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S****r's Lust

As I pulled up to the house I asked myself if I was ready for this. I'd been talking with this woman named Jen for weeks now just waiting for the right time to hook up. But tonight she told me she had a surprise for me that it was something that I've never had. This sparked my interest so much that I had to find out no matter what else I had planned. I slowly walked to the door not quite knowing what to expect, as I approach the door I start to hear rock music blaring from inside. I began to knock and my heart started to beat faster. The suspense of what it could be was killing me. Jen answered the door wearing a piece of black lingerie somewhat see through. She was 32 with a small frame, her boobs were about like most I’ve seen either bigger B cups or on the lower end of a c cup, her body was tone & tight, nice but not a lot to grab onto. I only started talking to her to have a good time so wasn't gonna be too picky considering it had been a while for me. She invited me in and offered me a drink and a place to sit. Still in the back of my mind I’m wondering what the surprise is. when out of the corner of my eye I see another girl walk into the room and my heart starts to race when I see she is wearing pink and black lingerie, it showed everything so perfectly. It hung to just above her hips so I could see her beautiful booty which was so inviting I just wanted to bury my face into it. Especially with me being an ass man myself but I’ll get into that later. The lingerie clung tightly to her bountiful breasts, looking like they were about to pop out at any moment. She had much bigger and even perkier tits. They had to be at least double D's if not bigger. As I continue to look up her body marveling in its beauty I see her face, as first looking so innocent and pure almost like a virgin schoolgirl would look. She couldn't be barely be twenty if not younger, yet as she saw me looking at her we caught eyes and that innocent look turned into a lil devilish grin. She was perfect in every way. I thought to myself I have to play this right not only could I get the threesome that I like all guys have fantasied about since the beginning of time, but I never could've imagined that it would have ever happened.
I sat down on the sofa with Jen the 32 year old on my right, her younger s****r Bunnii on my left. Being my first time with two girls along with my first time in a while I didn't want to do something wrong. They could tell I was nervous so they started talking nasty n about the things they like. Jen was experienced and has tried so much, she seemed proud of being with so many guys and how she had done so much stuff, Bunnii was more reserved at first but slowly started opening up talking about what she liked n what all she had done n wanted to try. Just hearing all of this started to make my cock grow in my pants. I personally am not huge but well-endowed but like most men self-conscious of my size. I am about nine inches long n about an inch to inch and a quarter wide at the thickest part. Apparently they both must have noticed the bulge in my pants getting bigger. "wow, I wanna see how big u are" said Bunnii, but before I could respond Jen already was undoing my jeans trying to unleash my cock for them both to see. She finally got it out and they both grew quiet intently staring at my hard throbbing cock. I could see the look in their faces, just the thought of how it was going to feel was making them wet in their panties. The first thing out of their mouths was sort of a challenge to see which one could take more in their mouth and which one gave a better blowjob. Bunnii started first licking up the underside of my shaft teasing the head by licking it slowly with her tongue ring. Now it was Jen's turn, she focused on the tip sucking hard giving it all her attention almost like she was trying to prove something. Not to be ignored or out done Bunnii started sucking and nibbling on my nipples until her s****r was done with her turn. She then all in one movement went down and took my entire cock into her mouth almost all the way down to the balls. That was the farthest down any girl has taken my cock, it felt so amazing that if I hadn't been holding back I would've came right then and there. She continued deep throating my cock while her s****r licked my balls.
Before too long they were tired of waiting and Jen climbed onto my cock and slowly sat down taking every inch of it til it was deep inside of her. She started to speed up, riding me harder and faster with each bounce. After a few minutes she started to shake and could no longer continue to ride me any longer I could tell she needed a break because it was too intense for her. Bunnii was next, she got on her hands and knees and looked back at me and gave me a look that told me everything without her having to say a word. I slowly slid my cock into her pussy wanting her to enjoy every inch of it as it went in. She was much tighter and I could tell that I was the biggest she had ever been with by the mix of subtle moans n whimpers. It was almost too much for her but I could tell she was enjoying it so I started to give it to her harder and deeper. Her moans were getting louder n louder n could tell she was about to cum because her pussy was squeezing my cock more and more with each thrust. Then she came and collapsed to the floor out of sexual exhaustion. I was close to cumming but who do I fill with my seed, the older s****r that invited me over or bunnii the one I was way more attracted to? I decided to do the courteous thing and give it to Jen. Jen layed on her back spread eagle waiting for it. so I gave it to her like she wanted it. After a few minutes of thrusting deep into her n being close to cumming I started to think about Bunnii's pussy squeezing my dick as it went into her, remembering that feeling sent me over the edge and I couldn't hold back my huge load any longer. I came inside of Jen and felt like I just wanted to pass out after releasing such a humongous load of cum.
They offered for me to take a shower there to get cleaned up. After my shower Jen suggested since it was so late for me to stay the night, knowing full well what her plan was I accepted secretly having a plan of my own. As I layed down relaxed about to pass out I noticed Bunnii walking out of the shower she saw me n gave me that same look like she had given me earlier. I knew exactly what that look meant, as I thought to myself "well I guess I won't be going to sl**p anytime soon.” ........................... to be continued.....................................

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