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Internet History

One day when i went to the shops to buy my girlfriend a present for our 3 year anniversary i said she could use my laptop while i was out. The internet history was littered with porn, most of which was a huge departure from the sex life between the two of us as i had a big thing for Femdom type videos.
The anniversary came along a couple days later and i was still completely unaware she knew about my sordid sexual fetishes and the type of thing i need to watch to get my self off.
We enjoyed a nice meal and came home for what i expected would be run of the mill missionary style sex, the same as every other time we make love. However she had planned a special present for me. She tied me to the bed, tight, my penis was already bulging, i knew i was in for something special. I asked her "what's going on Sarah" which she quickly replied i must call her "princess" and i was now her "slave". My penis was rock hard, rubbing against the rough denim of my jeans, all i wanted to do was release it, but i couldn't, i was tied and she had all the power, i was loving it. She pulled down my jeans, leaving me exposed on the bed, my penis moving frantically up and down, pulsating, i could have cummed then and there and she knew it. "You do not cum until i give you permission, i own that cock not you". I replied "yes princess".
She slowly moved towards her lingerie draw and pulled out a shiny vibrator, i never knew she owned this. She put it into my mouth moving it in out,in and out, staring deep into my eyes repeatedly saying "suck it like the slut you are". She left it there for me to suck on while she left the room for a second. She came back in wearing black stockings which rode high up her long, slender legs, matched with a pair of black french panties and a bra which pushed her breasts so tight together it could barley contain them.
She slowly removed the vibrator from my mouth and switched it on. Slowly she teased my throbbing penis, gently moving it towards my rear. She teased around my hole for a little bit, and the licked it her self to get it wet before inserting it. It felt so good, my ass hole clenched tight around it, it was pleasure i never knew before. I was so excited, but she refused to touch my penis, it was moving like i had never seen it before."beg" she said "beg me to let you release you disgusting juice". I was under her spell " i begged like a little bitch. "beg me to let you cum" i continued to beg, moving from side to side in a fit of pleasure.I was ready to blow, with out any contact, i was ready to blow. I begged harder and longer but still she continued to tease and deny me. Eventually i could see she was ready to let me have my pleasure. She ran her finger once from the base of my penis to the tip and that was all it took for me release a hot pile of cum everywhere. I had never know pleasure like it, cum was dripping from the end of my penis, body and face. She ran her finger over my body collecting cum and then moved it towards my mouth. "eat it up like a good little slut" she said.
She left the room and i was left tied to the bed a cum drenched quivering mess, i couldn't have asked for a better anniversary present.

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