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My First Daddy

I didn't have sex with another guy until I was 21. I was always the quiet, nervous type. I had been watching gay porn since I was 13. I had never tried anything with another man because I was too scared someone might find out. Eventually though the urge was too strong and I finally got tired of playing with dildos and fantasizing. The only place I knew of to find other guys was craigslist. So I posted seeking an older, experienced, discrete man who wanted to top a younger boy. I ended up with several responses to the posting. It was a guy in his 40's who was married and traveled to the area frequently that caught my eye. He told me his company paid for a room in my town and he was there almost every other week on business. I knew I wanted an older dominant man and he fit the description. He was fit, white, hung, about 8" and thick! I was very attracted to his pics but was nervous to meet. We exchanged emails for several days before I was confident enough to go and meet him. When I came to his hotel room the door was unlocked as we had planned. I found him sprawled across the bed naked and hard. Without saying a word, I slowly stripped in front of the bed. My heart was racing as I crawled onto the bed and worked my hands up his muscular legs to his cock. I began to slowly suck him off. I became very excited when I started to taste his precum. He sensed my nervousness and laid me on my back and we started making out. He grabbed lube from the nightstand and put some on his finger. He brought my knees up to my chest so that my ass was raised up and ready for him. It was an amazing sensation as he started to slip first one finger and then two into my ass. I begged for his cock even though it was very big... He made me his subordinate fuck boy that night. It hurt at first but after a few minutes the pain gave way to a sensation of euphoria. I'll never forget the moment when I knew he was cumming in me for the first time. His muscular body tensed and the hard thrusting turned into a slow and deep grind. He grunted and sighed as his cock pumped its seed into me. I remember kissing him on the neck and thanking him. Every time he was in town for the next year I stayed in his room and he fucked me over and over. We never used each others names. I referred to him as "Daddy" or "Sir" and he always called me his boy. It wasn't wise looking back but I never made him use a condom. There was something so amazing about taking his cum and knowing my Daddy was seeding his boy. That was my first experience with another man and it was something I'll never forget!

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