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A night out bar hoping

it all started on a friday night. i had cashed my check and decided to do a little bar hoping. i just moved into the neighberhood thought i would get to know the local watering holes.after about 3 or 4 bars i was getting a little hungry so i noticed a little bar and grill. i figured i would stop in there and get a bite to eat.i walked in and they had a bar on one side and restraunt on the other side. it looked pretty classy. so i sat down orderd some food. as usual when i was done eating i felt that healthy shit comming on. so i asked waiter where is the jhon. he pointed to it. so i went in sat down and started taking a shit.

i looked over and noticed a hole in the stall. didnt think nothing of it. then i noticed someone stick there finger through the hole. i was like what the fuck. next thing i know pretty good size dick came slideing i have had gay thaught before but just never was confronted with it. so i just staired at it for a minute. my mind was doing a mile a minute.before i new it i had my lips ****d around it sucking it like a dick was as hard as a rock.

he started thrusting it in and out of my mouth. i could tell he was going to cum. i felt my cheeks swell up i tryed to swallow it but it made a loud noise when some of it blew out. i sat back on the toilet and started thinking about what i just did. about the time i started to get up and leave. another one come through even bigger. i tried telling myself thats enough lets get out of here. but the thought of suck that cock was to i leand over and w****d my lips around that one. i could hear the guy moaning on the other side. that just turned me on even more.

he didnt have to thrust i was all over this one. i was getting into it now.i herd him starting to grunt. then i could feel his body start to shake and quiver .i new he was about to blow. i was ready for this one. i timed it just right i started swallowing. didnt spill a drop. i herd in a low voice holy shit fucking a. i sat back down to get calmed down i was trimbling pretty bad.well i still havent flushed the toilet so i unlocked the door turned aroun to flush the toilet. then i felt someone push me forward. and said put your hands against the wall . wich i didnt have much of a choice when he pushed me.

i herd a deep voice say thats enough sucking now its time for fucking.he pulled my shorts down to my ankles. i could hear him unzipping his pants. he gave me a couple more gentle pushes like dont you move. i herd him spitting on his hand. then i felt him starting to penatrating me. my mind was saying no . but the rest of me was saying give it to must have been pretty long cause it took a while before his hips touched my ass.he took it slow at first then he put it to me. every time he slammed in me he would hit that nerve my g spot.

my legs started turning to jello i didnt know how much longer i could stand.then i felt him slow down. and start getting a slow rythom going. icould tell by his moans he was about to cum.then i could feel his cock swell up a little then him start to jerk and grunt. then i felt this warm sensation deep in me.i looked down at my dick and i was haveing an orgasom with out even touching it. i shot a pretty good size load.he slaped me on the ss said nice job. and walked away.i sat back on the toilet disy exausted. and my legs where jello. it took about 5 minutes before i could get up and walk out. i walked back to my table and noticed everybody looking at me and smileing. i sat down and started to pay for my food.

i started looking around and noticed there where no girls in there . it hit me i am in a gay bar.there all smileing cause they new i was strait when i walked in. it was all a set up. but hey thats one set up i couldnt complain about. i just started smileing back left a nice tip and went home.

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