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Poem for Princess Kate

My fresh friend cute Kate really liked my inviting idea I would write for Her.
Preferably a poem. She tried to inspire me with a few lovely lines at my wall:
My body is like neverland, a valley of beauty and lust with sexy ups and downs.
I don't know anything about her sexy ups and downs, but she's a beauty for sure!

It is difficult to tell my readers much about Kate as I hardly know her yet.
I will let you in on the bits I know. She is a Gothic Princess and a Witch.
So far she writes me sweetly, so she does not seem to be that a bad bitch.
Perhaps she is a bad Witch, a risk which I like to take, Maybe that is sexy?

Good girls go to Heaven. Bad girls go to Amsterdam for sex and d**gs and rock.
With Witches different rules might apply. The bad ones stay forever Gothic.
Good Witches get poems devoted to their cult, outer and inner cute beauties.
Princesses face the same choice in life, either be bad or serve the People.

Who knows? Maybe my Gothic Princess will show up one day in old Amsterdam.
I show her around, wherever she might like to be. Lots of bad places to see.
Lots of Heaven here as well. Bad places are where the tourists go in masses.
I do not disclose the little heavens I know in my town in this poem for her.

One is an easy guess: my place, of course! Not every reader is invited though.
I am curious where this poem will lead me, writing is an addictive adventure.
I am usually happy by my own surprise, perhaps even more than my prime reader.
I know that in very rare cases reading my writing leads to closer encounters.

I lable this poem in I do not know how many quatrains yet in three categories.
First one is 'First Time' as it's my first time to write for this new Princess.
Just for your information. Kate is not my first Princess here. I have a few.
Just to mention one: her name is Romey. She is a Biblical Russian Princess.

The second lable I choose is 'Celebrities' as Princesses Kate are of some fame.
Both life in Britain. But only our Witch escapes from paparazzi by her magic.
Our Gothic Princess has her own trusted photographers for some pictures here.
In fact, Princess Kate discovered my talent with words in my comments there.

The third lable is 'Taboo' as Witches - no matter Good or Bad - keep secrets.
Any real Witch will only initiate a devotee whenever she judges time to be ripe.
They love to let us ordinary folks guess to our bests and believe fairy tales.
This concludes my eight quatrains written out of curiousity for her and for me.

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