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My first threesome

I lived a fairly repressed life up until my mid-thirties. I decided then that life was way too short and that I needed to start to do the things that made me happy. I left my marriage and lived alone which suited me just fine.

It was at this time I met a young girl online. Sarah was 20 years younger than me but we got along very well and soon we met in real life and became lovers.

We had been together a few months when we went with her best friend Jenny to a bar one night to drink and play pool. The sexual tension was building all evening and, as we moved around the pool table during our games, we would all make sure we brushed past each other, lingering just enough to let the other person know it wasn't accidental. A couple of times, as we passed the only cue we had from person to person, I would move in behind one of the girls and gently press my half hard cock up to their thigh or butt. They never moved out of the way and in fact, both pressed back on more than one occasion. I was thoroughly enjoying the hot, heavy play with nothing being said about it. Then Sarah suddenly announced that she thought we should head home to my place for a threesome. A little surprised, Jenny and I looked at each other, smiled and agreed.

I have never had such a long drive home! I wanted to run every red light and get to my apartment as soon as I could.

When we arrived, Sarah took Jenny by the hand and lead her into my bathroom. There they stripped to their underwear and ran a bath. I went to the kitchen and fixed everyone drinks. I returned to the bathroom with their drinks to find the girls together in my bath. As they sat in the warm water, legs entwined, sipping their drinks, I reached in and began to rub soap over their beautiful young bodies. Pretty soon I had both their bras off and was soaping both girls breasts at the same time.

Soon I reached down and slid both girls' panties off their hips and dropped them soaking on my bathroom floor. I then stood and slowly undressed as both girls watched intently. As I removed my boxers and allowed my hard cock some freedom, I noticed both girls smiling broadly. I sat down next to the bath and reached under the water and began to massage both girls' clits at the same time. They both sat back with their eyes closed enjoying my fingers.

Sarah decided bath time was over so I went to the lounge and put on some music. The girls emerged from the bathroom, Sarah naked and Jenny wearing one of my towels. Sarah and I sat on the carpet and Sarah suggested Jenny dance for us. This she did, a slow, gyrating dance up on my coffee table. I reached up and held the corner of the towel. It fell off her immediately, she didn't stop dancing.

Jenny then suggested we take it in turns daring each other to do things. We started on al the usual stuff, I was to kiss Jenny, which was very nice; I got the girls to kiss, fondle and lick each others nipples etc. Then we started on the good stuff. I had each girl finger and lick the other as I watched, not really believing what was happening. Both girls dared each other to suck my cock which they did in turn. They then dared my to finger and lick them, one at a time.

This went on for a while until Sarah dared me to fuck Jenny. All of a sudden, Jenny got a little nervous and asked Sarah if she really minded. Sarah assured her it was OK. Jenny laid on her back on the carpet and I lowered myself over her. Sarah positioned herself behind me and guided my cock into Jenny's wet pussy. I was in heaven and I slowly slid my cock deep inside her then almost all the way out again. Jenny had her head cocked back, eyes closed, mouth open breathing very deeply. Sarah was enjoying watching me close up fucking her best friend.

After a little while, I withdrew, not wanting to cum too soon and spoil the evening. Sarah moved in and hungrily began to lick and finger Jenny's pussy. Jenny came, almost immediately.

I settled down enough so I decided to fuck Sarah. Once again, Jenny thoroughly enjoyed watching my cock slide in and out of her friend. I again withdrew early enough so I didn't explode and Jenny, on her knees started to lick and finger Sarah. I moved in behind Jenny and licked her saturated pussy from behind until Sarah came as she laid on her back.

They girls then wanted me on my back and I did as I was told. Jenny straddled me and slid my dick deep inside her and Sarah put one knee either side of my head. Jenny pumped my cock as Sarah sat on my face enjoying my lips and tongue. They both kissed passionately and fondled each other's breasts over the top of me.

After a few minutes, Sarah said, "swap", so we did. She impaled herself on my now wet, hard cock and Jenny straddled my face. I felt myself losing control very quickly but not before both girls orgasmed again. Then, I couldn't hold it any longer and pumped time and time again deep inside Sarah.

That was such a night. I was amazed that by breaking up the activity as we did, I was able to last as long as I did. It was certainly my most intense sexual encounter.

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