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I didn’t grow up in a normal household. My mother made tons of money, and my
father stayed home. Mom had been a successful model in her early 20′s and Dad
was her manager, but when Mom retired from modeling and started her own
cosmetics company, Dad agreed to stay home and take care of my little s****r and
I. It was actually pretty fun with Dad in charge as things like sugary snacks
and lot’s of TV were the norm rather than the exception.

The only problem was Mom was very critical of Dad, and it seemed like he was
just another employee to be bossed around. One day I asked him why she was so
mean to him.
"Well, honey, she’s very driven, and she wants everything, and everybody to be
"That’s dumb, no one can be perfect!"
"I know that, and you know that, but she still wants it. And I am stuck here and
can’t leave for two different reasons."
"You’d leave us Dad?
"Well, there’s reason number one, reason number two is I have nowhere to go.

have no real skills, and if I left, I’d be out on the streets. I don’t want
that, so I put up with being treated that way."

That made me sad that day when he told me, but after awhile, I got mad at him
for not having the guts to stand up for himself. Mom was mean at times, but when
Kara (my s****r) and I stood up to her, she respected us for it. She’d do it for
Dad if he only had the guts.

Dad was always doing stuff around the house, and he hired the gardeners, pool
man, and everything else we needed, but that’s where his downfall began.
I’d gotten home early from high school one day, and I just walked up to my room
with seeing Dad. I thought he was off somewhere running an errand. When I went
to the bathroom, though, I heard noises coming from their bedroom, and I peeked
in and almost died of shock! Dad was naked and was fucking someone in the ass
and he was just ramming his cock in to them, and as the woman he was with
started to yell and scream with each stroke, I realized it was Mrs.

Howard, who
cooked for us at times! Dad was fucking the cook? I tried to back away quietly,
but I tripped and fell, and made enough noise that they stopped.
"Oh shit! Who is it?"
I just ran towards my bedroom, and closed the door, but a few seconds later Dad
knocked on my door.
"Oh, hi Dad."
"Don’t ‘Hi Dad’ me! You saw didn’t you? You know you did!"
He didn’t look angry, he looked, well, scared. Then I knew just how cowardly he
was, he was totally afraid of Mom, and he’d put up with the abuse, just so he
wouldn’t have to work for a living. Well I decided right then and there, that he
was going to work a lot harder, it’s just that I was now going to be his boss!
‘Oh, I saw everything Dad, didn’t miss a detail, did you like fucking her?"
"Answer me Dad, when I ask a question, I expect you to answer me, did you like
fucking her?"
He put his face in his hands.

"Yes, I did, your mother and I haven’t had sex in a long time, so I was
lonely. Mrs. Howard’s pretty understanding."
"OH she is , is she? How understanding of you is she going to be when Mom kicks
you out on your lazy ass? Will she want you to fuck her then?"
"You can’t, you can’t tell your mother, it’d be all over."
"And you don’t want it to end, do you Daddy, you want to keep fucking her, and
you want to keep living here with Mom paying all the bills, right? It’s going to
cost you, it’s going to cost you big time."
"What do you want..I don’t have any money?"
"Money? Mom gives me plenty, but I do need someone who’s going to work very hard
for me. You’re it, Daddy, send her home now, and then you get out there and
detail my car for me, and it better sparkle do you understand?"
"I understand, detail the car, and make it perfect."
"Good, now go get me some iced tea before you start!"
"Okay," he said, "I’ll get you some iced tea.

Is there anything else you would
"Yes, some chips and dip and be quick about it."
"Right away!"
It only took him a few minutes to get my snacks, this was going to be fun!
I lounged the rest of the day away, and Kara got home after awhile. I told her
all about our new toy, and we agreed to share him equally.
Just before Mom got home we ordered him to clean our rooms and he did. No more
room cleaning for us, which was really the only thing Mom made us do. We put on
our suits and went out to the pool to enjoy a sunny day before dinner.
Kara yelled out, "Dad! There’s leaves in the pool because the pool man hasn’t
been here in two days you need to get them out so we can swim!"
He’d been making dinner for Mom, but he ran out to do it quickly and then ran
back into the kitchen.
"How far do you want to take this, Jennifer?"
"As far as we want, he’s worm with no backbone at all, I don’t care about him
anymore, he’s only good for a slave."
"Oh, I agree with you, but should we just run him ragged, or really abuse him?"
"Hmm…s*s, I was thinking ‘degrade’ would just be a good start, how about you?"
"You got it, and I do believe the iced tea pitcher is empty, that’s an easy one!

"Dad! We need more iced tea!" and he dutifully ran out with it.
We swam and relaxed and then had dinner after Mom got home. She was in a really
bitchy mood so Dad had a really rough day.

Kara pulled me into her bedroom and told me she was going to really humiliate
him. "Just watch this!"
"Dad! I need you!"
He came in just a second later.

"Yes, honey?"
"Dad, it’s just about time to change…my tampon. I don’t feel like walking into
the bathroom, so you get me a towel so I don’t have to get up, and then you’ll
do the changing, I don’t feel like getting my hands dirty with it. Make sure you
bring a washcloth to wipe, too."
He looked miserable, but he only nodded and went to get the towels and as he
came back in he grabbed her box of tampons. He put the towel on the bed and she
slipped off her panties and sat down on it and spread her legs. I thought he was
going to cry.
"Dad, I don’t have all day, but I do have enough time to call Mom, so get
He pulled hers out and laid it on the towel and then he carefully wiped her up
and inserted a new one, and his hands were shaking. It was hilarious.

He did
another wipe and turned to go, but she stopped him.
"Oh, Daddy, thank you so much, because you did so good, you can kiss it. Now
give it a kiss, and then clean up."
He started to mumble, but she cut him off.
"Now Daddy."
He leaned in and kissed her pussy. It couldn’t have been too pleasant, and I
almost felt sorry for him. Almost. He cleaned up everything, and she insisted he
help pull her panties up. He looked so dejected when he left, but we just
laughed out asses off.
"My god, he is such a pussy himself! If we talked to Mom that way she’d kill us
in a heartbeat, but he just takes it with a hangdog look on his face.

Well, we
ARE our Mother’s daughters! We have tomorrow off in school, let’s see how well
he works."

We made him make us fresh waffles and crepes for breakfast and then sent him to
clean and detail Kara’s car. We let him do the things Mom wanted him to, and
then we took over again.
"Daddy! I"m going to call a friend of mine, you’re going to greet him at the
door with a cold beer for him, do you have that?"
"Well then get back to work and be ready when that doorbell rings!"
I called my boyfriend and told him to come on over, I wanted to fuck him.
"Your Dad’s not there?"
"Oh he is, but it will never be a problem again, trust me."
He showed up about 15 minutes later and Dad e****ted him to my door. He walked
into my bedroom with a cold beer in his hand and an amazed look on his face. Dad
turned to go, but I told him to be back in five minutes.
"What is up with that? He gave me a beer!"
"Enjoy it, there’s more where that came from, you see, Daddy was a bad boy, and
now he’s paying for it. Kara and I have a new slave. Now you, get those pants
unzipped, you stud, I’m gonna give you the best blowjob of your life!"
"What about your Dad?"
"I told you, he’s a slave, he’s just going to have to suffer in silence.

As a
matter of fact, I want him to see you come all over my face."
He unzipped and I got to work, I loved sucking his cock, it wasn’t huge, but it
was just fine for me, I slurped, and sucked and licked it up and down, and then
took it as deep as I could (I’d get deep throating down one of these day) and
bobbed up and down like it was sexiest lollipop in history. Jake was starting ot
moan and I knew he wouldn’t last long as this pace, but I wanted the timing to
be right, and just then Dad walked back in to see me sucking like the goddess of
whores, and Jake let loose at just the right moment as he covered my face with
his load, and he spurted for five or six seconds and I got all of it, and it was
all over me, and I loved it. I turned and Dad was crying. Seeing his little
princess suck cock was a tough blow to him, but too bad.
"MMmm…that was some good cock, did you like watching Daddy?"
"It was….fine."
"Oh you don’t sound very enthusiastic, I had a wonderful time, tell you what,
why don’t you wipe my face clean, like, now."
"Jeez, Jennifer, that’s kinda harsh."
"He’s a worthless, spineless worm, he’s lucky I didn’t make him lick me clean.
You want me to have him blow you?"
"Uh, no, not my thing"
"Oh, I know, when he’s done cleaning my face up, I want you to fuck me as hard
as you can, as fast as you can. I don’t even care if I get off, I just want to
see him suffer while my man gives me a good fuck."

Dad came back in with a damp washcloth and cleaned my face up, but I told him
to just stay there.

Jake was hard, and I was horny, so I yanked off my panties
and spread for Jake, and he went to town, hard as a rock and he was going like a
madman, just pounding me as hard as he could, not caring if he hurt me at all,
and I loved every second of it! he hadn’t been going long and I realized I was
coming as I started to moan uncontrollably, yes, yes, yes, yes, fuck me sooooo
goood baby! Fuck me, Fuck Me, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!! And I erupted all over his
pounding cock and he screamed out his orgasm as he blew another load into me.
"Oh god, baby that was so fucking good!"
"Yeah, it was pretty fucking hot." he looked at my Dad and said "Did I fuck her
good enough for you? Did you enjoy seeing me fuck her tight pussy?"
Dad mumbled out his reply.
"I didn’t hear you Daddy! Did you enjoy watching him fuck me? Answer me!"
"Oh goody, now go get him a beer, and be quick about it!"
We collapsed into gales of laughter as he went to get go get the beer.
"Man, if I even SAW a guy with my daughter naked nearby I’d kill him., and he
just stood there and watched it? What a pussy!"
Dad came back and gave him the beer, and I gave him further instructions.
"Now go see if Kara needs you for anything, and I do mean ANYTHING, you got
"Oh goody, now you’re being very respectful, I like that. Now get going!"
"Damn Jenn, you’re one mean woman, I hope I never make you mad."
"You couldn’t, not like that. If I yelled at you the my Mom does at him, you’d
beat me. He’s just that gutless!"
Then I told him what Kara had made him do last night and he laughed.
"Actually, she’s more cruel than I am, let’s go see what she’s doing to him

We wandered into her bedroom to see her stretched out over the bed with her
legs spread, and dead Daddy was eating her bl**dy pussy out!
"Oh, hi guys, I told him he can’t stop until I come, and he’s not doing too bad,
except, yikes, I forgot to put in a new tampon, it’s got to be pretty messy down
I knew Kara could do the G-spot thing and really soak a guy, but I wondered if
she would with Daddy.
"Oh come on, you can do it, lick it, lick it, suck my pussy Daddy, you know I
want to come, you know I do, ah, ah, ah, I’m almost there,. suck my clit hard,
you bitch, suck it!"
She started writhing and screamed out a monster orgasm, and yeah, she’d launched
a big load, and it spattered Daddy all over the face; bl**d, sweat, pussy juices
and that wonderful g-spot nectar!
"Ooh, Daddy that was very good! You suck pussy really well, but next time, I’m
going to have get you some appropriate attire."
Jake went home after fucking me again, and this time I made daddy clean my pussy
up, and take a few licks of Jake’s come. We made Daddy scrub us in the shower
and then put him back to work as we went shopping.

We bought some bondage gear,
and Kara decided on a strap on with a huge black dildo. We were going to have
such fun with our slave!

We got back home and just had him running around doing little things for us, but
I had another surprise for him. When Mom got home that evening, I told Daddy to
greet her, take her shoes, get her a glass of wine, and offer to massage her
feet. He did and she was amazed, but as she sat down, I handed her a letter
explaining why Daddy was now a slave, and then I handed her my iPod, where the
video of him watching and cleaning me up as Jake pounded me, played for Mom. She
got the biggest smile, and told Daddy, "Slave, it is time for you to get into
your proper clothing, NOW!"

Daddy put on his outfit, and then Mom bent him over the dining room table and
started to pound his ass with the big black dildo, while I sat on the table to
make him eat my pussy, and Mom had blast fucking her slave’s ass, and told us to
be on the lookout for some REAL big black cocks to pound Daddy’s ass, and then
fuck all three of us while he watched!

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