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Tinas surprise!!!!

One afternoon two friends and I had been chatting online using an instant messenger. My name online was Slayerz, but my real name is Mike. Sean and Keith are my friends names. We had decided to go out that night to this club we read about in the paper. The article read:

?GRAND OPENING ? The night club recently constructed on 3rd and Oak is finally opening. The entrance fee is $10. There will be a DJ from opening till 6 am. Also there is a bar on both the upper and lower levels. The upper level holds a sports bar, the lower level holds the dance floor as well as a bar. Come as early as possible, we expect to sell out available slots quickly.?

Within an hour we met at the club?s doors. I could not believe how long the line was. Lucky for us Sean knew the bouncer at the door, he owed Sean for something, I?m not sure what though. With Sean it was best not to know what he did in his spare time. Anyway, Sean guided us to the front door where the bouncer pointed at us. ?You three are on the VIP list, go around to the left side of the building.? We did as instructed and to my surprise there was a woman waiting for us.

She had on a very high skirt and a tube top on. Her heels were at least 2 ? inches high with matching hoes on. Her hair was just a little past shoulder length and just a bit curly. I looked her up and down. Beautiful. I couldn?t believe her boobs though, not to big, not to small, just right and perky at that. ?Sean and friends?? she said to us flirtatiously. I?m pretty sure we all smiled at her. ?Yes,? we replied in unison as she opened the door. ?Go on in? she said with her arm extended as an invitation.

When we entered the room there was a mini bar for us on the left side of the room. On the right was a small dance floor that could support about 10 dancers. Next to the dance floor was a large Juke-Box with at least 400 songs on it, mostly newer. The center wall were two white swaid couches sitting right next to each other. In front of the couches was a large screen TV. Miscellaneous Paintings were on the wall but when we looked to the other side of the room there was a large, clear sliding door that lead to a balcony. Outside we could see people dancing. It was the lower level.

The girl walked in from outside and smiled at us again. ?So you guys can go outside and dance if you?d like, just don?t forget your key cards by the bar. Also you can bring any one back as long as you don?t exceed 20 people.? Keith asked her if she was staying. She replied ?Well I can but first I have some things to do, I?ll be back in ? hour ok?? she winked at us and left after that.

I walked over to the bar looking for a drink. I, myself am not a big beer drinker so I was looking for a ginger-ale. I looked over at Sean and Keith to see if they wanted anything. They were looking for a song, and soon found it as well. It was some kind of techno but it made me wanna dance a lot. I brought Sean a Miller Lite, and Kieth a Coors. We toasted to a dudes night out then walked over to the door.

We looked around a bit, seeing lots of cute girls all over the place. Sean decided to go out for a bit, as did Keith. I told them I was going to stay here for a bit and wait for our guest. They nodded but still tried to get me to go. I told them if she wasn?t here in ? an hour I?d be right out. Keith put a hand on my shoulder ?Hey that?s fine but there are a ton of hotties out there so I?m out of here? he said. ?Likewise,? Sean said as they grabbed their keys and left. I sat on the couch and looked out the door at the sea of people dancing.

Oddly I turned on the TV and started watching the history channel. Don?t as me why but that?s what I did. After watching the second half of modern marvels I turned off the TV and stood up. ?Well? I said to myself, ?Its been a half hour, I?d better go out there.? Just as I grabbed my key she walked in the room and closed the door behind her. She locked the door then walked over and sat on a stool at the bar. ?Are you leaving without me?? she said with puppy eyes. ?Well I didn?t plan on leaving when you got back, but I told the guys if you weren?t back in a ? hour I?d join them out there.? I answered.

She smiled at me ?Wanna fix me a drink bar tender?? she said with another wink. I walked behind the bar smiling back at her. ?Sure,? I said, ?what would you like Miss.? Her eyes floated to the ceiling in thought. ?Oh I know? she said enthusiastically. Just then she got a naughty smile on her face. ?How about a shot of cum?? she said looking at me seductively. I stared back half amazed but then smiled ?Oh really?? I said assuming she was just joking. Turns out she wasn?t. ?Yes,? she said, ?I would, make sure its nice and hot.?

I looked at her then picked up a shot glass. ?Just a second, we seem to be out of it here, I?ll check the back. My mind was absolutely lost. What kind of girl would actually do something like that. When I got to the restroom I set the glass on the counter, unzipped my pants then masturbated for about 2 minutes. My cock had shot out enough to fill the shot glass. I walked back out and set it on the bar. ?There it is, nice n? hot for ya,? I said with a wink of my own. She smiled then lifted the shot glass ?Why thank you,? she said right before she downed the shot glass and licked it clean. ?Mmmm, that was a great mixture.? She said to me with a smile. ?Oh, my name is Tina.? She said holding a hand out. I reach out and shook her hand. ?My name is Mike, pleased to meet you.? I said.

I walked out from the bar and sat next to her. Tina looked at me and smiled ?Did I shock you?? she said. ?Very much so.? I replied. ?Do you always get a shot of cum from your bar tender?? I asked. ?No? she replied, ?Just the cute ones.? We sat and talked for an hour. The guys walked in shortly after. ?Hey she came back, we were wondering were you were.? I smiled at them ?She came back and we had some drinks and talked?. ?Yes we did? she continued, ?and it was fun, but I feel bad cause we left you guys out?. ?Oh?? the said together. ?And why is that?? Keith replied to her. Tina stood up ?Well if you guys could take me to a house, I?ll show you?? We were all shocked but we all agreed, she was going to my house.

Keith drove us to my house. We got out and walked into my living room. ?Oh my this is a beautiful house!? she said in awe. ?Hey I have to go to the restroom,? Keith said. I had to go to. We walked up the steps to find Sean already in the restroom. Tina followed us up ?You all have to go to the bathroom?? She said surprised. ?Apparently,? I said scowling at the door. When Sean opened the door Keith and I ran him over getting in, but Keith beat me to the bowl. The door shut behind us and we were all in the bathroom. Keith had started to piss as I hopped a bit behind him then turned and saw her standing there.

?What the!? I said a little loud. ?Why on earth are you in here with us?? I said puzzled. Keith turned his head and started to hurry ?What on earth? he said, ?Man I?m not near done!? he cried while he hurried. ?Oh come on!? I yelled at him. Tina walked over and un did my pants then dropped to her knees. ?Piss in my mouth Mike.? She said. ?What?!? I said shocked yet again. She grabbed dick and shoved it in her mouth and I could tell I had no choice. I started to piss but it was slow, but it eventually sped up. When I was done she stood up, ?So boys?I?m like super horny, and your all pretty cute. Not to mention there is a whirl pool hot tub right there. Why don?t you all get naked with me and you can share me?? she said dropping her tube top. She turned the water on and then her skirt fell down. Next to go was her heels and hoes, then lastly her panties.

She got in the hot tub then looked back at us ?Are you guys shy? Or do I just not get you up?? Honestly I couldn?t be harder. I was the first to undress and join her. But soon enough the guys followed and we were all in the hot tub. ?So boys,? she said looking at us ?I loveee it when all my holes are filled? Can you help be out?? We looked at her then at each other. ?Well I?m alright with it as long as we don?t have to do each other.? The guys nodded to show the agreed with me. ?Mike,? she said getting up. ?please sit there.? She sat her tight ass right on my rock hard cock. I could feel her ass muscles convulse around my dick as she continued to press down on me. When I was finally close to all in her she told Keith to fill her pussy. Keith did just that and she moaned loudly as her pussy and ass were both stretched and full. Next she looked at Sean. She told him to get somewhat on the edge where she could suck him off.

When we were all finally in position the crazy sex began. Her moaning only grew louder and louder. Her ass came down harder and harder with every hump. I could feel my cock harden every time she came down on it. I reach up and grabbed her breasts. I pinched her nipples hard, twisting them slightly then continued to squeeze her soft breasts with my hands. Keith was pounding her pussy. I could feel him nail her every time she came down on me. I looked up and saw her deep throating Sean?s cock. Every last inch of him was consumed by her mouth. About 5 minutes later I could feel my self ready to blow. I grabbed her hips and held her steady. Together Keith and I had begun drilling her with everything we had. I felt a hot liquid run down onto my dick and I knew she had cum. Just then I exploded in her tight ass.

Keith?s face tensed for a moment and I could tell he came as well. Her head left Sean?s dick and cum hung from his dick to her mouth. I was breathing heavy but my dick was still hard and pulsing in her ass. She was nearly out of breath. We all caught our breath and she started humping my cock again Keith and Sean switched positions. Once again we began fucking her with everything we had. I did not believe how tight her ass still was. It was like something was compressing my hard cock, almost like a circular vice or something. Within about 10 minutes we all came again. This time she had climbed off of me and sad down in the whirlpool. She looked at Keith and smiled. ?I?d suck you off any day.? She said with a smile.

I stood up and to my surprise my cock was still hard. I noticed my cock was bigger than both Sean?s and Keith?s. What an ego boost that was. She finally caught her breath then looked at us ?Well that was fun guys, thanks.? I shrugged ?I didn?t know we were done, did you guys?? They smiled and said ?Nope.? We all got out and headed to the guest room.

There we repeated our actions. She was in doggy style. Keith was under her in her pussy. Sean filled her ass up while I rammed my cock down her throat. We fucked her non-stop for another half hour. Never switching positions, never letting up, we straight up nailed her. I gagged her a few times and I could tell when she came because when she did she started to use teeth. I came about 4 times more. Not sure about the other guys, I was to concentrated on her mouth.

When we finally got done Keith and Sean had got dressed and left. I got up and looked at her as she caught her breath. There was some cum on her face from me. Also, there was cum drizzling out of her ass. Her pussy still had a gaping hole from being fucked so much. She rolled over on her back when she finally caught her breath and smiled. ?Gosh I don?t think I?ve been fucked so good ever? She said with her eyes closed. ?Your welcome to stay the night,? I said, ?You can get a shower in the morning if you?d like.? She nodded ?That sounds very nice. Will you be joining me?? She asked with a smile, ?I want some more of that cock of yours tomorrow.?


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