorter. After switching nipples he preceded downward, kissing every inch of her, until he got down to her stomach and he grabbed a hold of her panties and practically ripped them off of her body. Finally he made it between her legs with a only a push of his hands her legs were wide open and her beautiful pussy in front of him, glistening with her sweet wetness for him. He couldn’t believe it, this was all for him. He smiled softly as he peered up at her, Jordyn was biting her bottom lip, one hand upon her breast and the other sliding down to her clit to begin to play it becoming too much to bare. His gaze followed her hand to her clit and as she played with herself he lowered his head and his tongue sliding between her lips and she stiffened instantly, almost losing it right then and there. “Oh god, please, please.” She begged, his mind reeled and he buried his face into her snatch. Her fingers in his hair as her moans became louder and louder. As he licked her cunt, he dipped two fingers into her hole, she was so tight and her moans became louder as he began to finger fuck her and lick her all at once. “God, Sully, I’m going to cum!” She screamed, at this he increased his rhythm, as the first waves of an orgasm took her. His fingers slid out and he began to suck and pull, licking up every drop of her sweet nectar. It tasted and smelled so good, his cock jumped in anticipation of being inside of her hot, wet cunt and it got harder.

Jordyn looked up at him, her eyes pleading with him as she came down from her orgasm, pleading with him to fuck her, to make love to her, to fill her with his big hard cock. He couldn’t tease her any longer because if he did he would be done for, he couldn’t take it any longer. Sully climbed on top of her, he rubbed his cock up and down her wetness, his eyes closing with a pleasure, her fingers on his shoulders. “Make love to me baby, please. Don’t make me wait any longer to have you inside of me.” She pleaded with him and he slowly slid the head of his cock into her pussy, she moaned loudly, she felt so amazing. He slowly pushed it inside of her, to the hilt before bringing it back out to go back in deep and hard once again. “Oh god!” She screamed, he began to quicken his pace, pumping it in and out of her glorious pussy. Only in for a few minutes and already he could feel another orgasm coming, she was at the edge and he quickened his pace as her pussy walls tightened around him and her juices exploded inside of her and around him. “Oh god Jord, you feel so fucking good.” Sully moaned, her back arched, her nails digging into him, he pulled lightly and her legs were wrapped around him. His rough hands gripping her sides as he pulled her into him making it even deeper. "Yes Sully don't stop!" She screamed, her body withered in ecstasy as he pumped his hard cock into her swollen pussy. Her entire body was shaking as another orgasm racked her body and how she became more wet he didn't know, he was on the verge himself but he was going to hold out as long as possible.

"Bend me over, rail me from behind." She moaned, Sully didn't have to be told twice, he pulled out and flipped her over, bringing her to the edge of the bed before kneeling down and licking up some of her juices. She almost screamed in pleasure, "don't tease me" she pleaded, "oh god!" before he even got a chance to push his hard member into her cunt she was cumming all over his tongue and face. He moaned as he drank it, the moan sending vibrations through her and in a blink of an eye he was fully inside her pumping in and out as she began to tremble. "Fuck Jord! You fuck so good baby." He moaned almost the instant he hit that g spot an orgasm wracked her again and knees almost gave out it hit her so hard. In one swift movement she was on top of him, riding his cock like no one had ever done before and he could feel his orgasm on the verge, she threw her head back in ecstasy, moans ripping from her throat, his hands upon her hips and breasts. "Fuck Jord, I'm going to cum!" Sully cried out.

"Please fill me!" She begged and just as she peaked, her pussy walls gripping onto him, and her pussy juices exploded just as his cum shot from his tip both them going over the edge at once and she rode him harder as he gripped her hips. Once they were both done, she collapsed beside him it was only moments later they were at it again for hours before they collapsed at once and quickly went to sl**p. In the morning, the sunlight came sprawling in and she stirred groaning softly, she blinked rapidly and looked up at him, she had fallen asl**p, her head upon his chest. "Hey," She commented leaning up to kiss him. "I'm going to take a shower," She stated and began to get out of the bed before squealing as he grabbed a hold of her and brought her back to him. "The hell you are, who says I was done with you?" Sully questioned but didn't wait for an answer before crashing his lips softly against hers and positioned himself between her legs. He could already feel how moist she was, that wasn't hard as his swollen member pushed into her pussy and she gasped softly. The feeling like electricity and they were making love, as he slowly pumped in and out of her, every thrust driving her wild. He pushed the hair from her face, he kept it slow and deep as she twisted her arms and legs around him.

Sully kissed her lips as he played with her hair and it was no time before a long, intense orgasm hit her. After driving each other crazy, switching positions for an hour or so, he began to go faster just as they were about hit each others peaks a rapping came from the front door. "Come on Jordyn! Its Alison, you promised!" A girl whined from the other side. They both ignored it and they hit their peak moaning loudly but not loud enough for Alison to hear. Alison dated one of the band members and they didn't want anyone to really know about them yet. Neither of them were done yet but once the rapping persisted he rolled off and she groaned in aggravation. "You should probably get that." Sully commented.

Jordyn nodded, kissed him again slipped on her panties and his a size too big t-shirt and began to leave the room, "get in the shower if you want babe, towels are in the closet." As she left the room, hair all a mess, cheek rosy he slipped into the bathroom. She was still quite out of breath when she reached the door and undid the deadbolt and opened the door, "sorry Alison, I completely forgot." Jordyn stated as she opened the door and stepped aside to let her friend in.

Alison walked into the apartment and said, "I was pounding on your door for like five minutes. What were you doing, having wild sex or something?" She laughed at her own joke before looking over at Jordyn. She took in the other girl's messy, sweaty hair, her red cheeks, her oversize t-shirt. She arched an eyebrow, waiting for her to tell her. Before Jordyn could say anything, Alison heard the shower turn on. A broad smile stretched across her face. "Oh my god, you WERE having wild sex!" she exclaimed, clapping in excitement. "Who is it?" she said, putting her hands on Jordyn's shoulders and shaking her a little. "I need details!"

Jordyn stood there biting her lip as she closed the door behind her friend, she smiled and laughed as Alison shook her begging for details. "Well firstly it was all night wild sex and we were just topping it off when we were so RUDELY interrupted and couldn't finish. As of who my lips are sealed." Jordyn replied with a smirk, no matter how much they wanted to keep this quiet it didn't matter because the moment Sully walked out of the bathroom to head into the bedroom Alison would know who. His body glistening with moisture and only a towel wrapped around his waist. Jordyn had her motor going all over again just thinking about it. She would defiantly need a cold shower after this.

Alison's eyebrows raised as she nudged Jordyn, "all night wild sex? Come on who is this guy?" She questioned, practically jumping out of her skin wanting to know. But her question was soon answered as the bathroom door opened and out walked Sully, towel wrapped around his waist and walked toward the room nonchalantly and calmly said, "hey." Toward Alison before entering the room. And Jordyn was right she definitely needed a cold shower now, damn it as Alison turned her excitement on her face, "SULLY!?" Alison almost screeched.

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