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It all began strangely enough with an argument with a couple whose party we planned on going to. We left, returned home and then had several drinks there. After a little bit we both decided to go out anyway. My wife, Susan, is an exhibitionist who loves to dance and while I appease her at times I would rather play pool than dance. Consequently when we go out she dances a lot and I play pool.

We arrived at a dance club that featured a live band while she danced I played pool at a small table in the back. A guy at the bar invited us to private party where he said there was a large pool table and a lot of dancing. I told her, she said she wanted to go, so we decided to leave after getting the address. The guy she had been dancing with asked if he could tag along. They seemed to enjoy dancing together and the guy with the invite said no problem, we all took off, booze flowing pretty freely at this point.

So eventually we ended up at private party and didn’t know anyone. I played pool with the several guys in a large game room and Susan was off dancing with Steve. On this night she had on a very attractive short skirt that showed off her fine legs, white blouse, hose and 6" heels. She has shoulder length blonde hair, nicely tanned and full 34 breasts.

When I seen Susan next she was very wasted. Steve, continued dancing with her. I lost a game of pool and since I didn’t really know anyone there I watched this guy kissing and groping a beautiful blonde, his girlfriend I assumed. While he seemed to enjoy the attention of others I don’t think she was really coherent enough to know others were in the room. That is when I saw Steve assisting a very intoxicated Susan into a room off down the hall and away from the main party where everyone was dancing. Curiosity got the best of me and I went down the short hall and went in. The room was large with a large sectional in the middle of the room. The stereo was playing moderately loud. Susan was sitting on the sectional, Steve next to her, another guy I hadn’t seen on opposite side from Steve. Someone had just passing her a joint and I am sure she hadn’t smoked one since high school. As my eyes adjusted to the dimmed lights I could see that Steve had arm around her, the guy on other side had hand on her knee. Steve visibility stiffened when he seen me enter the room. He moved his arm from behind her and because she was very out of it, she slowly slid back and ended up laying on her back on the sectional. Steve was the only person at the party that knew we were at the party together. I looked around the room, then looked at Steve and made eye contact. I walked over a few steps and took a chair out of daughter’s view. I glanced around the room again and noticed there were guys on either side of her, two more guys sitting at small bar watching, and one sitting in chair by wall.

She stayed laid back on the sectional; obviously either passed out or very wasted. Steve glanced at me again and when I didn’t do anything but watch, he started fondling her breasts through her blouse. Again looking up at me and seeing I wasn't mad or angry, he started undoing her blouse. The guy on his opposite side moved his hand up onto her thigh at this point. I could see better now, eyes were adjusting to the dim light and I could tell that the blouse had already been partly undone, sure it was Steve’s earlier work. She was very out of it, she moaned a bit and moved her leg slightly but her eyes remained closed. Steve finished unbuttoning her blouse. He pulled her still hooked bra over her breasts exposing them. The other guy was trying to tug down her panty hose without much luck. At this point she started pushing them away with her hands very weakly, saying no, which was barely audible over the stereo.

No one had said anything since I entered the room, very quiet moment, one of the guys sitting at the bar came over, climbed on sectional, took her hands, holding them above her head. Steve looked at me, it was obvious she didn’t want the attention she was now receiving, I just stared at her. The guy fondling her thigh then using both hands and basically ripped her panty hose down, panties coming down also. The guy continued holding her hands above her head making it impossible for her to move away. When this happened she started crying out fairly loud.

I rose out of my chair and Steve stopped fondling her and watched me closely. I went over to the stereo and turned it up quite a bit louder. Instead of returning to the chair I went to the back and slightly to the side of where Susan was laying provided a very good view of her without her being able to see me. I was very turned on at that point. I could have easily stopped it at this point if I had wanted.

When I looked back at her the guy had pants undone and basically, with some effort, pushed into her. At this point, if the stereo had not been turned up, she was making enough noise that the commotion would have been easily heard outside the room. She tried to get up, but with one guy holding hands above her head she wasn’t able too. She tried crying out, I am sure it hurt her when he pushed in, no lube and he wasn’t gentle at all. With the one guy holding her hands above her head the other guy started pounding into her hard. Every time he pushed into her she let out a little "Uh" noise. Watching him pound into her, with her making a low rapid, "Uh, Uh, Uh" noise I found very exciting. After what seemed like a very few moments he climaxed in her.

One of the other guys at the small bar immediately took his place. He lasted longer and when finished, just moved back to his chair, not bothering to pull pants up. Another took his place, and after the third or fourth guy she quit struggling. She never seemed to enjoy it but just gave up fighting, sobbing quietly as one guy then another pushed theirs cocks in and out of her till they climaxed. I could see tears in her eyes and her chest moving up and down with her sobs.

Guys came and went from the room, again basically climbing on and off. I am sure several told others what was going on when the went into the other room and that was responsible for the steady stream of guys. Several left immediately after climaxing, but 6-8, not counting me, pretty much hung out and watched, most taking another turn. When she quit fighting the guy holding her hands undid pants, guided her head to his cock and basically started mouth fucking her. She was gagging and choking some but that didn’t seem to bother him. He climaxed and she choked again on it. He pulled away from her and another took his turn. This guy held her head, moved it back and forth on his dick, basically masturbating using her mouth. At this point no one was using her pussy so I took my turn. I am sure she couldn’t see who it was because of guy face fucking her. When I entered her she was very wet, but still fairly tight. Her body was shaking with guy face fucking her, her eyes were closed, and she had a grimace on her face. Her hands were now on the guy’s stomach, trying to push away with no luck at all. I too climaxed fairly quickly in one of my best orgasms I had ever had.

This went on for quite some time, she took a lot of different dicks, many two and three times as the guy would climax, watch the action for a bit, then start over. After I climaxed I watched several others have a go at her. I straightened up my clothes and went to get another drink. I told a guy in the line by bar about gal getting gangbanged in side room and he quickly grabbed his drink and headed straight for the room and action. I shot some more pool for maybe thirty minutes then returned to the room. Steve was gone and the guy that originally had fucked her was there with maybe 3-4 others standing around. He had her face down on the sectional and was taking his time pushing his dick in and out of her ass. I could hear loud sobs coming from her and several of the guys were openly jerking off watching her take in up the ass. I knew she had to be in a great bit of pain . He climaxed with a grunt and after a few moments pulled out and moved away. Another guy pushed her back onto the sectional; she had started to rise, and pushed a average sized dick again into her ass. As I watched him the reality of how turned on watching my wife being anally ****d hit me. When this guy finished, I quickly took his place. I thoroughly enjoyed it, driven on by the fact that at least two others were there before me.

Afterwards I again pulled out and returned to the pool table for maybe 45 minutes. Again, after losing I returned to the room. The crowd of the part had thinned significantly and when I entered the room, it was empty except for a very messy wife who was sl**ping soundly. I used a rag from the bar, cleaned her up a bit, and straightened her clothes. I then assisted her out of the room and to our car for the ride home. How much of this sure really remembers or knows I don’t know, she hasn’t talked about it. But it rekindled my love of gangbangs, especially if the gal isn’t really willing.

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