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After School Sex...

It was the last class of the day, I was looking to get out of school without having anyone pinch my butt. I exited by the door farther away from the main entrance and was happy that no other students were near.

My happiness was soon deflated when around the corner of the building came Walter. Walter was one of the guys that often pinched my butt in gym, but never tried to have sexual contact. Today was going to be different.

Walter called out to me 'Hey David, wait up!' I slowed my pace and looked back as if to say I don't have time. Walter stopped by the school door and called out 'come on back here, I need you to help me with something very important.'

Reluctantly I walked back to him, he opened the door and stood to one side saying 'hurry up I want to get this done before anyone can interrupt.' I asked over my shoulder 'what is it that's so important?' Walter answered very sternly 'I want to bend your ass over and breed you like a bitch!!!'

I turned as he walked into me and pushed me back saying 'don't play stupid, I know you fucking every dick in the school, and today you gonna fuck mine so get into the basement before we get seen.' I slowly turned and started for the basement door.

We went into the basement and went to the very back of the room. There was a small sofa and chair off to one side, Walter dropped his pants, his penis waved before him like a tree branch.

Walter said hastily 'come on man dropped those pants and bend your ass over.' I shot back at him 'that's not they way it works, I'm no bitch that has a runny cunt waiting for a limp dick. We need some lubricant, which we don't have and I have to be willing for you to have sex with me.'

Walter looked at me and pulled his pants up, as I started to walk past he grabbed me by the collar and slapped me across the face three or four times and tossed me over to the sofa.

Just than the furnace started up and he yelled at me 'get on your damn knees and suck my dick, you fucking bitch!!!' I slid off the sofa to the floor, tears falling from my eyes, Walter standing over me demanding...

'Get up on your knees, take my dick out and suck it like a good little bitch.' I reached up and slipped my hand into his zipper and pulled his throbbing penis from his pants.

Sobbing I timidly parted my lips and sucked on his dick head. Walter moaned and caressed my head as he slowly rotated his hips. 'That's it David suck it good, yeah get it good and wet, yeah just like that. Oh yeah, suck that dick baby, suck it good.'

Walter pushed my head away and ordered 'drop those pants and bend over that chair, come on spread those cheeks wide for me. Yessss, look at that little tight ass hole, I'm really gonna enjoy this fuck.'

Walter spit into the crack of my butt and slid his penis up and down spreading his saliva around my anal opening. Walter poised his penis head right at my bung hole and slowly pressed his rubbery hard head into my bung hole. I could feel my anal muscle ring as it spread to accept that invading member.

As his head slipped into my anus Walter gripped both my butt cheeks and groaned as he slid more of his rock hard penile shaft into my anus. I grunted and gasped as Walter pushed back and forth, slowly and patiently.

After fifteen minutes of him working my butt he stiffened and shot his load of baby fluid into my rectum. Walters penis throbbed violently as he emptied his testicles. A few minutes latter Walter pulled from my anus and walked around the chair, he grabbed me by the hair and said 'open your mouth slut, clean my dick up.'

My butt hole ached as his fluid oozed from it and dripped down my thigh, I sucked his penis as he released the last of hif substance into my oral cavity.

After School Sex...

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