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First time as a fuck toy

This is my first story so I'm sorry if it sucks.
I've always been somewhat submissive as I love rough sex but this was my first time truly being one a few days ago. I've been a dom before.

I was nervous as hell. I must've looked it cause he asked me if I was okay about twice. I took off my jacket and stood before him fully clothed. I felt my heart race as he stood close and slowly unbuttoned my shirt. "I'm going to have lots of fun making you my little slut." He told me to take my boots off and unbuckled my belt, and got my jeans down to my knees and gently kissed my stomach. He said "why don't you finish taking care of that and meet me in the bathroom." "Totally naked?" I asked. "No, just like that". Referring to my bra and panties. Once I got my jeans off I went to the bathroom where he was waiting for me at the door. "First things first. On your knees".
Once I was on my knees, he took off his boxers. Revealing his hard huge cock. And by huge, I mean huge. At least 9 inches and THICK. I slid him in my mouth and began to suck his cock like my life depended on it. I'm usually pretty good at deepthroating but his huge head would only let me get about half of his cock in. "I thought you said you might be able to get me all in. It feels like you might need a little help". He grabbed the back of my head and f***ed his cock all the way in. It burned and hurt having my throat f***ed open like that. "Hold it and relax" he said as my eyes teared up. After repeating this a few times and some vigorous face fucking, he stood me up and took me to the sink. He slowly took off my bra, and he put my hard nipple in his mouth. Then he took both my DD tits in his hands, squeezed and twisted my super sensitive nipples, my wincing and surprised yelp didn't make him stop. Off came my panties. As his fingers ran across my slit he moaned and said "mmm that's really wet". He bent me over and rammed his entire cock in my dripping wet pussy. He was all the way in and I felt that sharp pain in my stomach, I screamed and my back arched upward. He f***ed me back down and held me there and fucked me deep, hard and fast, occasionally spanking me. I could feel my skin tingle after each hard slap. He pulled his cock out and told me to clean my cum off his cock. I missed a spot, he smacked my face and told me to clean it well. So I made sure his cock was spotless and free of my cream. Once we finished showering, he told me to get him hard again, and I was back on my knees sucking cock in the shower.

Back in the bedroom where he first undressed me, he put his hand between my legs again. "you're still really wet" That big dick was in me again, ploughing my pussy and stabbing my stomach. He pulled out of me, sat on the bed and beckoned me. I climbed on and he said "sit on it". Or i must have wanted to hear that. cause as i slid onto his cock he stopped me and said "what are you doing?? didn't i say suck on it?" I apologized and started to dismount him. "No. Sit that pussy back on my cock" I gladly obliged. "Do you think you can cum on this cock?" I nodded. "Go ahead. Make yourself cum" I began to ride, the way that usually makes me cum. Once I found my groove, I began to grind my hips harder and faster with his big cock all the way in me. I could feel my orgasm approaching. As I got into the zone, I heard "Get off. Get off my cock." I should've have seen this punishment coming. But this was my first cum denial experience.
It was time to suck some more cock with my round ass in the air. This time he didn't give too much instruction, but he didn't waste time in telling me how much of a cockwhore I was. "You like sucking my cock huh? Yeah you dirty little slut. It took all of 10 seconds for you to get my cock in your mouth." After a few more degrading statements like those, he held my head and shoved his cock all the way in, I could feel my lips on his pelvis. "Look at me! Tell me how much you like sucking my cock" I tried to, but of course I couldn't talk, my mouth being full of dick and all. He laughed and said "what's that?? I didn't hear you. try again." After my second fail, he let up an let me do the things I'd been dying to all night. It was time to lick and finger his ass.
As I was enjoying myself licking and sliding my tongue in and out of his perfect hole, he said "i think i'm going to keep you as my little fuck toy. I could definitely enjoy you doing this while I watch t.v.". I don't think anyone has ever said anything to make me feel so insignificant before. I think it got me wetter. He let me slide a finger into his ass and massage his prostate for a little. I can't deny a part of me wished the roles were reversed. I would love to slide 2 or 3 fingers in and fingerfuck his ass while making him jerk off and cum all over himself. but i digress.
After I slid my finger out and sucked some more, he told me to make his cock super wet. I gave him the sloppiest blowjob I ever had. There was spit everywhere. All over his cock, my cheeks, chin and even a little on my tits.

He got behind me and put his dripping wet cock to my tight little asshole. It's REALLY small. in my mind i thought. "oh no he's trying to fuck me up the ass! he probably won't fit but oh my god if he does it's going to hurt so bad but i'll have no choice but to take it. FUCK!" I was scared but still so turned on. "Awww," he said. "I don't think that's gunna fit. But it fits here perfectly". With that he was all the way inside me. Having him deep inside was so painful. My back arched up again, and again he held me down, and railed me. My moans/ screams only seemed to make him fuck me harder.
Again he pulled out and then he asked, "What do you want now?" "Whatever you want" "Good answer" and he put his cock between my tits. The tit fuck transitioned to me just sucking cock. While blowing him this time, I used my hands a little bit more. "If you keep that up I'm going to cum." "Are you ready to?" "Yeah but I'm cumming inside you". "How do you want me?" "On your back". He climbed on top of me, and he grabbed my hand on threw it on my clit. "touch yourself while i fuck you". As he thrusted and I rubbed my clit, I could feel my orgasm approaching. His cock felt sooo good! As I neared my orgasm, he came. He came really hard. I looked at the load in the condom and couldn't help wishing that cum was all over me instead of inside that condom. He left to get rid of it and met me in the same position. For making him cum, my pussy got a nice little spank.

After a little while, and some small talk, he grabbed my hand and put it on his semi. This time he let me blow him as I pleased. I had so much fun sucking his cock and balls and licking his perfect little asshole. It also made me incredibly horny. I knew he saw all my wetness as my ass was in the air and he could see my pussy. I so badly wanted to be fucked, but I knew it wasn't my place to ask. I kept sucking and my horniness was only increased as he played with my nipples while I blew him. But it didn't matter. I continued to blow him, hoping he'd fuck me but then i heard "I'm cumming." He came in my mouth, very hard, I wanted to giggle at his body shaking. I was proud of the work I put in.
We talked a little bit more, then it was time for me to call it a night. I got home and masturbated. After all, he never said I wasn't allowed not to.

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