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My name is Jason and this is then story of my first sexual encounter with my
mom.When I was 18 I was advanced one grade in high school because my normal
classes were not challenging enough. As I grew older I felt different from the
other k**s in my class and I was very shy around girls. My mother took notice of
this and began asking questions. I told her I was just studying hard but I knew
I would eventually confess my real problem. She pressed me about it and I told
her about having trouble relating to the other k**s,especially girls and that
some of them teased me over it. She said that it happened to most k**s and it
would pass soon but I told her it had been going on for awhile.

She said that we
would discuss it when I got home that afternoon and that she would have a
surprise for me. I was antsy all day and couldn’t wait to see what the surprise

My parents had divorced years ago and,although I see my dad,my mom and I are
much closer. My mom is the greatast. She’s smart,and funny and, in my humble
opinion, absolutely beautiful. We had always been able to talk about anything
and were the best of friends as well as mother and son.

When I got home that afternoon I called out "Hi mom" and I heard her voice
say"Hi honey, I’m in the f****y room please come and join me." I walked into the
f****y room and saw mom sitting on the couch dressed in the oversized tee shirt
she usually wears as a nightgown and a pair of sandals. She said "Come sit next
to me sweetheart" which I did.

She asked if anything had changed since we talked
that morning and I said no and then she asked me if I had ever seen a naked
women before? I said "No,unless you count the pictures in those girlie
magazines." Mom looked at me and said "Well I think we should remedy that" and
she reached down and pulled her tee shirt over her head. She had on a lacy bra
and bikini panties and I was dumbstruck and totally fasinated at the same time.
I said "Mom what’s going on here,is this the surprise?" She said "Yes sweetheart
it is. Please sit closer so we can talk." I moved next to her and marveled at
the scent of her perfume and couldn’t take my eyes off her breasts. I said " Mom
I’m really nervous here,I don’t know what to say or do." She told me to relax
and that everything would be fine. I couldn’t help myself when put my hand on
her thigh and felt how soft and smooth it was.

I told her so and she said "
That’s perfecly all right Jason. Would you like to see more?" I nodded my head
rapidly yes as she turned her back to me and said "Honey will you undo my bra
for me?" I fumbled with the clasps and she pulled her bra away and turned to
face me again. Her tits were absolutely phenomenal and swayed slightly when she
moved. I told her how magnificent they were and she asked "Would you like to
touch them?" I didn’t need to be asked twice and reached out with both hands and
massaged both of her orbs. They were soft and heavy and I was in heaven. She
told me to suck on her nipples and "watch what happens".

I leaned forward and
sucked on the left one and then the right and could feel her nipples swell in my
mouth. I ran my tongue around and around each one and mom ran her fingers
through my hair. After a while mom said " Jason, I think you should get out of
those clothes. I can’t be the only one naked here." She unfastened my jeans and
pulled them down as I took off my shirt. Mom put her fingers in the waistband of
my underwear and pulled them down over my erect cock and off. Mom said " I see
this is having the desired effect" and brushed my penis with her hand and then
clasped one hand around it.

She said "Does that feel good baby?" I told her I
had never felt anything like it before as she leaned over and took the head of
my stiff cock in her mouth teasing the underside of it with her tongue. I was
kind of bucking and moving around and more or less fucking mom’s mouth when she
stopped and said "Would you like to taste mommie Jason?" She wiggled out of her
panties and leaned back spreading her legs and put one leg over the arm of the
couch. She beckoned me over to her and I dropped to my knees on the floor and
put my hand on her shaved pussy. It was warm and moist and the most beautiful
thing I had ever seen. I played with mom’s pussy eventually putting two fingers
inside her now very wet opening. She began to squirm under my touch and moaned

I leaned forward and licked her pussy from bottom to top and took the
bulb at the top between my lips and sucked it. She told me that was her clit and
the most sensitive part. I explored every inch of her pussy sticking my tongue
in as far as I could as she writhed with pleasure. After a bit she lid forward a
little and said " Jason,I know this sounds weird but would you lick mommies
asshole? She spread her cheeks with her hands and I looked at her puckered
opening. I licked tentatively around it at first finally lapping it with my
tongue. I stuck my tongue as far into mom’s asshole as I could and the more I
did it, the better we both liked it.

Finally mom said "Sweetie, It’s time we got
on the floor,

She lay down on the floor on her back with her legs bent at the knees and told
me to get in between them. I did as she said and she guided me into her wet
pussy with her hand. I now knew I had died and gone to heaven. She was wet and
hot and I drove myself in and out her hot pussy with abandon. She seemed to
sense my climax and told me to put my dick between her tits. She pressed her
large mellons together as I moved my cock, still covered in her warm juices,
back and forth.

As my climax came, mom took my cock into her mouth and I shot my
hot semen into it. She swallowed all she could with some leaking out and down
her chin. We collapsed in a heap and rested for awhile. We lay there and I idly
toyed with mom’s pussy and clit amazed at how slippery and wet it still was. She
played with my semi erect penis and told me that home life was going to be much
more interesting from now on.

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